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"Naaaaggggiiiiii...." Tina called in singsong as she opened his bedroom door.

"Jeez! You can knock!" Nagi growled as he wrapped his towel around his waist.

"Oh, hush. You need to release your sexual energies in the spirit of Yule!" Tina said happily.

"Okay, yeah, I'm going to Nami's for the duration of your freaky holiday," Nagi said as he closed the door on his mother, locking it quickly.

"So you are releasing your sexual energies!" Tina clapped from the hall.

"No!" Nagi argued. "I am getting dressed and hanging out in a house with normal parents who don't encourage sex..." he said as calmly as he could manage.

"Ah, so you like the dangerous feeling!" Tina exclaimed.

"Dangerous feeling?" Nagi opened the door, staring at his mother, now fully dressed.

"The rush of getting caught!"

Nagi sighed, closing the door again as he slipped his shoes on, as well as his hooded sweat shirt. He brushed past his mother, "Seriously, why is my entire family fucked up?"

Nami hugged her older brother. "I've missed you!" she squeaked as he lifted her into a hug.

"Well, good," Oso replied, laughing.

"You're probably not getting rid of her for a while," Dan said with a laugh.

Kelly entered the room, "Nami...Nagi's here."

"OOOHHH!" Nami blushed, wiggling free from her brother's grip and dashing down the stairs.

"Nagi?" Oso asked.

"The cookies!" Dan realized, running down the stairs.

"Nami's crush, and one of her friends," Kelly explained.

"I...see..." he gave her an uncertain glance.

"You're wasting your time with the over-protective brother thing," Kelly chided her son with a finger.

"He's a boy," Oso crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly.

"Oh, give him one chance," Kelly pleaded.

"Uh..." Oso stared at his mother, "Dad seems to forget easier now..."

"No, he just wants to make sure nothing goes wrong. You know how he gets around the holidays" Kelly said quietly.

"Yeah, yeah..." Oso chuckled.

Nami jumped at the snow-covered Nagi who caught her. "Trajectory means I might not always catch you..." he said sheepishly.

"Oh, well," she shrugged as she dropped back to the ground. "Well, take off your stuff, I've been baking cookies most of the day!" Nami said eagerly.

"No chocolate?" Nagi asked as he slipped his boots off, hanging his coat on the coat rack.

"I did especially for you," Nami chirped.

"That's him, huh?" Oso smiled and shook his head.

"He's a sweetie," Kelly said warmly.

"Hi there," Oso said as he entered the kitchen.

"Oh, yeah!" Nami slapped herself on her forehead. "Oso, this is Nagi, he's one of my best friends. Nagi, this is my older brother Oso!"

Oso shook Nagi's hand, "You don't seem like my sister's type."

Nagi blushed, "Uh..."

"You seem more like a jock than a nerd," Oso clarified.

"He's both," Nami said as she poured several glasses of milk.

"You're not a nerd," Nagi said to Nami.

"Sure I am," she shrugged. "I study too much to even think about a driving permit."

"So, you just want to do well in college, that doesn't make you a nerd," Nagi argued.

Kelly shook her head, "This could take a while, Osiris."

"I see that..." Oso replied, taking a glass of milk.
~Several Hours Later~
"Touche," Nami blushed.

"So, stop calling yourself a nerd," Nagi suggested.

"Only if you become a lawyer," Nami responded as she took a bite of a cookie.

"If I were smart enough," Nagi laughed.

"So, you're done arguing?" Oso asked as he reentered the kitchen.

"We might be..." Nami blushed as she glanced away from Nagi.

"Well, what do you want to do for Christmas?" Oso asked Nami.

"That's that normal person holiday, right?" Nagi whispered to Nami.

"Yes," Nami laughed. "And I want to get fat, eating cookies and cuddling with cocoa on the couch."

"You can't get fat, that's against the laws of physics," Nagi waved his hand dismissively.

"I can try," Nami replied.

Nagi blushed and shook his head, "What do you say to relaxing and taking my mind off of my parents?"

"What's so bad about them?" Oso asked, scratching his cheek.

"They're...characters," Nami said gingerly. "Very free-spirited characters."

"Oh, well...I'm relaxing with you," Oso yawned as he stole another handful of cookies.

"So you two just lay around talking?" Oso asked from the foot of the bed.

"Hey, we're sitting up to eat," Nami retorted.

"And then you're gonna lay down, right?" Oso teased.

"Good afternoon," Anka chirped as she stepped into the room. She blushed when she saw Oso. "Oso?" she asked quietly.

"Is that who I think it is?" Oso asked as he stood.

Anka nodded once, letting him pick her up and pull her into a hug. She returned the hug and nearly fainted when Oso lightly kissed her lips. "W-what was th-that for?"

"We're under Nami's mistletoe..." Oso nodded toward the ceiling.

Nagi blushed and scratched his cheek, "I thought you didn't like that tradition."

"My mother put it up," Nami sighed.

"Well, my lovely Anka, I'm forcing you to join us," Oso said as he set her on the ground and settled back on the edge of Nami's bed.

"No force needed," Anka said with a smile as she settled between Nami and Oso.

Nagi grinned sheepishly, "Oh, Anka..." he whispered.

"What is it?" Anka asked. The next thing she knew she was in the hallway with Nagi grinning naughtily at her. "What?"

"I have dirt on yoooooouuuu..." he said in singsong.

Anka made a squeak, covering her face with her hands. "No, no dirt!"

"No, no...different playing field. You can tell Nami if you want, I don't care, but you, however are at the awkward crushing stage!" he cackled.

"I'll get you a kiss from Nami if you don't tell Oso," Anka held out her hand.

"Deal," Nagi said immediately took her hand and shook it.

"You are desperate..." she marveled.

"That is the stage after awkward with the crushing stages," Nagi retorted.

"What was that about?" Nami asked.

"I'm still plotting gift ideas and was spit-balling a few with Anka to see what she thought," Nagi said quickly.

"How did I beat the morning boy at Christmas shopping completion?" Nami laughed.

"Lack of ideas," Nagi said quickly.

Lulu yawned as she walked into the room. "Who's the new hot guy?"

"Lulu," Nami blinked in disbelief, "This is my older brother Oso."

"Well, he's hot," Lulu repeated as she settled in Nami's computer chair.

"Th-thanks?" Oso asked, a bit confused.

"This is Lulu," Nami said sheepishly. "She's very perverse and blunt."

"But my good points are being rich and being funny," Lulu said, holding a ginger index finger up.

"Yeah, that sums her up, Anka shrugged.

"Good to meet you," Oso offered his hand which Lulu took and brought to her eye level.

"He's not married!" she gasped.

"You're sixteen! Don't even think about it!" Anka objected.

"I have to plan for my future," Lulu grinned.

"Uh, I have a say, too," Oso responded nervously.

"She dragged me into a janitor's closet and tried raping me when we first met; as you can see you're getting a mild treatment," Nagi sighed.

Oso leaned toward Nagi, "She did that when you and Nami are so obvious?"

"Huh?" Nagi blushed.

"I mean, even an idiot could see the little thing..." he winked at Nagi.

"Hey!" Nagi stumbled backward.

"Are you okay, morning boy?" Nami asked as she glanced over at him, "Since grace is one of your better traits today."

Nagi blushed and glanced away from Nami, "Yeah, fine..." he said nervously.

"So, mom is decorating today?" Oso asked Nami.

"Well, the tree is up, obviously, but the walls and windows, yes," Nami chirped.

"Hey, Nagi, Oso's taller than you so you don't have to do the high up stuff," Anka pointed out.

"That means we get the morning boy," Lulu cackled.

"Why does that laugh scare me?" Nagi asked.

"Because you know how wicked I can be!" Lulu made a motion as if she were making a snowball in her hands as she laughed again.

"We have eggnog," Nami said softly.

"And why was I not told of this holy blessing?" Lulu's tone was offended as she rose.

"In the fridge in the bar," Nami said softly.

"I'll be back..." Lulu announced before she dashed out of the bedroom.

"Can anything good come from a drunken Lulu?" Nagi asked.

"Uh, she's honest?" Anka asked.

"Uh..." Nami blushed, "How honest do you think she is?"

"About as honest as every other drunk person," Oso shrugged.

"Oh fuck..." Nagi and Anka chorused, jumping to their feet and starting out the door.

"Uh...?" Nami tilted her head to the side.

Oso chuckled, "Nagi doesn't want you to know about that obvious crush he has on you."

"Yeah, I'm so sure he's settling on me considering the beautiful and easy cheerleaders who hound him daily," Nami rolled her eyes.

"You are too smart for your own good," Oso said with a laugh.


"He likes you. You're just thinking that it's your wishful thinking because you like him too, right?" Oso asked.

"Of course it's wishful thinking," Nami said as she stood.

"I'll pay for the wedding if I'm right," Oso offered.

"In which case is a safe bet since you're not right," Nami said dryly.

"Do you ever stop thinking?" Oso asked.

"That's impossible without going into a coma," Nami said as she turned to face her brother.

"Well, that answers my question," Oso said flatly.

"And now to spread the joy of Christmas...." Lulu sang as she sprinkled confetti around her, before hopping up to another step.

"She's pretty good at singing," Nagi commented.

"She's taken lessons her entire life," Anka replied.

"Now to spread the love..." Lulu said before dashing up the stairs.

"No!" Anka and Nagi chorused again as they dashed up the stairs, tackling Lulu to the ground.

"Uh, why are you on the ground?" Nami asked.

"Dog pile!" Lulu shouted as she tossed another handful of confetti into the air.

"Let's not and say we did? Oso asked.

"Okay," Nagi pushed himself to his feet, helping Anka and Lulu up as well.

"All of the cookies are done..." Kelly shouted up the stairs.

"Awesome..." Nami smiled before dashing down the stairs.

"Yay!" Lulu cheered as she scrambled to her feet, Anka jumping with her.

"You're a little unbalanced," Anka said as she slowly ambled behind Lulu.

"I'll help you..." Oso offered.

Nagi blushed and turned around, "Why?"

"Because you're in love with my sister."

Nagi stammered, "W-well everybody else thinks it's obvious."

"She thinks too much," Oso sighed.

"Yeah because she doesn't want to go into a coma," Nagi replied.

Oso blinked a few times. "How do you know that?"

"She told me," Nagi said evenly.

"What else has she told you?" Oso wondered.

"Well, I don't have a record of the conversations," Nagi rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Have you ever kissed her?"

"Yes," Nagi replied quickly. "Well, she kissed me," he corrected himself.

"You've never just broken and yanked Nami into a kiss?"

"No, of course not!" Nagi blushed.

"You've never gotten real close to her, staring into her eyes...and gone for it?"

Nagi shook his head. "No, she's kissed me because...because I'm sweet..."

"Good," Oso grinned. "You're not chasing my sister pointlessly then."

"Huh?" Nagi blushed.

"Well, I assume you mean a peck on the lips, which means she isn't uncomfortable with you or only looking to be friends," Oso whispered.

"How do you know that?" Nagi whispered as he and Oso started down the stairs.

"Because a kiss on the hand is an introduction, forehead is adoration, cheek is friends only and lips is more than friends," Oso explained. "Basic psychology."

"Here you go..." Nami chirped as she handed Nagi a mug of hot cocoa. "Come steal some chocolate cookies before they're extinct."

"Thanks," Nagi murmured as he accepted the mug.

"Do I have to steal my friends away from you, now?" she asked her brother.

"N-no," Nagi said quickly. "We were talking..."

"About what?" Nami eyed her brother suspiciously.

"Psychology," Oso said evenly.

"And what part of psychology? And before you answer, let me remind you that my IQ is higher than your SAT scores," Nami said with a confident smile.

"Body language," Oso said evenly.

"Sure," Nami rolled her eyes as she turned away from them sighing.

"What were your SAT scores?" Nagi asked.

"I didn't take them," Oso said sheepishly.

Nagi took a sip of his hot cocoa. "Nami can be wicked..." he commented before following her.

"Now, chop chop," Kelly fussed as she clapped her hands. Nagi set the last box of Christmas decorations on the couch before collapsing to the ground. "What happened to all of that endurance?"

"Mom, you just made Nagi carry like 100 pounds worth of decorations from the attic in under three minutes," Nami said flatly.

"So?" Kelly asked.

"We should be happy he's not dead..." Nami said soothingly as she settled beside Nagi letting him collapse against her.

"Nah, Nagi's got it," Lulu said as she lazily sprawled out on the couch.

"She's so observant," Anka said dryly.

"Let's just adopt her kids to be on the safe side," Oso said flatly.

"Yeah..." Anka blushed, melting.

"What's wrong, Anka?" Oso asked.

"Just wondering when Sif is coming in," Anka said quickly.

"She said she'd be in first thing in the morning," Kelly said gently as she smiled at Nami and Nagi.

"Nami's sister?" Lulu asked.

"Yes, here's a picture," Kelly smiled as she handed Lulu a picture of an older looking Nami with brown eyes instead of silver blue and wavy red hair instead of Nami's dyed black hair.

"Nami, are you related to anybody who isn't hot?" Lulu asked.

"Huh?" Nami blinked in confusion.

"Nagi, have you seen her?" Lulu gasped.

"I've met her a few times," Nagi assured her.

"And you're not obsessing over her?" Lulu asked.

"No," Nagi said tersely.

"What's the big deal?" Anka asked, confused.

"Look at her! Even I'm getting a boner!" Lulu fussed.

"Wow..." Nagi shook his head. "Lulu, you're more of a womanizer than any man I know."

"I just say what's hot," Lulu shrugged.

"Break's over! Decorations up! Oso! Nagi!" Kelly snapped her fingers, pointing toward the boxes of decorations.

"Keep checking my vitals," Nagi said as he stood.

"Okay," Nami laughed.

"You three, go help Dan wrap presents," Kelly ordered, snapping her fingers and pointing upstairs.

"Yes, mom!" the three girls chorused.

"Where does she want this?" Nagi asked shyly, blushing as he held up the mistletoe.

"Where are you luring my sister to kiss her?" Oso smirked.

"I'm not luring her anywhere," Nagi responded. "Well, put one in a random, weird place like the kitchen door that leads to the deck," Oso drew in a breath. "I'll put the other one in the living room somewhere."

"Okay.." Nagi shrugged, taking a package of tacks and a mistletoe into the kitchen.

Nagi’s golden honey eyes skimmed the page as he took in the information before him. “What’re you reading?” Nami wondered as she let herself into his bedroom as she always had before.

“Nothing special,” Nagi replied beneath his breath as he moved his legs so she could join him on his bed.

“Then why are you reading it?” Nami prodded as she crawled up toward him, finally collapsing with her head against his chest and hugging him tightly.

Nagi hugged her with his free hand, “Well, my mother told me that she took the last two syllables of a god’s name from Japanese mythology, so I’m looking to see what she saw me as.” Nagi turned the page, “You normally just collapse at the foot of my bed, so what’s the problem?”

Nami sighed, “Nothing,” she cuddled closer to Nagi, “I’m just attempting to see what makes this more interesting than me.”

Nagi blushed, “Nothing is more interesting than my best friend,” he assured her. “I’m just trying to get this morbid curiosity out of the way.”

“Why morbid?” Nami wondered as she started to read a page.

“You know how my parents are,” Nagi replied evenly. “I just want to know if I’m named after an incubus or something weird…or if it’s just a god.”

Nami chuckled, “My name means a wave from a tsunami, so no worries there.”

“What of mine?” he wondered.

“Nagi refers to a tree that is coniferous,” Nami explained.

“H-how do you know that off-hand?” Nagi asked before turning the page before Nami finished reading the page.

“Curiosity,” Nami said tersely.

“I see,” he smiled, mindlessly caressing her hair with the hand he had wrapped around her.

“Anything yet?” Nami asked eagerly, having given up on dealing with Nagi’s fast-paced reading.

Nagi’s cheeks flushed entirely red as he closed the book. “D-di-did you…your mother name you after Japanese mythology as well, Nami?”

“Yes, and my older sister Sif is named after a Norse goddess, my older brother Oso’s real name is Osiris, obviously Egyptian mythology,” Nami replied. “Why do you ask?” she glanced up at her inept friend.

“Curious,” he said sheepishly as he stared into Nami’s silver and blue eyes, his cheeks painted a deep shade of scarlet. On top of her name being taken from the mate of the god I was named after, our names go hand in hand as well… he mused as Nami studied his face.

“What aren’t you telling me?” she asked simply.

“Here,” Nagi sighed, submitting to her instantly. He opened the book to the page that opened the explanation of Japan, letting her read it for herself.

Nami blushed after reading the passage as well, “What do you know?” she finally asked. “We complement one another in yet another way,” she said thoughtfully.

“Compliment?” he repeated.

“Well, wood and water are compliments in Asian astrology…as to our names, I’m smart and reserved, you’re athletic and sassy, You’re a Sagittarius and I’m an Aries…two fire signs who love adventure…” Nami tapered off.

“You’re female, I’m male,” Nagi added.

“Oh, hush it,” Nami playfully slapped Nagi who chuckled. “What’s so funny?”

“You hit like a girl,” Nagi whispered.

Nami gasped, offended by the stereotype before pushing him onto his back, “I do not!” she objected.

“There are girls in my karate class and they all hit as softly as you,” Nagi replied, not struggling when Nami held his hands above his head.

“Hey, Nag…” Anka froze in the doorway. “For once…I think your mom was right…” she said meekly before stepping out of the room.

“It’s not what it looks like!” they chorused, both of them jumping off the bed to start after Anka and instead found themselves on the floor in an even more awkward position. Nagi’s cheeks flushed entirely red as he brushed his nose past Nami’s in an attempt to get up to his feet.

“S-sorry…” he stammered as they both rose at the same time, stopping centimeters before an actual kiss.

“Uh…it’s fine…” Nami responded, just as abashed as Nagi when they nearly kissed.

“Right,” Nagi said as he slowly stood, helping Nami to her feet as well.

“I’m going to assume you’re decent,” Anka laughed as she reentered the room. “Man, you two are too easy to mess with,” she said, still laughing.

“Not funny,” they both declared.

“Lulu’s right, that is cute,” she could finally breathe as she settled on the bed and glanced back and forth between them. “So, what did I really walk in on?”

“Nagi being a jerk,” Nami said as she crossed her arms and turned away from him.

“I was not!” he argued, “I was only being playful…” he blushed and tapered off.

“Another lover’s spat?” Lulu asked as she also invaded.

“Yes, it appears so,” Anka teased.

“We’re not really fighting!” Nami and Nagi chorused.

“Awe…” Lulu cooed.

“I vote we just shut up,” Nami whispered.

“Agreed,” Nagi responded.

"Did you guys go Christmas shopping yet?" Anka asked calmly.

"Nope," Nami replied tersely.

"Me neither," Nagi grumbled.

"What's wrong with you two?" Lulu asked. "I mean, come on. We tease you all of the time."

"Nothing," Nami said flatly as she stood walking out of the room in silence.

"Nami..." Nagi started as he started after her.

"I'm going home," Nami sighed.

"You screwed up big time," Lulu whistled.

"I know," Nagi said as he stood, flopping down on his bed.

Anka and Lulu exchanged glances before Lulu started after Nami. "What did you say to her?"

"I was teasing her and she took it the wrong way," Nagi sighed as he rolled over to face the wall.

"Oh, no. You are not leaving Nami like this," Anka said as she flopped down in front of him.

"Well, you don't know what was said," Nagi murmured.

"I know that you are the one person she feels comfortable with because you don't tease her," Anka said flatly.

"And she's the one person I thought I could be myself around," Nagi sighed as he rolled onto his back.

Anka glared at him. "The you we all know and love isn't mean to Nami."

"I wasn't being mean," Nagi growled.

"Who swore that they'd always protect Nami from anything that would hurt her?" Anka asked.

"H-how did you find out about that?"

"About what? I was just saying something that you'd think was romantic," Anka said flatly. "But I guess I made my point."

Nagi blushed, "You really didn't know about that?"

"No, I'm just working some Christmas magic."

"Well, I'm not leaving my room," Nagi muttered. "So you might want to go get Lulu."

"No, I work better with you in a crisis and she's fit to help Nami,"

"Sure," Nagi let out a deep breath.

"Why is he such a jerk? You know I liked him because I thought he wasn't a jerk and that he might be worth talking to and being with..." Nami growled.

"He's a man. Unlike us he has flaws," Lulu said as she flipped her hair.

Nami laughed, "What?"

"Well, obviously you're perfect and Anka and myself aren't far off," Lulu offered.

"Nagi is almost perfect," Nami sighed as she fell backwards. She started running her fingers through her hair. "You know, this doesn't feel the same..."

"What, love?" Lulu inquired.

"Playing with my hair," Nami let out a breath.

"Does Nagi do it?" Lulu wondered.

Nami smiled, "Yeah, all of the time when I'm laying on him. I think it's how I get to sleep so easily."

"Nami, can I ask you the question?" Lulu asked.

"What do you mean?" Nami asked as she quirked an eyebrow.

"Do you love him?" Lulu smiled at Nami.

"You know," Nami shrugged. "I don't really know what love feels like."

"Well, if what you and Nagi have isn't love then there sure as hell isn't hope for the rest of us," Lulu sighed.

"What?" Nami inquired.

"Okay, why are you mad at the hottie?" Lulu asked.

"Because he stereotyped me and he knows that I hate..."

"Being normal," Lulu finished her thought.

"Yeah," Nami murmured.

"He was teasing you. Flirting with you. Being open for dating, kissing and so on," Lulu said flatly.

"What would change him?" Nami asked.

"It isn't a change," Lulu sighed. "You're just blinded by so many things..."

"Okay, fine. I'll forgive him for being a jerk on a condition," Nami conceded.

"I'll tell him the condition, what is it?"

"If you tell him, I'll know, and I don't want you to tell him," Nami said firmly.

"I won't tell him but what is it?"

"He has to apologize," Nami muttered.

"That's not very...cryptic..." Lulu said slowly.

"Tell me when everybody leaves Nami to peace," Nagi said as he opened his cell phone.

"With what? My telekinesis?" Anka asked.

"Call me on Lulu's phone," Nagi muttered.

"Okay, why?"

"I don't apologize so well," Nagi admitted.


"And I'd rather do it without an audience," Nagi cleared his throat.

"Why is she depressed and in her room?" Kelly asked Lulu.

"She and Nagi...aren't getting along..." Lulu muttered.

"What?" Kelly blinked in bemusement.

"I'll fix it, I just got an idea." Lulu dashed buck up the stairs, running into Nami's room. "Get on your hottest outfit, girl. We're going out."

"Fine..." Nami hissed, not wanting to argue.

"Thanks for the fake ID," Nami smiled weakly.

"Merry Christmas! I got one for everybody else too," Lulu grinned.

"But why are we in a strip club?" Nami asked nervously.

"Raul," Lulu called, signaling a built Latino man over to them. "Miss me?"

He answered in a thick Latino accent, "Of course, my VIP."

"You know him?" Nami asked.

"He's the guy I lost my virginity to," Lulu said calmly. "He's Maria's son," Lulu explained.

Nami stared at Lulu in disbelief. "I'll be over here..." she said softly as she started toward a booth.

"Hey, you're supposed to be forgetting about Nagi..." Lulu complained as she slid into a booth with Nami, Raul following her.

"But none of these guys can even compare..." Nami sighed. "No offense, Raul..."

"None taken, mamacita..."

"Gracious, senior..." Nami sighed.

"How can you say that none of them compare?" Lulu demanded. "Point to each one and tell me how Nagi is better!"

"Okay," Nami shrugged. She pointed to a taller blonde man, "I can actually kiss Nagi without stilts."

"Go on," Lulu said calmly.

"And his eyes aren't light enough. Nagi's seem to glow..." Nami said dreamily.

"And him?" Lulu asked as she pointed to another man.

"Nagi is way buffer than him and probably half that guy's age," she replied.

"Good point with him..." Lulu conceded. "What else?"

"Well, I can hear him from here and his French is awful. Nagi speaks French with a perfect accent..." Nami blushed.

"That means he can roll his tongue," Lulu winked at Nami who blushed even more. "Who else?"

"And he is totally stuffing," Nami rolled her eyes as a man walked past their booth.

"How do you know that Nagi doesn't stuff?" Lulu asked slyly.

"I sleep pretty much on top of Nagi," Nami said flatly. "I think I'd notice something other than..." she cleared her throat, "him..."

"Not saying something?" Lulu asked slyly.

"No! Of course not!" Nami insisted.

"You've seen seen Nagi naked, haven't you?" Lulu demanded.

Nami didn't say anything for a moment. "Accidentally."

"Wow," Lulu said softly. "Does he know?"

"No. And nobody else ever will," Nami said firmly.

"Well, if you plan on having sex in the dark then nobody else ever will," Lulu grinned.

"Don't tell anybody..." Nami pleaded.

"I won't. I'd rather gossip about people I don't like," Lulu grinned. "But how'd you see him naked with him not knowing?"

"He was changing..." Nami sighed. "And I walked right back out."

"He's big then?"

"How am I supposed to know? He's the only one I've ever seen...." Nami admitted.

"Not even porno mags?" Lulu asked.

"Nope. Nobody else compares to him so no use trying to find one," Nami shrugged.

"So you masturbate to Nagi? This is a confession?" Lulu asked.

"No, I don't do that at all..." Nami made a face.

"What?" Lulu asked as she slipped Raul a 20.

"That's gross..." Nami shuddered.

"Buy the cutest guy here, besides Raul and enjoy being teased and tantalized..." Lulu said as she slid Nami a 20.

"No thanks," Nami sighed, not taking the money.

"What's wrong honey?" another dancer asked as he settled beside Nami.

"Lover's spat with her boyfriend," Lulu explained.

"He's not my boyfriend," Nami corrected her.

"Break up?" the dancer asked.

"No," Nami whimpered.

"Complicated," the dancer nodded. "I'll get you a martini and we can talk about it," he said before walking away.

"See, you're almost getting the hang of it," Lulu said softly.

"I'm Josh," the dancer said as he set two martinis on the table.

"I'm Nami," she whispered.

"What happened?" Josh asked before he took a sip of the drink.

Nami accepted the drink and took a swig. "He called me normal."

Josh gasped. "Awe, honey..." he pulled Nami into a hug. "Did he apologize?"

"Not yet," Nami sighed. "But it's only been like an hour..."

"Sweetie, he'll come around sometime tonight or tomorrow," Josh assured her.

"How do you know?" Nami asked before taking another sip.

"Because you are smart, sweet and very beautiful," Josh said softly. "And only an idiot would let you go. But if he doesn't come around, he's not worth your time, honey."

"We're not dating," Nami said sheepishly.

"But you like him enough to feel bad about a little spat?" Josh asked.

"I'm pretty much in love with him," Nami blushed.

"What are you doing here?" Josh asked. "Go get him...or be coy and wait for him to come to you."

"You're right..." Nami realized. She gave Josh a hug, "Thanks for the drink, but I've gotta go."

"No problem, honey," Josh said as he stood. "Happy holidays."

"Why happy holidays?" Nami wondered.

"Well Lulu there is Jewish so I didn't know if you were too," Josh shrugged.

"Happy holidays to you too and I didn't know that about her," Nami said in awe.

"Come tell me if he's a jerk to you again," Josh said as Nami left.

"Good job, Josh," Lulu said as she passed him a 20. "Now go get in costume and start a good strip show," Lulu demanded.

Anka walked back into Nagi's room and closed the door. "I'm not leaving until you promise you're going to apologize to Nami," Anka said firmly.

"I told you I will," Nagi said softly.

"I mean as soon as I leave!" Anka said quickly.

"Oh...kay?" Nagi asked, giving Anka a questioning look. "What aren't you telling me?"

"Nothing," Anka said tersely.

"What is it?" Nagi asked firmly.

"Lulu's helping Nami forget about you being a jerk," Anka cleared her throat.

"How is she doing that?" Nagi asked as his eyes glinted green.

"Don't over react if I tell you," Anka commanded.

"Why would I over react?" Nagi asked quietly as he balled his fists. "I mean, if you didn't come out and tell's something that's gonna piss me off, right?"

"Well, you're not her boyfriend so you can't get jealous," Anka stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry.

"I can feel however I want to feel, but what is she doing to help Nami forget?"

"I called her phone just now..." Anka muttered.

"And?" Nagi asked.

"She's in" Anka blushed and averted her gaze from Nagi's.

"Spit it out."

"Exotic dance club," Anka said quietly.

"She what?" Nagi asked indignantly.

"You're not her boyfriend, so calm down," Anka responded.

"How can I be calm thinking of Nami like...that?" Nagi made a face.

"You should apply to work there," Anka snickered.

"What? Why?" Nagi asked.

"The guys there aren't the best looking. They're just built nice," Anka said evenly.

"How do you know that?"

"That's were Lulu and I go to forget all of our problems," Anka replied.

"You're underage..." Nagi reminded her.

"Not to them," Anka winked.

"Well, if they're not good looking then I've got nothing to worry about, right?" Nagi asked.

"You're my brother. I want no part in judging you on a scale of 1 to 10," Anka said flatly.

"Well, what would Nami think I am?" Nagi asked.

"Call her and ask," Anka said with a smirk.

"If I do that..." Nagi glared over at his phone that was charging on his desk, "I'll have to apologize..."

"And? Don't you want to apologize?"

"Yes, but not over the phone. That's not sincere. The only way to be more fake than that is to send her an email..." Nagi said dryly.

"Then go to her house and wait," Anka suggested. "I've got a date with Oso."

"A date?" Nagi asked.

"We're hanging out," Anka said more clearly. "And I'm going with him to get Sif in the morning."

"She won't listen to me. I called her every other girl..." Nagi realized.

"I'm gonna go. But you know she's been staring at other guys," Anka said as she started out Nagi's door.

"Thanks, I just love the mental picture."

"You're welcome," Anka replied.

Nagi sighed. "Worst winter break ever."

"How was it? Did you get Tyler?" Anka asked eagerly. (Waits to see if Dee gets the reference with Tyler)

"No, Josh gave me some advice," Nami muttered.

"What's that?" Anka wondered.

"See if he's worth it," Nami shrugged.

"He's your dream man, mind you," Anka yawned.

"Go to sleep. You're keeping my brother awake when he dives everybody everywhere tomorrow."

"Yeah, a nice way to say shut up," Anka said before closing her eyes.

Nami sat against the wall staring at her ruffled comforter as sleep evaded her.
~Several Hours Later~
"Why are you up?" Oso asked as he poked his head into the room.

"Couldn't sleep," Nami replied evenly.

"Go talk to him," Oso suggested. "You want to and he is horrible at starting conversations."

"He started it," Nami pouted as she glanced away from her brother.

"I like him," Oso said as he walked into the room, settling beside Nami. "And you do too."

"What's your point?"

"He belongs in this family more than his own family," Oso smiled warmly.

"Gay marriage is legal in Canada," Nami said flatly.

"Cold, harsh..." Oso nodded. "You must really love him."

Nami glared at him, "Don't you have another sister to annoy?"

"You only say that I'm annoying you when I'm right and you don't want to admit it," Oso reminded her.

"I'm going outside," Nami said as she stood, not bothering to put on shoes or a coat.

"Anka, wake up," Oso sighed.

"Why?" Anka asked.

"Well, it's almost time to go for one," Oso reasoned. "And two, Nami just walked outside without a coat or shoes and she's not mad at you."

"Yeah she is," Anka muttered as she rolled over. "Nagi's the only one who can fix this."

"This is all because of him..." Oso frowned.

"Yeah, but when he does fix it you'll see how happy he makes her," Anka reasoned. "She's mad at everybody until Nagi apologizes. And she stays that way."

"And how long will that take?"

"Let's leave them alone," Anka suggested. "Mom and Dad are meeting us in town and Nami won't want to go, so Nagi will probably sense this and will appear mysteriously as the prince he is."

"If you say so," Oso shrugged. "And why prince?"

"Long story," Anka murmured.

Nagi froze when he saw Nami standing on the porch without a coat. "Nami...what are you doing?" he asked as he rushed toward her. "You'll catch your death out here!" he said quickly as he set what he was carrying down and wrapping his coat around her.

"Calm down," Nami whispered as she continued to stare at the sky.

"How can I?" Nagi asked as he placed the back of his hand on her cheeks and then her forehead. "You feel like you've been out here for hours..."

"I have been," Nami said softly.

"You don't even have shoes on..." Nagi realized as he lifted her up, placing her feet on his shoes. "What are you doing out here?"

"I want to see the first Christmas snow," she smiled.

"Nami..." Nagi muttered as he wrapped his arms around her. "Why aren't you dressed?"

"Oso was pestering me and he was in my room where my clothes are," Nami muttered.

"If he's not still here will you please go get dressed?" he whispered in her ear.

"What were you carrying?" Nami asked.


"No coffee?" she asked as she turned to look at him.

"I didn't want to mix them up," he said sheepishly. "I mean...I knew you'd stay home and thus you'd be alone..."

"You don't have to explain anything," Nami assured him.

"Can you get dressed and make sure you don't have frost bites?"

Nami smiled, "It's just dropped to 32 degrees, Nagi..."

"Doesn't mean you're not cold and that I'm not worried about you," Nagi responded quickly.

"Okay," Nami blushed, adverting her gaze.

"I'll stand here with you with a blanket if you get dressed," Nagi offered.

"All I need is a coat and shoes..."

"And a blanket," he added. "But come on." He scooped her up, taking her into the house, placing her on her feet in the kitchen. "Wow..." he blushed as he glanced up at the ceiling. "I forgot about that."

"Sure you did," Nami sighed.

Nagi kissed her cheek, "I honestly did."

Nami blushed, handing Nagi his coat again. "I haven't slept yet."

"Me either."

"My blanket's on the couch," she said softly as she slipped her shoes on, grabbing her coat from the coat rack.

Nagi slipped his coat on and retrieved her blanket, draping it over his shoulders. "Alright, to watch the first snow."

"Okay," Nami kissed Nagi's cheek as he passed beneath the mistletoe again.

"Good Christmas tradition," he commented before closing the door.

Nami bolstered herself against the railing on the porch, blushing when Nagi wrapped his arms around her waist. She pulled the blanket around them and nestled back into him. "You're getting better at apologizing."

"Which means I piss people off more," Nagi sighed.

"That's alright," Nami closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. "I still love you."

Nagi blushed, "I love you too," he muttered before kissing her cheek affectionately.

Did we just say that? Nami thought as she caressed Nagi's hand with her thumb.

Good job. You told her you love her. But she thinks you mean as a friend. Or worse. A sister.... Nagi sighed in frustration.

"What's wrong?" Nami asked.

"Why were you out here without anything? Really?"

Nami shrugged. "I was kind of depressed. Didn't really think about it."

"Well, you are not like every other girl in the world. I promise you that," Nagi muttered.

"You mean it?"

"You can count on one hand how many girls I'd keep warm in the snow," Nagi said gently as he nestled closer to her, closing his eyes.

"Is that because I'm weird?" Nami inquired.

"I wouldn't adore you otherwise," Nagi admitted. "Because you'd be like the annoying girls at school and you wouldn't be smart or even remotely worth talking to."

Nami gasped, "Look!" she pointed toward a snowflake that landed on her finger before it melted. "We might still have a white Christmas..." she sighed happily.

"Yeah..." he drew in a deep breath.

"That tickles..." Nami giggled.


"Do you want to come inside and relax with our hot cocoa?" she asked.

"Yeah," Nagi smiled warmly.

"I'm kissing you again under the mistletoe because you kissed me out here," Nami said as she took a hot cocoa and started into the house.

"Okay," Nagi blushed as he took a cocoa, accepting the kiss on his cheek from Nami as he closed the door. "I think the heatmiser and freezemiser cartoon is on this morning," he remarked as they started into the living room.

"Our favorite one," Nami muttered as she set her cocoa on the coffee table.

Nagi tossed the blanket to the far side of the couch. "Yeah, yet another way of complimenting each other." He set his cocoa beside Nami's. "Hey, can Oso tell what's going to happen?" he asked as he turned to face Nami who was adjusting her clothing.

"Not as far as I know. Why?" Nami asked as she followed Nagi's eyes. "Then maybe."

Nagi smiled and pulled Nami into a kiss, kissing her several times. "Can you forgive me for that?" he asked softly.

"If you tell me what that was about..." Nami whispered.

"Jealousy," he said flatly.

"Jealousy?" Nami repeated.

"I know where you were last night and how you're dressed..." Nagi blushed, "So yeah..."

"This isn't exactly saying 'do me'," Nami muttered, motioning toward the corset and tight black jeans.

"It is...I mean...look at you..." Nagi argued.

"How'd you know where I was?" Nami asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Anka told me," Nagi muttered.

"Lulu's idea," Nami clarified as she flopped down on the couch. She patted the space beside her.

"How was it...? I dare to ask..." Nagi muttered as he grabbed his drink, joining her on the couch.

"Not that great, really," Nami made a face.

"Are you kicking seeing naked men?"

"I don't really see them on a normal basis," Nami said sheepishly before taking a swig of her hot cocoa. "What did you think my night would be like in a strip club underage?"

" the VIP room with Lulu and some Latino guy."

"Close," Nami muttered. "Her house keeper's son who is also the guy she lost her virginity to."

"TMI," Nagi made a face.

Nami set her finished cup on the table. "We don't usually have that between us."

"Because if we are talking about sex it's not Lulu's..." Nagi clarified as he set his cup on the table as well.

"It's not ours either," Nami replied.

"It could be," Nagi replied.

Nami cuddled against him. "Not likely since we're both virgins."

Nagi wrapped his arm around her. "We can't die virgins. We're too hot."

"I think my complimenting you has gone to your head."

"I included you, too," Nagi reminded her.

"Want to sleep?" she yawned.

"Considering that I'm running on no sleep, yes," Nagi whispered as he laid down on his back, welcoming Nami who curled happily against him. "Blanket?"

"Nah, you're warm enough..." she sighed happily as Nagi ran his fingers through her hair.

"Alright," he muttered, nearly snoring as his eyes eased shut.

"You covered us up?" Nagi inquired as he eased his eyes open.

"Yeah, it is pretty cold out," Sif replied. "But good morning, brother-in-law," she smiled.

"Good morning, Siffy," Nagi smiled, amused.

"Not gonna wake your wife up?" Sif asked as she took a sip of her cocoa.

"No, I let Nami sleep until she wakes up," Nagi whispered as he began stroking Nami's hair. Nami nuzzled closer to Nagi, smiling in her sleep.

"Cute," Sif commented.

"You've seen us sleeping together before," Nagi reminded her.

"You haven't corrected me for calling her your wife," Sif reminded him.

"Because I figure that you're gonna say what you want and everybody else is gonna say what they want," Nagi shrugged.

"True," Sif shrugged. "But I've said since I met you that you're gonna marry her and have three children."

"Because you knew I liked her and that we both come from families of three children," Nagi sighed.

"Yes, and..."

"And because you're mean to a twelve-year-old boy," Nagi added.

"Hey, that was encouragement to propose to my sister," Sif said with a grin.

"Sure," Nagi rolled his eyes.

"Hey, watch it smart ass," Sif laughed. "But I can't figure something out."

"About what?"

"You," Sif said before she took a sip of her cocoa.

"What about me?" Nagi inquired.

"You think Nami is the most beautiful girl in the world," she started. "But Nami and I look exactly the same and you don't feel like that toward me."

"You have the same features and before Nami straightened her hair and dyed it you looked alike aside from the eye color, sure," Nagi conceded, "And I'm not gonna say that you're not pretty because you are...but I don't know why I like her so much."


"No, it just makes no sense. She and I like to read and that was the only thing we ever had in common," Nagi sighed, "But somehow I was drawn to her and only her..."

"Love is a mysterious thing..." Sif said thoughtfully.

"Hey," Nagi blushed, "Enough with the teasing..."

"But the teasing is the best part of coming home..." Sif pouted.

"So tease Nami when she wakes up," Nagi suggested. "Or tease Anka about your brother," he added.

"She's had that crush since she was like seven," Sif said nonchalantly.

"What's new with you?" Nagi asked.

"Finishing college next year, finally..." Sif rolled her eyes. "Double majors suck."

"And then what?" Nagi asked.

"Internship for the next year," Sif replied. "And then man hunting so I don't die a lonely woman."

"You won't die a lonely woman, Sif. You have some sort of magnetism that makes everybody love you," Nagi assured her.

"I can still die lonely," Sif frowned.

"Nah, you'll find somebody, I'm sure," Nagi whispered.

"I wish I was like Nami..." Sif sighed as she glanced down at her sister.

"Why?" Nagi asked.

"Falling in love with my soul mate in middle school," Sif smirked.

"Hey, now!" Nagi's cheeks reddened. "I thought we were off of the teasing..."

"Okay, fine..." Sif rolled her eyes. "I TiVoed the Freeziser and Heatmiser cartoon."

"Sweet!" Nagi grinned. "We missed that earlier..."

"It's the family favorite," Sif shrugged.

"Where's everybody else?" Nagi asked.


Nagi sighed, "I knew I was forgetting something."

"Forget to shop?" Sif guessed.

"Yup," Nagi replied with a nod. "Nothing done what so ever."

"Go tomorrow," Sif suggested.

"On Christmas eve?" Nagi asked.

"Most people are about done with shopping. And it will give you and Nami some romantic alone time," Sif teased.

"Yes, frantically shopping is so romantic," Nagi said sarcastically.

"It can be if you're walking with your arm around her waist and she's resting her head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat..." Sif tapered off.

Nagi stared blankly at her. "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but you need laid."

"I know..." Sif pouted.

"What time is it?" Nami asked before yawning.

"About ten," Nagi replied softly.

Nami eased her eyes open. "We didn't sleep very long..."

"Ten PM," Nagi said more clearly.

"Yeah, sleepy head," Sif said quietly.

"Siffy?" Nami asked as she sat up.

"Good morning, Sif said with a smile.

"How long have you been up?" Nami asked Nagi.

"About an hour," Nagi responded.

"And you didn't wake me up?" she yawned again.

"Do I ever?" he retorted.

"True..." she conceded. "Gah, we could use a shower..." Nami growled.

"Smell or icky feeling?"

"Icky feeling."

"Is she always this focused when she wakes up?" Sif asked.

"Yeah," Nagi replied.

"She hasn't changed a bit," Sif sighed adoringly at her younger sister.

"Thanks," Nami sat up on the edge of the couch, rubbing her eyes.

"Getting a shower?" Nagi guessed.

"Mhm..." Nami muttered as she started up the stairs.

"Where are you going, Nagi?" Sif asked.

"Make her coffee," Nagi said from the kitchen.

"You're not official, then?" Sif asked.

"No, we're not dating," Nagi muttered as he scooped the coffee grounds from the canister, dumping them into the compartment that contained a coffee filter. "Again, I had to reiterate..."

"Fooling around then?" Sif guessed.

Nagi gave her a questioning look. "Why does everybody assume that?"

"Because you're teenagers who have been fighting hormonal urges since they were twelve."

Nagi shook his head, "Messed up..."

"Why?" Sif asked.

"Because we're not like that..." Nagi trailed off.

"Oh, you've never thought of my sister sexually?" Sif asked.

"I didn't say that," Nagi blushed. "Yeah, I have, but I'm not going to force her onto the bed and have my way with her because she wears her jeans tight..."

"TMI," Sif said softly.

"You're the one who brought it up..." Nagi said dryly.

"No, I don't want to hear your fantasies about my younger sister, Nagi!" Sif shouted.

Nagi glared at Sif. "I am in such disbelief that I can't think of an insult for you."

"Oh, yes, Nagi fantasizes about me so much that he has to vent to my older sister," Nami said as she walked into the kitchen in her robe.

Nagi bit his lip as he watched Nami reach for a cup. "Isn't your robe a little short, Nami?" Sif asked.

Nami glanced down at the bottom over her robe which barely covered her when she stood, let alone when she reached or bent over. "Maybe a little," she blushed, pulling it down as much as she could.

"Here," Nagi cleared his throat before reaching a cup for Nami.

"Thanks," she whispered.

"Feel better?" he asked anxiously.

"I did..." Nami murmured. She kissed Nagi's cheek, "You're too sweet at times."

"I'm gonna get a shower..." Nagi said as he dismissed himself from the kitchen.

"He was looking," Sif said dryly as she reached for a cup as well.

"Yes, guys who are looking at how revealing your robe is definitely volunteer to get you a cup so you don't have to expose yourself," Nami said sarcastically.

"He was looking. He stopped and did that after he got himself a taste," Sif said firmly.

"Nagi's not like that. I don't know how many more people I have to repeat that to, but he's sweet, respectful and always classy," Nami said softly.

"Can you prove that?"

"Siffy, we were cuddled together standing outside earlier watching the snow," Nami muttered. "If he were a pervert I would have felt it."

"He's a pervert, just like every other guy. He just is in such a way that it's respectful."

"That makes a lot of sense," Nami murmured, glaring at her sister.

"It does when you see him staring down at the trim of your robe from the moment you walk in, and then see him advert his eyes after I point out that your robe is short, and your boyfriend dashed upstairs to take a cold shower."

"I'm gonna change..." Nami muttered as she walked out of the room.

"Why does everybody do this?" Nami blushed as she closed her bedroom door. She ran over to her dresser, pulling out a pair of black jeans and a corset. "I mean seriously..." she growled as she reached into her underwear drawer. She quickly dressed before settling on the edge of her bed, supporting her head in her hands.

"What's wrong?" Nagi asked gingerly as he closed the door behind himself.

"Quick shower..." Nami remarked.

"Didn't really time it," Nagi shrugged before settling on the bed with Nami.

"Sif and Oso are already on my last nerve," Nami grumbled.

"We can go stay with my family for a day," Nagi suggested.

"Please?" Nami begged.

"Wow, I never thought I'd see the day," Nagi ruffled Nami's damp hair.

"They're both annoying me about the same thing and it's just..." Nami tapered off.

"My parents aren't going to be much better," Nagi reminded her.

"But it's something different..." Nami whispered.

"Well, after we do our shopping we can stay at my house, I guess," Nagi submitted.

Nami hugged Nagi tightly. "Why are you so sweet?"

"Because I was supposed to be born a girl, but since I'm not I have this sweet lesbian complex," Nagi said dryly.

Nami laughed, "Okay, why are you so weird?"

"Because normal things are rejected by you," Nagi retorted.

"True," she blushed a little as she pushed him backwards and curled up beside him. "Can I ask another question?"


"Why are you in only your underwear?" Nami asked.

"Because all of my clothes have been used as pajamas," Nagi said playfully.

"You're bigger than me and Anka, so your clothes are comfy..." Nami said sheepishly.

"It's okay. Do I have any clothes left here clean?"

"Jeans..." Nami said thoughtfully.

"Other than this pair, any clean underwear?"

"No," Nami said meekly.

"I understand the boy shorts and the T-shirts, but why the underwear?"

"Because I ran out of boy shorts," Nami reasoned.

"You weren't going to do my laundry that you dirtied?"

"Mom does that," Nami said dismissively.

"Where's the rest of the dirty laundry?" Nagi asked.

"Laundry basket in the closet. Why?"

"I'm doing our laundry," Nagi replied as he sat up.

"'s scary in the basement!" Nami squeed as she clung to Nagi.

"I think I can handle it," Nagi sighed.

"You're mad at me aren't you?"

"Why would I be mad at you?" Nagi asked as he started to slip into a pair of jeans.

"For wearing your clothes and not washing them..." Nami said quietly.

"No," Nagi shook his head.



"What's that?" Nami asked as she stood, staring down at Nagi's abdomen.

"What's what?" he asked, puzzled. Nami knelt down in front of Nagi. Nagi blushed, "What are you doing?"

Nami yanked Nagi's underwear down a little. "What's...that..." she marveled at the kanji that was tattooed on his lower abdomen. She blushed as she glanced up at him blushing, "When did you get this?"

"When I was...sixteen..." he said as he glanced away from her.

"What does it say?" she asked as she ran her fingertips across the ink, tracing the shape of the symbol.

Nagi blushed a deep shade of red, closing his eyes and drawing in a deep breath. "I'm not gonna tell you that."

"Why not?" she asked as she stood.

"N-no reason..." he stammered.

Nami studied his expression as he finished dressing. "Why won't you tell me? It's not like I can't keep a secret."

"You already know what it says," Nagi said as he started toward the closet. "You just...don't know you know."

Nami blushed, gasping. "Nagi Vincent..."

"Nami Michelle?" he replied questioningly.

"Why would you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"The kanji."

"I don't know what you mean," he cleared his throat as he picked up the basket.

"You know I speak Japanese, right?" Nami asked as she followed behind him.

"Yes, I know," he responded. "But lucky for me you can't read it."

"Lucky for you?" Nami questioned. "You're embarrassed..." she realized.

"And?" he asked.

"And what does it say?"

"Judging from your tone, I'd say you're waiting for me to prove you right," Nagi said as he started down the stairs.

"Tell me..." Nami pleaded.

"What are you two arguing about?" Sif asked as she watched them walk past.

"Nothing!" they chorused.

"I'll just eavesdrop," Sif shrugged.
(translated in the comments)
"Elle ne sait pas le français," Nami said to Nagi.

"Frais nous n'obtenons jamais de parler dans une autre langue," Nagi replied.


"Vous l'avez figuré dehors, bien?" Nagi asked as he set the basket on the ground.

"I wasn't supposed to know..." Nami realized. Nagi shrugged and started the laundry. "Why?"

"I really couldn't tell you," Nagi said softly.

"Can I see it again?" Nami asked.

"If you want to undress me," Nagi sighed, blushing as Nami unbuttoned his jeans, sliding Nagi's boxers' lining down so she could see the tattoo as she knelt down.

"Ha! I knew it!" Sif declared.

Nami sighed, "It's not what it looks like..."

"Feel like we're at my house?" Nagi asked as he slipped his hands into his pockets.

"And here I thought you were defending him because he isn't a pervert..." Sif shook her head.

"Done arguing?" Nagi asked.

"Yeah," Nami sighed as she continued to admire Nagi's tattoo.

Sif sat smugly on the love seat, smirking at Nami and Nagi who were cuddled on the couch, watching a Christmas cartoon. "I knew you two were fooling around."

"Mhm..." they chorused as they continued staring at the television.

"Not gonna argue?" Sif asked.

"Mhm..." the chorused again.

"Hey," Anka greeted them as she stamped the boots on the ground. "I borrowed your boots," she announced to Nami before kicking them off and slipping her trench coat off. "Nami? Nagi?"

"They're mad at me," Sif said to Anka. "I walked in on them when they were fooling around."

Anka laughed, "Ha, good one. They're virgins," she said calmly as she procured her bags and ran up the stairs, reappearing at the bottom of the stairs again.

"No, Nami was pulling Nagi's pants down," Sif said pointedly.

"I can think of a million reasons for what you saw," Anka said before she flopped down beside Nami, "And they're all more likely than sex."

"Like what?" Sif asked.

"Nami caught Nagi wearing Teddy bear boxers," Anka offered.

"Anything else?" Sif asked.

"Nami caught Nagi wearing a thong. Nagi put something Nami wanted in his pants and she isn't afraid to get it, a spider was on Nagi's leg, Nagi was wearing something that smelled good and Nami was trying to pinpoint what, or my personal favorite...Nagi spilled hot coffee on," Anka cleared her throat, "Yeah and Nami was helping him undress so it didn't hurt as bad."

"You've thought about this, haven't you?" Sif asked.

"No, they've all happened before," Anka said calmly.

"I have never worn a thong!" Nagi argued.

"Don't ignore me when you're mad at somebody else and things like this won't get started," Anka snapped back.

"Sorry..." they chorused.

"That's better," Anka said as she hugged them both. "Now why is Lulu so evasive during the winter?"

"I found out from a stripper that she's Jewish, so this is another night of Hanuka for her," Nami scratched her cheek.

"No way..." Nagi said in disbelief.

"Huh...that explains that...but nothing else..." Anka said slowly.

"Look at that, you're talking again," Sif said softly.

"Well, I have a feeling just to me and each other, naturally," Anka teased.

"What do you want?" Nagi asked.

"What?" Nami blinked.

"For Christmas," Nagi said more clearly before clearing his throat.

Nami turned around, walking backwards in front of him. "You don't have to get me anything, and asking me is cheating."

"Well, I don't know what girls like..." Nagi said quietly.

"Really? You've been one long enough," Nami teased.

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2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: I don't see a the name of the club anywhere or did i just miss it?

2010-01-29 [wicked fae mage]: No, there's no name for it. But you can name it something if you'd like :)

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: lol if i come up with something that fits i'll name it..

2010-01-29 [wicked fae mage]: Alright xD
Remember that the club has hot foreign guys and a few locals if that helps?

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: there used to be a local stip club here in town that was pretty famous called Foxies or Foxys and then of cource there is Jaguars

2010-01-29 [wicked fae mage]: Is one of them a club for the ladies? There's a Sapphire Gentlemen's Club advertised on the radio a lot.

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: Idk i dont think soo

2010-01-29 [wicked fae mage]: Damn...I wanna go to one.

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: i wouldnt mind going to one

2010-01-29 [wicked fae mage]: I really badly want to. Just to say I have.

2010-01-29 [Fearathress]: Yea.

2010-02-07 [Ravendust]: nice addition xD

2010-02-11 [wicked fae mage]: Woooo!

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