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2007-05-14 20:48:31
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Zabs Eye Tutorial

This is a tutorial for Adobe Photoshop, but can also be used for Gimp or any other program with layers, transparency and a dodge/burn tool.
This is not at all about drawing an eye, just showing a way to color it. If you want to know how to draw an eye I suggest you to read Danas Eye Tutorial instead :)
I will assume that you have basic knowledge of Photoshop. You may ask if you don't know where to find a certain function that I have described here, of course.:)


This tutorial is made by [Zab]




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And, as I promised; here is the link to Danas Eye Tutorial, and some other eye tutorials. Enjoy!
Danas Eye Tutorial
Simple Eye Tutorial by [Ocean Soul]
eye tutorial by [liiga]
Sexy Eye Tutorial by [Caelicorn]
Eye Photos
Eye Photo Reference


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