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This is just a simple page to find the links with my tutorials. :)
Here are not so many right now, but maybe there will be.
Enjoy your time and thanks for the visit.
This is made by [Zab]

And the tutorials are:

One of a thousand ways to draw a horse - Photoshop, can be applied on oils etc too with some changes.

To Draw a Fantasy Creature ~ Regualar Pencils

To get started - Gimp ~ Basics for Gimp

Gimp - to install ~ Gimp

Gimp coloring ~ for Gimp
Gimp Coloring - The Coloring ~ for Gimp

Transparent gifs - with Gimp ~ for Gimp

Painting a Dragon ~ for Adobe Photoshop

Feathered Wings ~ for Adobe Photoshop

Fur in Photoshop ~ For Adobe Photoshop

Traditional sketch to CG painting ~ For Photoshop, should work in Gimp [NEWWWW!!!]

Zabs Eye tutorial ~ For Adobe Photoshop or Gimp

Rainstains tutorial ~ For Adobe Photoshop, should work with other programs too.

Brushes-to make one in PS ~ For Adobe Photoshop

Short fur in Photoshop ~ For Adobe Photoshop but should work in Gimp and other programs.

Acrylic on leather or canvas ~ Traditional art

Helpful tips - Art ~ For various programs. (not too much yet)

But, Why all the layers? ~ for all artprogrammes using layers.

Want to practise? ~ Sketches and inked images you may use for practise. :)

What do you want a tutorial about? ~ For suggestions

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2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: can you also do that with cute girls?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *takes whip out* Don't worry..I wont...>3

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Kinky! :D

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: oh boy

2006-02-14 [Zab]: hhehehehehe.....>3

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Now I'm picturing you all in leather with a whip and stuff o_o Omgosh! >_<;

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: oh hope more guys come to this wiki... kinda outnumbered now... help... anybody? <_< >_>

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Feeling threatnend? :P

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Mohahahahaha....*gets new cage*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: feeling theatnend? scared shitless

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: *Prods Zab* :P your wiki...LET'S TEST THE CAGE!

2006-02-14 [Zab]: XD Sure M' test it..>D

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: nooooooooooooooo

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: It's your cage and your guy in your wiki :P

2006-02-14 [Zab]: But..But...O__o

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: What? :O

2006-02-14 [Zab]: I..I think the cage is rusty..*pokes cage* *cage breaks*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: *runs away and hides.... forever*

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Awww! ;__;

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: whips hurt... and rust is bad for my hair

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: I told you to buy a new one! >_<

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: uh... iron is also bad for my hair... and whips still hurt

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Don't worry *pat pat* We'll just find a new victim to cure [Zab]'s boredom!

2006-02-14 [Zab]: New victim...heeeeery, Lady...?

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: thank you

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: :D yesh?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *hides whip behind back with a big innocent smile*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: was that behind your back?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: What? Nooothiiing...>_> <_<

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: you sure?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: yeeees...

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: *sits on the remains of the old cage and eats an apple*

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *pokes with whip*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: who? lady or me?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: you..Lady logged out..:P

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: she did... *drops the apple* am i in trouble now?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Uhm..I havn't thought that far..O__o *pokes again*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: auw

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Wheee! *pokepokepoke*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: auw auw auw

2006-02-14 [Zab]: O__O *pokes with stick*

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: xP

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: whooo there... no sticks

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Poodle stick of DOOM! :D

2006-02-14 [Zab]: XD

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: Lady: belgian or dutch?

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Dutch :) And you?

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: why are you hurting a fellow dutchie

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: *pouts*

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: *pat pat* It's only da virtual reality :D Besides, I have a couple of fucktards to poodle right now...gimme a sec >_<

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: damn she is mean

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Awww! She's not..:P

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: she wants to hurt me with a doom stick... not evil... uh-huh... you're right

2006-02-14 [Zab]: hehe..she's not..:P

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: what do you want me to do?

2006-02-14 [Zab]: I dunno..*pokes*

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: would you mind stop poking me

2006-02-14 [Zab]: ;___; Aww..okie..

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: are you crying?

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Hey, don't talk about me like I'm not here >_< And if I'd give you a poodle treatment for real, you'd need to piss me off big time ¬¬ In this job you just can't be nice otherwise the fucktards walk all over you

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: i'm not a fucktard... and i'd never walk over you

2006-02-14 [Zab]: Don't take it to you then.. O__ò

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Dûh that you're not a fucktard, I wasn't talking about you o.O

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *grins and makes popcorns* Don't get all friendly now, this could be fun..>3

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: who are you talking about? i can be nice to fucktards? *evil grin*

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Fucktards are people who disobey the rules, annoy people, who like to cyber, who cuss at guards when they tell them to back off :P THEY need a poodle treatment and that's exactly what they get. You can be nice to fucktards, but because they're fucktards, they won't probably be good company.

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: *sighs* i meant it sarcastic

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *grins at the words ''who like to cyber''* XD But yep, disobeying rules and annoy people..*nods in agreement*

2006-02-14 [LadyMoon]: Sarcasm is a beautiful form of humor but it doesn't gets the justice it deserves through the web :O

2006-02-14 [Aikon I]: *looks at zab*

2006-02-14 [Zab]: That's true...;__; The mainreason for misunderstandings here..

2006-02-14 [Zab]: *glances and giggles*

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: *keeps looking* grinning at cybering... hmmm

2006-02-15 [Zab]: :P

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: did you cross a rule?

2006-02-15 [Zab]: Cross a rule?

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: keep Et shallow free

2006-02-15 [Zab]: XD No, I can't cyber, as you know.:P

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: you can... but my swedish sucks to understand and rply :S

2006-02-15 [Zab]: I can't in swedish either, and lets talk about something else.

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: flowers?

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: *bounds in*

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: flowers?

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: Where?

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: i dunno

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: o_O

2006-02-15 [Zab]: XD

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: Why did you say flowers then? o_O

2006-02-15 [Zab]: Randomness..:P

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: *pokifies*

2006-02-15 [Zab]: :O

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: *smirks*

2006-02-15 [Zab]: *pokes*

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: *falls over*

2006-02-15 [Zab]: XD

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: :P

2006-02-15 [Zab]: hehe...

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: Ô_Ô pokeness

2006-02-15 [Zab]: Aaaah! *hides* O__O

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: *protects* XD

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: i didn't do thing

2006-02-15 [Zab]: XD Don't worry..she is protective..:P

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: oooh

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: *grins innocently*

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: uhh... hello :D

2006-02-15 [Zab]: *hides behind Aikon*

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: Oh great XD hello :P

2006-02-15 [Zab]: O__O

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: Yesh?

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: you're hiding behind me? help

2006-02-15 [Zab]: ..>D

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: i wish i was in the cage... my own little world

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: There's a cage?

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: there was one

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: Really? No way!

2006-02-15 [Zab]: *gets a new one* XD

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: that's mean... and i didn't mean it like that

2006-02-15 [Zab]: XD

2006-02-15 [sequeena_rae]: Eh?

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: ah hell

2006-02-15 [Zab]: hehehe

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: having fun?

2006-02-15 [Zab]: nope..not really

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: okay

2006-02-15 [Aikon I]: can we fix that?

2006-02-16 [Zab]: well, I had to go.

2006-02-16 [iippo]: Woot, GIMP-tutorials! *waves hello to new friend, the lock transparency button* :D Zab, would you mind terribly if I intervened with the tutorials? Like, get the English names for the menus and stuff?

2006-02-16 [Zab]: Hi! Of course not! XD That'd be helpful..:P

2006-02-19 [Artsieladie]: Ok...There are several versions/choices. Which one would be the best to download? >_<

2006-02-19 [Zab]: XD for Gimp? well, if you have windows, you'll only have one option.. there will be a link i´n the text on the page before you get to all versions, saying ''uploading for windows'' or something. :) You have to install two things, but it's all written there.:)

2006-02-20 [Artsieladie]: Ok, thanks! :D I'll try it! You have some good tutorials here! :D

2006-02-20 [Zab]: :D Thank you! :)

2006-02-20 [iippo]: Since these are beginner's tutorials, how about a mention somewhere that the brush you choose stays the same even if you change the tool, as opposed to Photoshop where you have to choose a brush for each tool, and it'll stay on that tool alone... so if you make a special brush and want to use that only all the time in Photoshop, you need to select it over and over again with every tool, but in GIMP if you want a small fuzzy smudge brush but a big hard burning brush, you need to keep changing the brush as you change tools as well...

2006-02-20 [Zab]: Yeah..I could add that.:)

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: Uhm could you please tell me how to make the background see-through using GIMP, so that I don't need to look for the exact same shade of green as Elftown uses ?

2006-02-21 [Zab]: Transparent gifs - with Gimp :P It should be there.

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: Oh thank you, I hadn't seen it !

2006-02-21 [Zab]: No problem:)

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: About the priv 99 ... what is it exactly ? Do you allways need it for a transparent background ?

2006-02-21 [iippo]: By the way [Pinkdonkey]: Feel free to use ETgreens if you need to find that ET-green shade, although it's not always recommended because some people use stylesheets that have a different background colour (and then "invisible" graphics using the ET-background colour look fugly for them)

2006-02-21 [Zab]: Yes, with priv 99 you can upload your images on any wiki (as long as it's not ''editable by owner only'') and you can't upload gifs in your house, they won't stay transparent.:) Ask the guards for priv 99.

2006-02-21 [iippo]: [Sunrose] is a good choice of asking for those privs, and she's online now so you can get it sorted in a minute. :3 (Don't tell her I sent you XD)

2006-02-21 [Zab]: Oh, didn't know that ippo..:P I usually just take a screenshot..XD

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: OK , thanks very much :D

2006-02-21 [iippo]: I used to do that too, until I got bored of it and just listed the RGB-values of them in one wiki. And you can just type them into any program (even Paint) and you get your colour :)

2006-02-21 [Zab]: You're welcome. ^_^

2006-02-21 [iippo]: Hey, the other day I found another user who had done some tutorials for GIMP... Think it was [Elisha Kelly]... Can I see a basis of a mother-wiki "GIMP tutorials" coming to life..? *drools at le tutorials and can't have enough, lol*

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: That would be great for newbies to computer graphics like me ... *hint hint*

2006-02-21 [Zab]: XD Yeah, must have been Elysiann..:P She made them before I did.. I'm not into doing a ''gimp-tutorials'' tho, sinse we have Tutors, elftown tutorials tutorials etc... I think there are too many wikis for tutorials..and I'm glad they're all about to be gathered at one place now.:)

2006-02-21 [iippo]: ._. But I don't want Photoshop tutorials, I want GIMP tutorials... Meh, I'll go a-hunting in gimptalk then. :)

2006-02-21 [Zab]: XD Maybe a gimpsection on elftown tutorials then? :P All tutorials arn't photoshop....some arn't even computer art! XD

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: What I'd like to know is how to do good computer graphics without having a tablet ... just with a mouse ... I know people who aren't good at all at drawing but do great computer stuff, I just don't get it lol (and they don't know how to explain it to me ... ) !

2006-02-21 [sequeena_rae]: I'd love to do that too! *looks about* Hehe XD

2006-02-21 [Zab]: Well.. almost all my tutorials are done with a mouse, except ''feathered wings'' :P

2006-02-21 [sequeena_rae]: But you're good, on or off the computer :P *pokes*

2006-02-21 [Zab]: Not my fault! :P

2006-02-21 [iippo]: The most amazing thing I've seen was this graphics designer student, working on a Mac. His hands never left the keyboard, everything done by shortcuts and the arrowkeys, and he just did this amazing thing in, I think it was Illustrator.

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: But how do you manage to colour and shade with a mouse ? I can only do it on tiny pics where you can't see much detail !

2006-02-21 [sequeena_rae]: *nods* I can't even get my head around dodge/burn >.<

2006-02-21 [iippo]: Some say that dodge and burn are cheating when doing theshading, and that you should choose a darker colour, draw with that, then smudge a bit, then again choose another colour for the lighter etc... I don't believe them though :P Easier with burn. XD

2006-02-21 [Zab]: XD With a tablet; darker or lighter colors, with a mouse; dodge and burn! (btw [Pinkdonkey]¨; I have a coloring tutorial here too, done with a mouse ;-)

2006-02-21 [sequeena_rae]: Meh, this technical stuff is too much for me XD I'll stick with crayons

2006-02-21 [Zab]: XD

2006-02-21 [sequeena_rae]: I can't even use those properly XD

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: Lol I read through the colouring tutorial and several others, and have tried it a bit ... I guess practise is what i need the most. It's just the nice smooth finish that i can't get ...there's always a few pixels that decide to look funny... About dodge/burn, i don't see how it could be cheating, there aren't any rules as to how you decide to shade anyway ^^.

2006-02-21 [Zab]: Do you lock the transparent pixels when you smooth? :) And generally it looks a bit more alive when you chose other colors instead of just dodge and burn, but that makes a very little differense in most cases. :)

2006-02-21 [sequeena_rae]: Oh...So that's where I went wrong...Hehehe

2006-02-21 [Zab]: XD

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: Lock the transparent pixels ?? o.O uhm what does that mean ?

2006-02-21 [Zab]: It's in my tutorial..:P It means that all pixels on the layer you are on, that is not colored, will stay transparent. Then when you smudge the colors, the color won't smudge outside the lines.:)

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: Must pay more attention to tutorials ... well thanks for the help =D

2006-02-21 [Zab]: XD Good idea..:P A tips: have the program open when you read the tutorial and try it while you're reading. Then you usually notice of you've missed something.:)

2006-02-21 [Pinkdonkey]: Lol, I'm practising on your horsey right now (can't bother scanning anything ^^)

2006-02-21 [Zab]: XD It's alright, and the reason I put it there.:P

2006-06-10 [Fizban]: :(...*is trying to get GIMP...but is a tish scared and confused* Is there a central link to go somewhere to download it for me how they do it with with AIM or something..

2006-06-10 [someelf]: No there is not, you need to download it yourself ^^'

2006-06-10 [Fizban]: I mean...I clicked on something I thought would do it, and I got a bunch of I click them all or something...? I do not konw :/...

2006-06-10 [Fizban]: (by the way, nice to see you here too lol.)

2006-06-10 [someelf]: XD Hello ^^' And *goes do the screenkeys* Hold on, I'll show you step by steop, okay?

2006-06-10 [someelf]: Then you have to select a country, wichever you are in. And if it doesn't work click "Your download should begin shortly. If it does not, try or choose a different mirror." o.o

2006-06-11 [Fizban]: *puts this place highlighted in notes to come back to when he has more time to do it*

2006-06-11 [someelf]: ^_^' I just want to help Zab knowing she's very busy always :)

2006-06-11 [Zab]: And I've forgotten how to download the thing..x)

2006-06-11 [someelf]: I recently download it again and such so yeah ;) ^_^ And I like to help her, considering she is a wonderful person <3 *Hugs Zabs* <3

2006-07-14 [Fizban]: I did that, a foler opened up in my comp called gimp, and I double clicked what looks like the program to contue to set it scares me cause it said that there is an unknown publisher, but I continued anywya...

2006-07-14 [Fizban]: Then it told me I have a fatal error, and had to stop cause I didnt have some environment program too, which I remember seeing on the original downloading website so I will try that...:(

2006-07-14 [Fizban]: YAY I have Gimp ^_^

2006-07-15 [someelf]: ^^ Yay! Go you! I knew you could make it! :D

2006-07-15 [Fizban]: its very confusing...O.o'...several immediate features I have no clue how to use...and the layers....>_<,...thats why I am here, thankies for the tutorials [Zab] ^_^

2006-07-15 [sequeena_rae]: *answers in [Zab]'s absence* Welcome! XD

2006-07-15 [someelf]: *Bops Sarahness and answers aswell* XD Your welcome :P

2006-07-15 [sequeena_rae]: Oy!! Woman having a 'baby' here! XD

2006-07-15 [someelf]: XD *Bops again* Well that 'baby' can have a bouncy one and a while. But of course.. It's in you XD It'll bounce up and down anyway time by time X3

2006-07-15 [sequeena_rae]: But that's bad for the 'baby'! XD

2006-07-15 [someelf]: ^^ True *Pets tummy and snugs it* ^^' XD that sounds weird

2006-07-15 [sequeena_rae]: Snugging a tummy o.O XD yeah xD

2006-07-15 [someelf]: :3

2006-07-21 [Zab]: Thanks [Fizban] hope they're helpful. :) //XD you guys..

2006-07-22 [someelf]: ^^ *giggle*

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