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2007-03-17 21:44:40
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People are doing this a lot at DA and I love to see the process people have made with their art, so I made one too, digging up all my highly embarrasing horrible old old old (burnburnburn) pictures and making this collage (from hell XD)

[I am now challening everyone to do the same. I love seeing these things and it would be awesome to gather everyone's process in one page. Not only is this interesting, but hopefully also inspiring for those who have just started drawing and think that they want to improve]

Sidenote: I used to suck. Big time. OMG! X3
Sidenote 2: There are no pictures before year 2000 because I have not saved any of them. I drew some pictures that I gave as presents for friends, but since they were presents, I don't have them anymore :-S

But here we go:

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2007-03-22 [someelf]: *_* You progressed, like a train O.O *claps in her hands* =D

2007-03-22 [Zardra]: *^____^* thank you! (I'm a train, whee XD)
It just takes a looot of work XD urgh. I want to learn more, fast =P

2007-03-22 [someelf]: ^_^ A woowoo train! =3 *laughs*
Looooads of work huh? >.< I soon might get a tablet of my own =D So I might even have the slightest improovement of my computer art! =D
But Zab teached me how to draw horses, and dogs. And I got this new anatomy book ^__^ And it's awesome =D
*Happy* XD
You be good already you'll be perfect in the end >=D

2007-03-22 [Zardra]: XD Eeeek! I don't woo, I toot X3
Congratulations for the tablet, it will change your life *dramatic music* ^__^ XD
My whole art changed after I got my tablet ^^
Anatomy books are really awesome, I have several too (and sometimes even use them XD)

2007-03-22 [someelf]: Awwe =3 Fine XD
And it is surely not expensive for a wacom tablet *_* -hears a drum roll- >=O
^-^ It seems so too with when I stole Zabs tablet ^^
(I havn't even really used it yet =3 Just looked trough it and found I needed it just to show how I should draw muscles XD *pokes muscles* baddddddd) XD

2007-03-22 [Zardra]: X3
yeeah, Wacom's are pretty expensive, but they are worth the money ^^ it only stings once =P
you stole Zap's tablet? :-O that's nice =P
Muscles are so difficult to draw. Muscles and hands are my weak spot ^^;

2007-03-22 [someelf]: It's about KR 200.00 here now ^^ At least the one I found (by accident even XD)
I didn't really steal it =P I borrwed it when I was at her place ^_^;;;;
*Noddles* mine are the chest and the hair and the eyes >_> Zab will say more things but those are the ones I got trouble with the most >=3

2007-03-22 [Zardra]: there are some really cheap ones at, that's where I ordered mine from ^^ (this is mine )
aaah, okay =P borrowing is better =P
Eeek, I love drawing hair and eyes ^^; chests are a bit difficult, but I'm getting better at man chests X3

2007-03-22 [someelf]: Ooooh, mine comes from a store (just a regulair market in denmark) like Aldi, but I havn't bought it yet >_<
I put my eyes to low and my hair to high ^^;;;

2007-03-22 [Zardra]: aaaah, goody ^____^
hmmm, that is easy to fix ^^ --> <img200*0:stuff/face_divide_parts_byZardra.jpg> ^^

2007-03-22 [someelf]: I do it diffrently *goes make awfull sketch on paint* XD

2007-03-22 [Zardra]: well, everyone has their own styles, heheee ^__^

2007-03-22 [someelf]: *Noddles* Yush XD And I won't show you my sketch *bops self* XD

2007-03-22 [Zardra]: you won't? Waaaah, why not? u.u *sits in the corner* X3

2007-03-22 [someelf]: Because it überly sucked XD

2007-04-03 [Ikko]: it's beautiful!O-O *Awes and huggles Zardra*

2007-04-04 [Zardra]: Eee, thank youuuuuuu <3 ^______^

2007-10-28 [Jitter]: I love the way you use the light :3

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