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Zombie Land review

ZombieLand. A cross between the British parody Shaun of the dead and the British horror movie Twenty eight weeks later. Where the zombies spew blood and guts and you are taught the basic rules of surviving Zombieland.

Rule 1: Cardio
Rule 2: Beware of Bathrooms
Rule 3: Seatbelts
Rule 4: Double tap
Rule 5: No Attachments

So on so fourth all the way to rule thirty two;

Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things.

In this movie of high flying action and a few creepy bumps along the way as the Zombies pop out of nowhere and attack the unsuspecting who forget to follow the rules you also get to watch the four unlikely main characters trash a casino, steal cars, hit Zombies with doors, and turn an amusement park into what it was meant to be - a Zombie killing machine. You hit a couple of emotional snags as our nameless dork of a main character falls for one of his female traveling companions.

And so he learns that some rules, specifically this one ;

Rule 17: Don't Be a Hero

Are sometimes made to be broken. So while facing down a Zombie clown, saving the girl, making it to first base AND finding his Twinkie obsessed partner in crime a delicious fluffy cream filled delight the movie ends on more of a serious note then it started.

All in all Zombie land is more than any Zombie parody movie lover could ask for if they cut out some of the melodrama. The kills were epic, Tallahassee the gun slinging hillbilly as more than slightly amusing, and finally the cute realization that our main character found a family in the middle of ZombieLand with three of the most unlikely people.

Zombieland deserves epic as a rating BUT the love mixed in the end kind of ruins the hilariousness of parody’s so a Great is all it will get out of me.

Until next time, [Alexi Ice]

/ [Alexi Ice]

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2009-10-14 [Hedda]: Good review!

2009-10-14 [Alexi Ice]: Thanks! i'm still a reviewing newbie. O.o LOL.

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