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Axiomatic Creature

There are places in our universe, tiny holes tucked away in demiplanes, and in some of these unknown places exists only law to create entities to exist within it, since there is no free will to govern its activities. Realms of Celestials, Gods of Law and Order, and Deific lapdogs are some of the places Axiomatic creatures show up.
Sometimes they are summoned by angelic beings, astral devas, and Elysiumian Guardinals, sometimes they are created, by great and divine magic, sometimes by gods of law and order to be their little guard-pets.

Axiomatic entities are sometimes referred to as "perfect creatures" because of their seemingly flawless, shining appearance comparatively speaking in contrast to their 'standard' counter-creatures.

If you saw a jaguar in the forest, it would appear ruffled with jagged furs, colored in a random fashion, perhaps with scars from previous battles and turf fights. Birth defects aside, it could be less than perfect.

An Axiomatic Jaguar would be nothing less than precise. A sleek coat of flawlessly interwoven furs would make the ultimate streamlined body, which would be made in a bit different structure than your common, run-of-the-mill forest cat, most likely it will have been given the most perfect, precise upgrades a common jaguar's muscles could handle. Its eyesight would be immaculate, with darkvision along with its already scope-like superb vision.
It would move with precise, knowing actions, never missing a single beat, conserving all possible energy until the precise moment of decision. Its wits alone give it a remarkable reputation.

Axiomatic Creatures are often found among the realms of existence.

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