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2008-09-26 14:01:11
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2004-04-11 [xido]: This wiki is under construction and off limits to minors. [StupidStuff] is the owner and GM.

2004-04-15 [xido]: How's that for a little extra to work from?

2004-04-15 [StupidStuff]: cool stuff Willy.

2004-04-19 [xido]: is Minoa's password the same as this page's?

2004-04-20 [StupidStuff]: Minoa's is the same as nelerosia's and so are all of the other lands

2004-04-20 [StupidStuff]: and I'm working on it, so don't rush me

2004-04-22 [StupidStuff]: ok I got all of the maps up...

2004-05-05 [Angel Dreamer]: place to play in....^_^

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