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2007-01-22 03:23:06
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A humanoid creature that feeds on the life force of those in emotional pain and despair.

Banchees also have the ability to create high level ultra-sonic waves,fly, and are only heard by a device that picks up ultra-sonic or animal such as dogs.

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2004-01-03 [Nere]: this is'nt right...the Bean Sidhe (banshee)mourn the passing of those the Daione Sidhe loved well.....they Keen just as someone is about to die,.....

2004-01-06 [Angel Dreamer]: different stories say different things, none are more wrong or right than any other

2004-01-06 [Angel Dreamer]: see also: daoine sidhe, sidhe, bean sidheMissing: </b>

2004-01-06 [Angel Dreamer]: see also: daoine sidhe, sidhe, bean sidhe

2004-01-07 [Golthimere]: the page is now fair game

2005-02-03 [Anduraja]: good page i would luv to be a banshee.

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