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Greetings Everyone!

Not much here yet...

I love words, particularly learning new words and naturally, how to use them. I'm very seldom with-
out a dictionary being close at hand and I never hesitate to make use of it. Whether I reach for it to
check a spelling, a meaning of, or for variations of a word, I usually find my eyes wandering around the
page to check out other words of interest and then of course, how they are applied. Aspiring to increase
one's vocabulary is particularly important to a writer, albeit for prose or poetry or both. Words are the
writer's "painting medium" that provide the colour to their work. The broader the knowledge of a writer's
vocabulary, the more colourful the writer may paint.

When it comes to yours truly as a poet, I like to use all these/those wonderful words, but I prefer to
go the more challenging route and put them together while rhyming them as well. Besides, I am a person
that strives for balance and symmetry in my life. I do not like things or aspects to be off-kilter. Poetry that
rhymes seems to fit into this inner grand scheme of mine. Therefore, ninety nine per cent of the poetry I
write, rhymes and most of the poetry I read, but not all, also is rhyming poetry.

Besides rhyme, I like poetry to have a nice flow to it as well. Speaking for myself, from my perspective,
to me these aspects mentioned are the differentiating factors that separate poetry from prose. Poems
written in free verse style for example, seem more like prose written paragraphs, oddly broken up with
metaphoric and/or poetic phrasing and wording.

To be continued...


General poet information:

Poet ~ Words in rhyme:
Some poetic themes:
<img7*0:> ~ Deep and meaningful
<img7*0:> ~ Fantasy
<img7*0:> ~ Funny
<img7*0:> ~ Holidays and Seasonal

<img7*0:> ~ Honour and Attributive
<img7*0:> ~ Love and Romance
<img7*0:> ~ Satirical
<img7*0:> ~ Spiritual


Some favourite poets:
<img7*0:> ~ Edgar Allan Poe
<img7*0:> ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning
<img7*0:> ~ Emily Dickinson
<img7*0:> ~ Robert Frost
<img7*0:> ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
<img7*0:> ~ Walt Whitman and more.


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