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a principal angel, a member of the order ranking immediately above the angels in medieval angelology

Michael The Archangel Prayer

the Archangel,
defend us in battle,
be our defense against the wickedness
and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him,
we humbly pray;
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
thrust into Hell Satan
and the other evil spirits
who prowl about the world
for the ruin of souls.

History of Michael The Archangel

St. Michael, the Archangel
Feastday: September 29
First defender of Jesus Christ in his Sacred Humanity and of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Mystery of the Incarnation.
Associated with the miracles manifesting the almighty power of God with the Blessed Virgin Mary . ( Daniel 10:12 ; 12:1 ; Apoc. 12:7 )
Patron of grocers, mariners, paratroopers, police, and sickness

Regardless of which major faith's angelic beings is being followed, Michael ranks as the highest of the host. With Gabriel, Michael is the only angel mentioned in the Bible. In the Aggadah, he is seen as the guardian of Israel. He is the head of all the great warring angels who do battle against evil. Michael is often depicted as winged and with unsheathed sword. In the Renaissance period, he is shown as young, strong, and handsome, wearing a splendid coat of mail and equipped with sword, shield and spear. His wings are generally conspicuous and very grand. He usually holds in his hand the scales of justice.

In Muslim lore, Michael's wings are said to be "the color of green emerald," and he is covered with "Saffron hairs, each of them containing a million faces and mouths and as many tongues which, in a million dialects, implore the pardon of Allah."

The name Michael signifies "Who is like to God?" and was the war cry of the angels in the battle fought in heaven against Satan and his followers. Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as "one of the chief princes," and as leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. He has been especially honored and invoked as patron and protector by the Church from the time of the Apostles. Although he is always called "the Archangel," the Greek Fathers and many others place him over all the Angels - as Prince of the Seraphim.

Michael is the protection Archangel, patron of policemen and bringer of the gift of patience. Angel of careers, courage, achievements, ambitions, motivation, and life tasks. He is the great prince charged to defend the people.

Legend tells that the Cherubim were formed from the tears Michael shed over the sins of the faithful.

God has created the Archangel Michael and put him in charge of nature, rain, snow, thunder, lightning, wind, and clouds. God has appointed a complete creation of angels to assist him and placed them under his command. These angels are countless and no-one other than God knows their number. God has given Michael power to see the entire span of the created universes at once, with no interference of other universes. He knows at all times where he has to send rain, wind, snow, and clouds without effort on his part. The angels who assist him range in size from the hugest size imaginable to man to that of the smallest species living on this earth. They fill the entire atmosphere of every star and planet in every universe. Their praise to God can be heard by the other angels, by prophets, by saints, and by young children.

Michael is the angel of mercy which is another name for rain in Arabic. He is created from the light of God's attribute al-Rahman, "the Merciful." He was never seen smiling after hell was created. He was created before Gabriel.

Archangel Michael is believed to have appeared to Moses as the fire in the burning bush, and to have rescued Daniel from the lions' den. To Christians, he's the angel who informed Mary of her approaching death.

Once upon a time, Gabriel and Michael visited the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him. The latter had a toothstick in hand which he immediately handed to Gabriel, the angel who constantly brought him Revelation. Gabriel said: "O Muhammad! give it to the elder angel." The Prophet gave it to Michael.

The Prophet said: "God gave me two celestial assistants to help me deliver my Message: Gabriel and Michael." He used always to send for Gabriel and Michael concerning matters important to human beings.

The caller to prayer (muezzin) in the heavens is Gabriel and the prayer-leader (imam) is Michael. God created a house for Himself in Paradise (al-Bayt al-Ma`mur) to which the angels make pilgrimage every day five times. There, five prayer-services are held and every service is heralded by Gabriel and led by Michael. The angels all come with their lights and ornaments, their jewels and fragrances, chanting and praising God with their heavenly music. Some people on earth, especially children, are able to hear their voices. This sound gives them indescribable pleasure. Every angel chants and praises in a different language without clash or disharmony. All are pleading to God for mercy for human beings and asking Him to elevate the state of people so that they can hear and see these daily ceremonies. To reward the angels for their praise, for the sincerity of their intercession, and to show them the great extent of His mercy, God at every moment showers His mercy on human beings.

Until the time of the Prophet Noah the House of God existed on the face of the earth. People came from all over the world to walk ceremoniously around it the way pilgrims walk around the Ka`ba in Mecca today. When God set His face on sending the flood to drown the entire world, He ordered His angels to transport the Heavenly House up into the fourth heaven. It stands there until now with the angels walking continually around in solemn state. It was transformed into a Palace of Paradise. Its only remnant on earth is the Black Stone in the Holy Kaaba: it used to be white like the Palace it came from but has been clouded over blackened by the sins of mankind. It has been left on earth for the sake of remembrance. All who kiss it, it is as if they are kissing the right hand of God on earth.

In the Catholic Epistle of St. Jude: "When Michael the Archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses", etc. St. Jude alludes to an ancient Jewish tradition of a dispute between Michael and Satan over the body of Moses, an account of which is also found in the apocryphal book on the assumption of Moses (Origen, "De principiis", III, 2, 2). St. Michael concealed the tomb of Moses; Satan, however, by disclosing it, tried to seduce the Jewish people to the sin of hero-worship. St. Michael also guards the body of Eve, according to the "Revelation of Moses" ("Apocryphal Gospels", etc., ed. A. Walker, Edinburgh, p. 647).

It was from early times the centre of the true cult of the holy angels, particularly of St. Michael. Tradition relates that St. Michael in the earliest ages caused a medicinal spring to spout at Chairotopa near Colossae, where all the sick who bathed there, invoking the Blessed Trinity and St. Michael, were cured.

The Christians of Egypt placed their life-giving river, the Nile under the protection of St. Michael; they adopted the Greek feast and kept it 12 November; on the twelfth of every month they celebrate a special commemoration of the archangel, but 12 June, when the river commences to rise, they keep as a holiday of obligation the feast of St. Michael "for the rising of the Nile", euche eis ten symmetron anabasin ton potamion hydaton.
Chief among the angel-princes,appearing as such in the Old Testament books of Enoch and Daniel. In Revelations, it is Michael who leads an army of God's angels against Satan. He is an angel of repentance, mercy, and righteousness, appearing in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian "angelology". He is often depicted with a sword...

St. Michael (8 Nov.), Feast day

The Archangel Michael, whose name means 'who is as God', is generally considered to be the foremost of the seven archangels and the leader of the Host of Heaven. He derives originally from the Chaldeans by who he was worshiped as something of a god. He is the chief of the order of virtues, Prince of the presence, angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification: also ruler of the 4th Heaven, tutelary sar (angelic prince). He is the prince who defended the Israelites and later, it was claimed, the Christian Church, when as guardian he may be called on (sometimes with Gabriel) to defend church doors against the evil angels. According to the Book of Revelations, Michael and his angels' are described as fighting the dragon and his angels. Hence Michael is often shown fighting or overcoming a dragon armed with spear or sword as God's Warrior.

Michael is the spirit of the planet Mercury, Governor of the North and the element of Earth. He is ruler over Sunday and Thursday. He is the alchemy of motivation, activation and achievement.

Michael's candle colors are orange, white and gold. His color energies are orange, violet, white, crystal, gold, and brown.

Invoke Michael in the North for motivation and empowerment in your work. Call on him to protect you from day to day.

A Message from Archangel Michael
as received by HaloEyes, June 27, 1997

Oh courageous ones of the Earth, hear our call to freedom and flight.

Like a bird with wings outstretched in flight you fly. Ever higher in freedom. High enough to touch the sun. And, with each flap of the wings you draw courage and strength.

You are brave in your chosen path and you are dearly loved. There are no mistakes along your way - only opportunities to make a difference.

You come into the world through love yet see suffering and pain. "Why?" you ask do you have to live like this? And we join you in questioning this and we answer with love, "You don't."

You were never asked to suffer dear ones. You need suffer no longer.

Call in the Force of Truth.
Call on the Force of Love.
Make changes in your environment.

If you are stiffled, know you are not living in Truth. If you are in pain, know you are not living in Love and let go.

There is no force in the Universe more powerful than the love possessed in your body, mind, and soul. Use this power of love to break the chains that bind.

Call on the Sword of Truth and Love to cut through any chains.

Breathe in the Power of Love in the Universe.

Spread your wings and fly forward in courage and harmony.

The wind beneath your wings will never fail you.

Take the opportunity to leave your pain and suffering behind and fly forward in Love on a wing and a prayer.

We will not fail you.

Archangel Michael

A Message from Archangel Michael
as received through Lori Jean Flory, July 10 1:30pm

Beloved ones we come in ever vast and increasing rays of purest luminescent sparkles of radiant transluscent flows of love; ever flowing, ... ever opening hearts to the interconnectedness of love and all that is ... to bliss, to euphoria, to peace, tranquility ...

We sing your precious name in perfect harmony ... to celebrate the magnificence of you.

To the inner solace of knowing that you are guided, protected with love beyond your comprehension ... the pure golden, white flows of lovelight of which ... fill you to the point to where you become as a fountain ... ever filling you within ... and flowing out into your aura and beyond ... the sacred temple of love which the chambers of your heart be.

All encompassing waterfalls of miracles - of expressions of highest divine radiance ever flowing from the heavens within out through your outer world ... upon, through, and all around you in flows of purest, radiant rainbow light.

Beloved children of light, raise your hands high into the flows of sparkles of light - the waterfall of divinity which has no end ... but if infinite source of all that is for you. Ask and you shall receive. The voice of the God light cometh in millions of different ways ...

A hug, a flower, words from another or the radio, a song or the TV ... the breeze through the trees, the fragrance of the land after a fresh rain ... Love hath no limit. It may be the light in the eyes of one you encounter ... see the soul light which is magic, which is heaven flow from behind the eyes and through the heart of each one you see.

Angelic ones, messengers unseen are around at all times ... and their light taketh on a million expressions unique to only you to express their love to your heart. Each one hath blessings of gifts seen and yet undiscovered within the heart ... for each one walketh upon the jewel earth in physical form to remember who thine own self truly be ... in body - mind and in spirit - to seek the balance of all.

Like a pearl of purest white which hath grown within the oysters shell, let your inner beauty be known and shared within the temple of your own being. Just a the brilliant sparkling, bright starfields fill the night sky, each one of you are hence as beauteous and yet more so than the stars above. Know this. Feel this. Sense this. See this. Accept this.

Sending you brilliant sparkles of brightest flows of light to encompass you, the earth and each one ...

I AM Archangel Michael

Archangel History and Magic,

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