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2010-12-13 [Aliz]: Hire THE GETBACKERS! XD <--too much manga this weekend XD

2010-12-14 [~Spirit Fox~]: lmao I've only seen the name. other then that I can only assume it's about ppl who get other ppl back. XD

2010-12-15 [Aliz]: Not really xD It's about two guys with "special" powers who retrieve things for money xD
It's really good :D (It's like, action comedy with fanservice :D)

2010-12-15 [~Spirit Fox~]: I see. lol. Hey so what's fanservice mean?

2010-12-16 [Aliz]: Fanservice= showing things the fans will like (without it being particularly necessary for the story) :]
Often, it is popular characters in "bonus" stories that the fans have asked for... or popular characters throughout the story showing a lot of skin... or being a bit too friendly XD
(Ex; in a fight scene, one of the guys might "accidentally" get his shirt ripped off and fight half naked for a whole chapter= fanservice; he doesn't NEED to lose the shirt, but the fans will like it).

2010-12-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: oh okay. lol. Well when I do that it's usually because that's how the story went. XD

2010-12-17 [Aliz]: But then it's not really fanservice XD

2010-12-17 [~Spirit Fox~]: I know right. XD

2010-12-18 [Aliz]: Add some more =D

2010-12-22 [~Spirit Fox~]: lol, well see there are a lot of incidents just all of them are just because it's how it happened. XD I didn't throw anything in for fans. I'm very selfish when I write, I only think of what I want in the storyline.

2010-12-23 [Aliz]: But maybe some of it might seem like fanservice anyway =P

2010-12-23 [~Spirit Fox~]: It probably will. XD

2010-12-23 [Aliz]: LMAO XD

2010-12-23 [~Spirit Fox~]: The people would be like: "His shirt didn't need to be off...but we love it anyway!" XD

2010-12-26 [Aliz]: Shirts never really have to be off =/
But I don't mind :D haha

2010-12-26 [~Spirit Fox~]: They do with some people. There are a lot of guys who can't fight in them. XD

2011-01-02 [Aliz]: Then they're just wearing the wrong shirt =/

2011-01-02 [~Spirit Fox~]: No they say that the shirt slows down their punches. Because of the friction when they move. Also they say they move better, and no one can rip their clothes. Plus it's harder to keep a hold of someone without a shirt than someone with a shirt. XD

2011-01-03 [Aliz]: tsk. LATEX SHIRT FTW XD

2011-01-03 [~Spirit Fox~]: XD That would make life harder. A couple of my characters are allergic to latex. XD

2011-01-04 [Aliz]: THEN THEY WEAR SPANDEX FTW :D

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