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2005-07-11 18:57:02
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      [aurodi]'s campain

Why ?: Why am I campagning ,you might asc…well my answer is simpel.I want to make Elftown a good place,a place wher artists may show ther art,photos,poems...

Woth will I do ? : I will prevent that your art will be stolen..or copied.

Why me ? : Becaus I am a grait person and I know woth needs to be deferent on Elftown.
I'm also a peacemaker..witch is a good thing.
I get along with moast of the people that i know.
I want that Elftown wuld be taicken fantasy wuld have a meaning again.


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2005-07-19 [threelade]: You need to learn to spell and review the uploading art rules.

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