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This is just a simple page to find the links with my tutorials. :)
Here are not so many right now, but maybe there will be.
Enjoy your time and thanks for the visit.
This is made by [Zab]

And the tutorials are:

One of a thousand ways to draw a horse - Photoshop, can be applied on oils etc too with some changes.

To Draw a Fantasy Creature ~ Regualar Pencils

To get started - Gimp ~ Basics for Gimp

Gimp - to install ~ Gimp

Gimp coloring ~ for Gimp
Gimp Coloring - The Coloring ~ for Gimp

Transparent gifs - with Gimp ~ for Gimp

Painting a Dragon ~ for Adobe Photoshop

Feathered Wings ~ for Adobe Photoshop

Fur in Photoshop ~ For Adobe Photoshop

Traditional sketch to CG painting ~ For Photoshop, should work in Gimp [NEWWWW!!!]

Zabs Eye tutorial ~ For Adobe Photoshop or Gimp

Rainstains tutorial ~ For Adobe Photoshop, should work with other programs too.

Brushes-to make one in PS ~ For Adobe Photoshop

Short fur in Photoshop ~ For Adobe Photoshop but should work in Gimp and other programs.

Acrylic on leather or canvas ~ Traditional art

Helpful tips - Art ~ For various programs. (not too much yet)

But, Why all the layers? ~ for all artprogrammes using layers.

Want to practise? ~ Sketches and inked images you may use for practise. :)

What do you want a tutorial about? ~ For suggestions

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2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: I like this :) But maybe you can merge the two Gimp tutorials together so it will be easier for me to add to the list of tutorials :P

2005-12-18 [Zab]: hehe.. I could add them to the list.. or only add the first, the second is linked from that one anyway ;P

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: I'll only add the first then ;) :P you silly thing

2005-12-18 [Zab]: Aww..I'm silly! ^________^ *hugs*

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: *silly-glomp* xD

2005-12-18 [Zab]: Wheee! ^_______________^ I've only had that programme for half an hour when I made those two tutorials..Oo

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: Zi goodness! O_O I would so not dare to do that o_0 Wh00t! :D

2005-12-18 [Zab]: XD It's pretty much like photoshop..:P And [sequeena_rae] tested them..XD *wonders if ''but, why all the layers?'' can be counted as a tut* :P probably not.

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: No :) That's more like an additional wiki like, why rules?. But it's funny like the sketchy page you provided :P

2005-12-18 [Zab]: sketchy page? O_o *gets confused* :P Well, I thought so.. then I have three tuts, counting the gimps as two..:P

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: Yep o.o *pokes want to practise?* The Gimp is one dear :P (L)

2005-12-18 [Zab]: aww.. why one? It explains two different things, I only messed with the name..:P No coloring at all in the first one.. Ah, that..XD hehe..:P well.. maybe people wants sketches to train on? XD

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: Because the first one if just a preparation on the second tutorial :P And it could have been on the same page too now that I think of it o_o And that's a very good thing :D *saves a sketch*

2005-12-18 [Zab]: *sighs* oh..:( but it can be used fot other things..Oo *doesn't think a tutorial for separating the lines in photoshop would be counting as a tutorial for coloring in photoshop* :P oh well..*drops it* // XD Feel free to.^_____^

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: *huggles* They're just like twins, we shouldn't seperate them :) xD *sells zi sketches for loads of money!* >D

2005-12-18 [Zab]: hey! Those sketches are 'copywritten' XD and completely worthless..XD

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: Tell that to that Japanese guy I just sold them to! >D MWHA!

2005-12-18 [Zab]: O_o what a looser he must be.. he could get the colored versions for free if he asked me! XD

2005-12-18 [LadyMoon]: :O But you could be rich :D

2005-12-18 [Zab]: XD

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *is booooooreeeed and spamms my own page* XD I'm pathetic! *grins widely*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: not pathetic... you're just bored

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *grins* yep.

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: why are you grinning?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Because I have nothing better to do.

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: read a book

2006-02-14 [Zab]: can't bother.

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Eat ice cream! :D Draw something! Take over the World! Kill Bush! Slam chickens! Hit on someone! Kidnap a cute guy! The posibilities are endless ;)

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: good point... tv?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Ooh..*would kidnap a cute guy..if here were any*

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Hack into the computers of the Pentagon or the FBI and trace all cute guys, buy a plane ticket or steal a plane with the pilot, fly to the lad's place and kidnap him and put him in a cage in your room with regular food and water :DDD

2006-02-14 [Zab]: XD Awww...

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Okay okay....and a cookie on holidays ¬¬ But you should never, ever be too kind! >_<

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