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This Portfolio is created by me to be entered in the Portfolio Contest- Round 5. This means the stuff you see here is copyrighted to me. Stencils used from Adobe Photoshop original versions. Have fun viewing! If you want to use something for anything then feel free to ask.



"New life"

Used free reference material for background



"What do you value most?"

Random image search used as reference



"Sunbath Lovers"

No reference used, materials: fimo-clay, shells, paint and Adobe Photoshop


Proof photo



"Apple and the special fruitfly"

Some reference used of free artist reference book




No reference used



"Zelda's Link"

Self-made pattern, no other reference used then a picture of Link from the game.


Proof photo



"Happy Rock Formation"

Painted a rock, took photos and made a collage



"Daughters of Mnemosyne"

Digital painting of sketches, perfume/make-up adds used as reference for the purpose of them being modern day muses



"Pyramid of Nothingness"

Adobe Photoshop, no reference used



"These Wounds are the Last Seeds that lead to my Empty Grave"

Adobe Photoshop with some reference used



"Self portrait"

Some references used and a mirror, Adobe Photoshop



"Tree of Life"

Paint, leafs and a feather on canvas


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2009-04-23 [Linderel]: Could you add a link to the contest, please? :)

2009-04-23 [arthemis_]: Done :)

2009-06-03 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: arth. those snail things are adorable! I want one!

2009-06-04 [Jitter]: I agree!

2009-06-04 [arthemis_]: Thank you very much! I adore them too :p !

2009-07-13 [arthemis_]: Almost done :D Looks like I'm going to make it :D

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