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Big Breasted Heroines

Hi Everybody, this is a wiki not for porn/cyber users or something, but for all who have a genuine passion for big breasted heroines.
This means that this wiki is dedicated to artists and their creature and also to those who estimate them.

My story....
This happened I couldn't stop it. My girls were all full of curves, my friend told me to see a doctor, but it became an addiction....and i love it

Everybody are welcomed to join, remember to write your name and number it.*If you're an artist you can write your character's name near yours.*

How to do
To join:
1. Click on the ''Edit this page'' above the commentbox.
2. Add your name and number.
3. Click on ''Submit changes''.

BBH here your heroines here!

Then, take the banner!



1.[5thwitch] Hino,Satsuki,Andorine,Madorine... maybe it's because I don't have big breast....
2.[raynesprite] all my rp characters are female, they all have heroic jobs (ie, policewoman, knight...blah blah blah) and they all are kick a** with big bewbs the bewbs are a symbol of power!! XD lol :3
3. [Kay-chan] Boobies! I just... they're so much FUN TO DRAW... XD Plus, they're just like meh! (Too many big-boobed characters to list!)
4. [Expensive Fidelity] If it says much, Rogue is one of my favourite X-Women.
5. [WestFactor] *honor member!* added by 5th
6. [iippo]
7. [xxxecil] I think I have a mental block against drawing small-breasted heroines - ergo, this wiki is very comforting.
9. [Mr. Wonka] Crystal, Reyah, Erin, Emily... too many heronis in my story... Big boobs prove that the girl has a big role in the story. THEY DO!
10. [eyes of frost] I have nothing to say but a quote from Kon, "Oh I so miss nee-sans vally of the gods...nice and fluffy and soft..."
11. [Iron-Man-429] Gonzagas ^_^
12.[Akayume] I can't help myself, really. Everytime I draw a female charcter.. well, you can guess what's coming. ^^''
13. [Azuri] I can't help it, if i draw a girl 9/10 times they have big boobies >.>
14. [Chel.] ...all of my characters....
15. [nehirwen] wut? <.<

Username (or number or email):


2006-03-30 [5thwitch]: oooh yes my fellow, it's all about control....

2006-03-31 [raynesprite]: yeah >.>...non stop party here I hope they dont call the police on us XD lmao

2006-03-31 [5thwitch]: PARTY HARD!! XDDD

2006-03-31 [raynesprite]: whoo! yeah! XD lol @_@ we need more members

2006-03-31 [5thwitch]: Uhm.. I hope so... I don't think we are the only two b.b.h lovers, but I notice a lack of artists in elftown... probably these few don't share this passion with us... OOOh No! we have to save them!!

2006-03-31 [5thwitch]: Sendig a boob vibe to all...

2006-03-31 [raynesprite]: lol ^_^

2006-05-05 [Kay-chan]: Yay for boobies!

2006-05-05 [raynesprite]: HUZZAH! NEW MEMBER :3! <3

2006-05-05 [5thwitch]: oooohhhhh, Yeah!!!! I love it! *sending more vibes *

2006-06-14 [5thwitch]: Hoooray!

2006-07-04 [Wised Up]: Finally.. a wiki I can totally support! ^_^

2006-07-24 [5thwitch]: so sign you! as [iippo] did!

2006-07-31 [xxxecil]: [xxxecil] I'm using telepathy to pass along my bias against small-chested heroines to all artists in Elftown...'mmmmmmmmmmmm'

2006-09-18 [Lanrete]: I don't have any sort of problem with big-breasted heroines... But wouldn't they get in the way while saving the world, etc. etc. etc.?

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