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Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum (ad in'fe nit'em) - {L} endlessly; without limit
The mechanically-integrated being above began life as a normal human being.
A researching scientific scout for the allied Hub of Elders and the Fraternity of Order; sent out by the allied organizations to analyze, collect, and catalog scientific law and information of the natural realms of existence, including the material plane of existence. Originally a mortal human, Duma Ignacius studied the laws of nature and physics within the natural processes of life. Suffering a horrible death, his mangled remains were unsalvageable, but his soul was saved from eternal immolation, and sent with scraps of his remains to the lawful plane of Mechanus to be repaired by the great genius Oceillon.
Originally designated 'Project Duma', he spent much time adjusting to partially-mechanized life. After the eccentric mechanic installed post-modern hardware into Duma's knowledge base, he had been given back the ability to manipulate hand-like mechanized appendages, and the vast amount of equipment used to fully function as a researching scout of the Council of Law, the newly-named allied groups.
+23 Knowledge (all areas of focus)
+20 Scry
Attacks: Slam/Crush Attack w/vice-claw (aka "Elftown Crash")

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2004-01-31 [Nere]: ....o.o....okay.....

2004-03-31 [Llanwar Darkblade]: x.O   o.Op

2004-03-31 [Llanwar Darkblade]: .<   >.>..........<.<........o.o........O.O

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