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User:[black lotus]
Age: 412
Sex: Female
Species: Helian (I'll explain this in the history and appearance sections)
Rank: Ranger
Appearance: The first thing anyone will notice about Sadiana is her blood red hair, eyes, and the fact that she's very attractive, the mark of the helian. Her eyes are the most intruging part of her appearance. Although they are usually a deep bloodlike red, they will change colors depending on her emotion. These colors range from a deep burgundy when she's calm, to a bright glowing red like lava when she's angry. Her clothing usually consists of a long, black skirt which has slits on either side that go up to her hip, and a laceup leather bodice which exposes her stomach. She also has a tribal tattoo completely covering her left leg. Also, although she may be 412 years old she appears to be only about 19
personality: Sadiana has a very cool and calm dispositon, but do not let that make you think that she is harmless, she is a very deadly creature that doesn't need to be angered in order to kill. She almost never loses her temper, but when she does any in her path are in grave peril. Although, she usually doesn't have to resort to anger. She can be rather manipulative if the need arises and know exactly how to get what she wants, particularly from members of the opposite gender. She shows great loyalty to her master and creator, the Dark Lord, who resides in the very depths of hell, and, thus, will show the same loyalty to all of those whom he deems worthy.
History: To understand Sadiana's history you must first know what she is, a Helian. Helians are a very, very rare race. They are unaging, but not immortal. A helian is not born through other helians, but rather a female of another race. If a pregnant female is touched by a helian's spell, the child will be born as one, and the mother is doomed to death during the childbirth.
Helians also have amazing magical abilities. It is not blood but magic that runs through their veins. Of the few helians that live on this earth, many are peaceful, however, when one decides to wreak havoc, all that they target are doomed. It is because of this that they came to be a feared and sometimes hated race. Sadiana's birth was typical of a helian and her human "mother" died a horrible death. As soon as her human "father" saw what she was he threw her into the woods to die. it was there that she was raised for the first one hundred years of her life by the tree spirits, where she recieved the tattoo on her leg. She later left the woods to go exploring where she truly discovered the harshness of life and the cruelty of other beings. After the cruelty she faced concerning her species, particularly administered by humans, she became a very angry and hateful person, and hired herself out as an assassin, which she was freakishly good at. After nearly another two centuries went by, she didn't kill as much as she had in the past, although she still did occaisionally feed her blade and never completely lost her taste for spilling blood.

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