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The Animated GIF Contest

The poll is now CLOSED. 81 people voted! Thanks for voting everyone!
The final results are as follows:

1st Place (13 votes):

Eagle by [GregowicH]:

Your prize badge:

2nd Place (7 votes):

Cheetah by [sky]:

Your prize badge:

3rd Place (5 votes):

City by [RoyDante]:

Your prize badge:


All other participants get the participant badge:

4th Place (4 votes):
[iippo] (5 votes -1 vote size penalty)
Hug by [Zab]
[spiritee]'s 2nd entry

5th Place (3 votes):
Smart smiley by [Different Realities] (10 votes - 7 votes "vote for me" penalty)
Ice cream by [Aidan Ryuko]

How to put the badge in your house:
- Go to your house and click the "Change personal data" button at the top of the page
- Paste the following code into you description box:
- Then, write "Approved by the Guardsteam" underneath it, so the guards won't delete it from your house because it's animated
- Link to this page by writing [Animated GIF Contest@wiki] (you don't have to, but at least people will be able to see where you got the badge!)

This contest is now CLOSED! The voting will be open until Februari 1st, after which I will announce the winners
Note: The entries that were too big are thumbnailed, click to view (Don't worry, none of them is over 1MB :P). 5% of their total number of votes will be substracted for each 100 kB too-big-ness of these entries

And: No asking people to vote for you, just ask them to vote. If I see you breaking this rule, votes will be substracted

1571) What is the best animation, considering the smoothness and amount of action? (No administrator)

Number of voters: 81
a) A fangirl's dream by [Guenevere_L]
Number of votes: 2 (2%)

b) Cheetah by [sky]
Number of votes: 7 (9%)

c) Banner by [xDyingx Valentinex]
Number of votes: 2 (2%)

d) DeviantArt icon by [xDyingx Valentinex]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

e) Dune by [Amerthyst]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

f) by [barutha]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

g) Eagle by [GregowicH]
Number of votes: 13 (16%)

h) by [Gwendolen]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

i) by [amuletts]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

j) by [amuletts]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

k) Marionette by [amuletts]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

l) Angel Flight by [amuletts]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

m) by [Inkpot]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

n) by [Nere]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

o) Ice cream by [Aidan Ryuko]
Number of votes: 3 (4%)

p) by [Zab]
Number of votes: 2 (2%)

q) Hug by [Zab]
Number of votes: 4 (5%)

r) by [Fox_Child]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

s) Keyshika by [Janouk]
Number of votes: 2 (2%)

t) DeviantArt icon by [Janouk]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

u) by [Melocrie]
Number of votes: 4 (5%)

v) by [Artsieladie]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

w) by [Artsieladie]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

x) by [Artsieladie]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

y) by [Artsieladie]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

z) by [spiritee]
Number of votes: 2 (2%)

A) by [spiritee]
Number of votes: 4 (5%)

B) City by [RoyDante]
Number of votes: 5 (6%)

C) Legoman by [RoyDante]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

D) by [RoyDante]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

E) by [Jitter]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

F) Smart smiley by [Different Realities]
Number of votes: 10 (12%)

G) Dustin by [Quellealcar]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

H) Catboy by [Quellealcar]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

I) by [iippo]
Number of votes: 5 (6%)

J) by [stuffAEAmade]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

K) by [stuffAEAmade]
Number of votes: 2 (2%)

L) KIARIP by [Solitary Comfort]
Number of votes: 1 (1%)

M) Bear by [Alexxei]
Number of votes: 2 (2%)

People of Elftown, I challenge you to make your pictures MOVE for once!

- The subject can be anything, as long as it doesn't offend anyone
- Entries will be judged by the quality of the animation, rather than detail etc, quality means:

- Smoothness (this generally means more different frames)
- Smooth transition between last and first frame, if there's a loop
- There's a fair amount of action, not just the eyes blinking or something
- Please upload your entries directly to this page, because your house can't handle animated gifs!
- Don't make it too big, 250 kB has to be enough, resize if necessary! (the really really big ones need to be thumbnailed, but I won't disqualify you)
- It must be your own work, of course!
- Entries per person: Unlimited, but remember they will all be considered as separate entries in a poll!

Deadline: January 1st 23:59 (in the last possible time zone)

- Prize: Could be an animated badge or request

<img:stuff/saffrons_animated_badge_1st.gif> <img:stuff/saffron_animated_badge_2nd.gif> <img:stuff/saffrons_animated_badge_3rd.gif> <img:stuff/saffrons_animated_badge_participant.gif>
Prize Badges! ^^ Can you here them buzzing?
Note: a one-time exception has been made to allow you to put this in your house. Make sure you state under the image that it was "approved by the Guardsteam". Normally it isn't allowed to put animated GIF's in your house unless you've made them yourself.

List of programs capable of making animated gifs:
(please add if you can)

- Animation Shop (comes with Paint Shop Pro)
- Adobe Photoshop (all versions of this program)
- Easytoon
- Gimp



a. (42 kB) A Fangirl's Dream [Guenevere_L]
I don't have any fancy shmancy animation programs, just EasyToon!

b. (94 kB) [sky]'s cheetah
Little cheetah with a sunrise in the background

c. (382 kB) (-5% size penalty) [xDyingx Valentinex] first one i did hehe
(click to view)

d. (7 kB) and this is the one i use for my DA icon

e. (43 kB) [Amerthyst] hehe... first animation i've made of Dune

f. (962 kB) (-35% size penalty) [barutha] hello i am back. mad another one along with [Radagast]. video, then edited. i hope it isnt too violent for you. do state if you are offended.
(click to view)

g. (74 kB)Eagle by [GregowicH]

h. (50 kB) [Gwendolen]Hehe, my first tryout's with Jasc's Animation Shop 3 came out with this... Probably not my last entry, just wait when I get a hang on this...

i. (249 kB) [amuletts] My first ever try at this. Hand drawn, scanned and dropped into a GIf animating programme. Extremely lo tech but at least I tried...

j. (213 kB) [amuletts] Photography and computer drawing. Click onthe link to see full size and wait for it to load. 'Tis big!

k. (61 kB) [amuletts] 'Marionette'

l. (228 kB) [amuletts] Angel Flight
<img:> - Click for full sized image.

m. (138 kB) [Inkpot]'s entry

n. (2 kB) [Nere] -from when I first started dabbling in pixel art and aimation...nothing big, but he is cute :P

o. (57 kB) [Aidan Ryuko] - ice cream, problem to almost every problem.

p. (217 kB) [Zab]
Well..this is what I think of when I get's depressed..*lol*

q. (28 kB)
Ok, a nicer one.^_^ Less depressing. (I hope..O_o)

r. (18 kB) [Fox_Child] <n.n''> I was learning how to use Animation Shop 3. The bit in Japanese is simply "What?"

s. (74 kB) [Janouk] O well, I might as well enter this one then :p It's [Levoton]! Just a sketch actually, I'd just learned how to do things.

t. (5 kB) [Janouk] O well, I can always add my DeviantArt thingie as well ^^ It's a photograph I made with shutter-speed etc. A drawing with light ^^

u. (77 kB) [Melocrie] This is my first animation ever, done in Adobe Image Reader. It's a scene from one of my stories.

v. (107 kB) [Artsieladie] My second one I've ever made....

w. (118 kB)
... and my third one....

x. (201 kB) [Artsieladie] This is a snowman I drew, painted in Photoshop & animated it In Jasc's Animation Shop.

y. (18 kB)

z. (24 kB) [spiritee] total noob at this XD
<img:> first animation ever!
A. (64 kB)
<img:> and a slightly better one...

B. (119 kB) [RoyDante] city..

C. (211 kB)
something with a legoman

D. (179 kB)
"Before you die, you will see.."

E. (18 kB) [Jitter]
It's an ancient one but I still like it

F. (24 kB) (-75% vote spamming penalty) [Different Realities] it's called smart smiley. 

G. (72 kB) [Quellealcar] This is Dustin.

H. (54 kB) and this one is my KatBoy

I. (779 kB) (-25% size penalty) [iippo]
Trying to do a bit realistic character animation in a cartoon-style... O_o It makes me think of DDR, dunno why.
Bird modelled and animated in 3Ds Max, then painstakingly taken apart in IrfanView and put together in Adobe ImageReady.
(click to view)

J. (23 kB) [stuffAEAmade] A few years old, and really shows it. >.>

K. (5 kB) [stuffAEAmade] More recent, and alot smoother. :)

L. (630 kB) (-15% size penalty) [Solitary Comfort] KIARIP (Killed In Amputation, Rest In Pieces)

(click the thumbnail)

This was done 3 years ago. It was I who made the animation, and my friend (Liam shows in credits) who thought up the idea.
Please excuse the many and rather annoying scene transitions.

M. (147 kB) I made that hearty baer for Milu iwas so in love with her [Alexxei]

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2006-01-01 [Janouk]: Ohh...I tried to make another (better) one but missed the deadline *sob* O well, Happy new year to everyone!!! :D

2006-01-01 [Saffron]: yes, the size limit is changed from 200 to 250 because too many people were exceeding it, and the deadline hasn't been reached yet because in the latest possible time zone the 1st ends at 13.00 elftown (european) time, good night!

2006-01-02 [Alexxei]: I made this bear to my gf Milu

2006-01-02 [Melocrie]: isn't it over by now?

2006-01-02 [iippo]: 3 more hours to go.

2006-01-13 [Saffron]: unbelievable... new rule: no asking people to vote for you, just ask them to vote >< and if I see you breaking this rule, votes will be substracted

2006-01-18 [Saffron]: Announcement: votes will be substracted from [Different Realities] for the reason above, 75% would be reasonable I think

2006-01-19 [Saffron]: argh! a 3-fold tie for 3rd place ><

2006-01-19 [Janouk]: O well, more votes will come...:-)

2006-01-19 [RoyDante]: Yaay! :D ppl like my entry *runs in circles jumping* ^_^ lol.. ignore me xD

2006-01-19 [Janouk]: Of course, it is really nice ;-)

2006-01-19 [RoyDante]: xD lol.. is it? thanks! :D :D

2006-01-22 [Saffron]: There's still that 3-fold tie! ><

2006-02-01 [Saffron]: Guess what date it is!

2006-02-01 [Melocrie]: Imbolc!? ^^

2006-02-01 [Saffron]: Congratulations to all!

2006-02-02 [RoyDante]: Oh WOW ! :D I PLACED THIRD!! :D Wheeee!! *jumping around the place* ^_^ ^_^ Did I really win the 3:rd place??!! :D woooow... o.o Thank you all who liked my entry! ^_^

2006-02-02 [Zab]: Congrats! :P

2006-02-02 [Janouk]: *nods* I've very much enjoyed the contest and the entries ;-)

2006-02-03 [Saffron]: I'm glad you have ^^

2006-02-03 [GregowicH]: congrats everyone!

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