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2004-05-05 [Angel Dreamer]: place to play in....^_^

2004-05-08 [xido]: OK, I would post a brief synopsis of each era of the history of Zendelon on a history page, describing why it is a huge focus for the material world, as an epicenter of the minotaur reign and prominence, and all that.....  I can't do any of that stuff, and you look like you look like you've got it all set up. I think you're trying to archive things, and I can't do that for you. I can help on a game, but I can't post history, or anything like that. I'm not sure what else you want my help with.....

2004-06-01 [K'jesrya]: since this page is under construction...can rp'ers like me join up anyway?

2004-06-02 [xido]: I think that would be okay. Are you a guild member of the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay? If not, you may post a character description on the WFR Application Page.....

2004-06-03 [K'jesrya]: yeah...i have been accepted by the WFR Guild already

2004-06-06 [K'jesrya]: ok...thanks

2004-06-06 [xido]: I'm telling you, Matt. You're better off starting a new storyline, and incorporating old details. Best way to assemble a partying group of adventurers.

2006-03-13 [iippo]: consider thumbnialing that last map so people can click if they want it full-size.

2006-03-19 [xido]: That's a great idea... haven't mastered that one yet... how so? That would rid a few of my problems on a few pages, actually.... ;) To K'jesrya: hit me up by msg to chat about where in here you's want to post... still getting a few bugs worked out with the original creator, [Torr-maat] about RP in these areas, and storyline.

2006-03-21 [xido]: Hehehehehehehehe..... muahaahaahaaahaaahahaaaaa!!!!! I mean, um, thanks. :P x.o) Looks much better in so many ways. I am very thankful.

2006-03-21 [iippo]: I agree, muchos tidyer. :3

2006-03-23 [xido]: Thanks muchos. ;P Say, what made you start watching this page? Renshunan? More will come to these pages soon, but for now they are just works in progress, including this one, I think.

2006-03-23 [iippo]: Reshunan was too Japan for me. I have low Japan-tolerance: it doesn't go past the Seven Samurai (because that's a classic) and Princess Mononoke ( and other studio Ghibli stuff, because that's aceness). Mainly because I hate the fact that my real name is Everybody's kitsune-character's name. >.< But this place was interesting and I was considering making a character here, so I started watching to be notified when it's done.

2006-03-25 [xido]: lol, oh, okay....  well, that's fine. As for Zendelon, it will take a good while. It's actual creator is not around much to help out, and I have taken the task upon myself to edit in my "spare time". as I just began school, this won't be often at all. We'll see what happens...  ;) I have an avid hatred of anime and most Japan-stuffs, but I have an interest in making a neat oriental setting, with cool, effective images and posts. Whatever roleplays happen there, I don't really care much. Most of it would be historical or social info that I would post, and even then, I don't expect anyone to actually read it.

2006-03-25 [iippo]: Heh, with me it's the opposite: I can't join an rp without the historical/social info... *ish shoo nitpicky* Maybe that's why either end up in fan games where I've read the book/seen the film etc and already know, make my own or just have to wait and find one that has the info provided.

2006-03-27 [xido]: oh, that's cool... then you'd like my finished pages for rp... ;) Maybe I can even con you into one in Renshunan if I do it right enough. :D

2006-11-29 [Dr.Mandarian]: * hair-raised with amazement by Zendelon *
Did you really make that exquisite map, yourself, [Torr-maat]?
If yes, I am flabbergasted with impression!
Heh, and I simply HAVE to also ask then, if you wouldn't like to take part of my Fantasy Map Art Contest that's running in the moment...
( You would be really CUT OUT, for participating it, with that skills of mapping! ) 

2006-12-05 [xido]: XD you hear that, ol' Quinnie? He loves it! ;) :P
Map contest, eh?  Hmmmmmm....... *ponders*
Up for a little competition, Quinidar? I would be willing to put in Lands of Qor or Tearra Rehm... ;)

2006-12-07 [xido]: Right... *takes hands off*
I only help on concept work, but the map was all you... Now, the NEW maps are all me, but that is another story, and I still had to use your concept as template... soooooooo...... ;)

2007-01-17 [Torr-maat]: Disreguard previous message

2007-01-23 [xido]: Ownership changed (password the same), and some keyword ideas added (they only need to be separated by a space).

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