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A thank you to the fabulous [Nazarath.93] for our kick ass banner!

Zombies, and Vampires, and Wraiths! Oh my!

So, welcome all of you new comers, please say hello down there on the message boards and tell us about yourself. Once we have enough people I will lay down the groundwork and we can get started! Oh, and before you go running off to put up your characters, ask me first. Otherwise I'll delete what you say and kick you out ^^

Second: US. No, I do not mean the United States, I mean our characters. I want all of you to make, or reuse, not just one character, but three. They can be a vampire, human, or wraith, but no zombies. They are supposed to be soulless and mindless. I will explain how each race works and how they fit into the story… but of course a lot of stuff will be left up to you and your creativity. Any questions, ask me. I want only five chars max per person, three at the least as I said before. Try no vary it a bit, like play males as well as females and vice versa, even I’m going to have a boy character…. No he isn’t ready yet. As for a list I would just like your name, your character names and what they are. The rest will be played out and discovered during the course of the story.

Your charters names and stuff go here ----> ZVWohmy!

Humans: Ahh... the poor victims left from the zombie plague ^^ The only ones left are those immune to it, and those who are just lucky and haven't had to be tested for it. Of course, if they do get bitten, they will either turn into a zombie, or they will live. But who wants to test themselves for it? Oh yeah, and because most of the humans left have a natural resistance to the virus turning people into zombies they become superhuman. Yeah, that’s right. Faster, stronger, and maybe even a little smarter. There is a limit on this, but you guys are pretty good at this so you know when its going too far.

Zombies: Yes, the mindless creatures that were once humans. They aren’t intelligent at all, and only seek living flesh… in this that means anything that moves…. Animals too because in those movies with zombies it made no sense why the living dead wouldn’t eat a dog and a human. Our characters will be immune to the zombie virus, but that doesn’t mean that they will stop trying to eat us. They will also go after vampires. However, once someone is affected, the zombies are no longer interested. Animals cannot be infected… and the zombies are not rapidly decaying, in fact, its taking them a very long time to do so.

Vampires: Alright, so here we have are living undead that are faster and stronger than us but can’t go out during the day. They are not too happy about the spread of the virus because they cannot feed of zombies, that, and if they get infected their bodies rapidly decaying.. like within hours they are dead. So, in order to save themselves they are keeping us with them to feed off of and make more humans so when we die… they can still eat. That means that we are precious to them... but they will still treat us like slaves because they are arrogant selfish bastards. They can cross running water, touch and look at crosses, hell they can even stroke it and rub it against themselves if that’s what does it for them. They dislikes wraiths but are willing to deal with them in order to find humans and stuff.

Wraiths: They are the ghost of those who died during our little plague. They are not very nice either. Wraiths can take over the zombie’s easily and will control them to suit their own purposes. However, when they take over the already dead body it decays faster so they can only inhabit it for a few days, sometimes a week if they are strong enough. They can control weak minded humans but only for a few hours at a time because the humans are fighting them for control. Only a really powerful wraith can take over a weaker vampire. So it is extremely rare. In their own form they are all black and you can only see their eyes, many will stay far away from their body because it feels weird to them and for some reason makes them uncomfortable. They also cannot re-inhabit their own corpse. Oh, and they also cannot sing, no matter what body they are in. This is the only way to tell if the person is a real vamp or a human or of it is a wraith in disguise. They also like messing with us humans and vampires. In return for helping a vamp the vampire has the ability to increase its strength. That and they avoid the light, it weakens them and the only thing that can hurt them in their natural form is pure silver, but very few know that.

So any questions?

so here is where we shall starts, three areas will be open.
ZVW City Limits <-- Outskirts of the city, less populated.
ZVW Down Town <-- Darker streets of the city.
ZVW Coven Stronghold <-- Main rp page in the Coven house (front room, kitchens, ballroom).

Rooms in the Coven:
ZVW North Wing <--
ZVW West Wing <--
ZVW Secret Upstairs <-- Bartholomew's room.
ZVW Red Room <-- Jasmin's room.
ZVW Dark Room <--
ZVW Basement <-- Where the humans are kept for breeding.
ZVW Gardens <--Outside gardens and surrounding woods, all protected by a strong gate.
ZVW Old Stuff <-- This is the old characters and storyline, for those who want to know what to expect.... sort of.

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2007-11-08 [The Black Goat]: yepp, because thew others are worried for the sake of the humans who are immune and needed for breeding ^^ So they give him her, ask nicely if he can try not to kill her, and if he needs more than she can give he can borrow one of the others to finish up

2007-11-08 [silent_voice]: I see.... O_o

2007-11-08 [Angel In Red]: not really its so confusing nox.

2007-11-08 [The Black Goat]: vamps wil die without human blood.. so they keep what humans are left and breed them, those who are elft are usualy immune and superhuman. she is not.. so they gave her to some one who needs a human to drink from

2007-11-08 [silent_voice]: Uh huh.. so they gave her to my character because he can protect her or because they don't like him?

2007-11-08 [The Black Goat]: because he needs more blood than usualy and they don't want to risk an immune human that they need to feed him.

2007-11-08 [Angel In Red]: *rubs her forhead*

2007-11-08 [The Black Goat]: get it now?

2007-11-08 [Angel In Red]: ... kinda.. yeah

2007-11-08 [The Black Goat]: goody

2007-11-08 [silent_voice]: Oh right yeah I get it.. he needs more blood and they don't want to give him an immune human in case he kills em.

2007-11-08 [The Black Goat]: yepp ^^

2007-11-10 [The Black Goat]: Okay, here's the deal. Anyone just entering the city should post at the city limits,
Those who've holed up in the city and have been there for a whil (we will need this group) post downtown.
All vampires not out hunting for humans downtown should be at the Coven place, oh, and the humans who already live there.

2007-11-10 [silent_voice]: I see.. well my vampy like doesn't follow the rules >.>

2007-11-11 [The Black Goat]: where else would he be? oh.. if he's at the city limits then have him spy on sevbette.

2007-11-11 [The Black Goat]: I'm almost done with the 1st post, then it has officaly started!

2009-02-15 [The Black Goat]: Okay, here's the deal. Anyone just entering the city should post at the city limits,
Those who've holed up in the city and have been there for a while (we will need this group) post downtown.
All vampires not out hunting for humans downtown should be at the Coven place, oh, and the humans who already live there.

To reiterate.... ^^

2010-01-12 [Talos Cyrion]: is this rp still open?

2010-03-27 [The Black Goat]: it will be again soon i just got out of basic training

2010-03-27 [Talos Cyrion]: ahhh ok, congrats btw

2010-04-22 [The Black Goat]: thank you and now i am expecting a little one come dec!

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