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Merry Yule!
Yule 2010 My Family

BJD Aodh YuleDM2010



yup we are havin a great Yule so far... been decorating all day... and Im havin a friend over today... when ever she gets here... :hug:


YES this year's Yule falls on December 21, or the solstice does... actual Yule is a 15 day celebration... suppose to be one week ahead and one week after the solstice... but you know with work and all you can celebrate it whenever you get off as holidays...

the full moon is the culmination of her monthly high of energy! its a good thing.. yes yes... having the Moon at its fullest and most powerful on Yule is a good time for celebrating and energy gathering... yes yes!

the fact that a full lunar eclipse at 29°21′ Gemini is about to take place tonight, on December's 20th isnt something to worry about... but you can have alot of funfun with it...

now why it can be funfun... an eclipse of a full moon before the winter solstice:

1... there is just alot of wonderful things happening up there!
consider it a solar party! with 3 major guests... headliners booked for the show! should be a great event!

2... for the eclipse itself... there is a great chance for changes!
hehehe embrace all the possibilitys!!!

3... in the middle ages when most people didnt understand what was happening with an eclipse people made up all kinds of silly explanations to make sense of what was happening... a dragon eating the moon... the end of the world... or what not... BUT you know we all survived... the moon come back again... after a quick costume change!!! and this year she gonna come back stronger than ever!!!

4... this is just like the solstice... the fading of the light... the days got shorter and shorter... right up to the solstice... till they reach that point they cant get any shorter... and at that point they titter-toddler into the other direction
and than magically everything swings in the other direction and thru the coldest days of winter we are given hope that the spring will return as the days get longer and longer again!!!

5... now the significance of an eclipse now-a-days... is it an omen? maybe so... an omen that it time to cast off what you dont like in the old year and embrace new possibiltys with a brighter stronger light!!!

6... you could have a mystery play... draw on the symbolism of turning away... the moon and you being drawn into darkness... and moment to reflect on the negative... to mediate... and than being revealed again... bright and full again!!!

7... so we have 3 major occurrences that echo each other... the full moon, the eclipse, and the solstice! 3 is a very powerful number!!! this should be an awesome event! thrown out the old embrace the new!!! come back stronger and brighter than ever!!!


AodhDrow Samhain2010
by *hawthorne-cat has a new name!

with more drow related art bubbling about in my brain,
I decided AodhDrow needs his own name

(dark fire)


Questionaire! do if you want

1. When was the last time you went totally nuts?
@ Blind Guardian concert see journal...
46 yr old in a mosh pit screamin her head off counts as totally nuts? yesyes?

2. What do you want for Yule?
beside BJD Aodh's white Yule boots!
and the sewing machine Hubby got me early so I could finish Aodh's Yule outfit...
and the toaster and popcorn popper I got early...
and Ill likely get a blender...
ooooh boy! all four that broke just before Yule...
add drawings of Aodh and/or Ullr if anyone here want to make me something...

3. What are some of your best memories of Yule?
'The Great Caper of the Yule Tree Theft'!!
Gather around children and I will tell you a Yuletide Story.
Our story is from long long ago when hawthorne was a wee fae of 17 winters... (back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth...) and there were no EMOs - there were PUNKs...
It was a cold and snowy winter as hawthorne and tommy huddled in their barely heated slum apt... and we wanted a Yule tree... this being our first Yule on our own...
so begins 'The Great Caper of the Yule Tree Theft'
At 2am my brother and I are running about town with knifes under our coats to LIBERATE a tree from the horrid Christmas Tree Slavery rings... trying to hide from our local cops... who knew all about those two teenage anarchists and their weird behaviour! (my brother and I lived on our own at 16 and 17...)
We finally discovered than the trees were chained up and no we couldnt cut thru even lower branches with a kitchen cleaver or bowie knife... so we ended up in the lot backed up on the river were there wasnt lights or parking.. and discover this is where the trees had been trimmed of their extra trunks... we found a largish branch with a 6" chuck of trunk and ran home with it!
We had to put the trunk into a bucket and tie the branch to a dresser to keep it upright... than we decorated it with popcorn strings rock buttons and two whole porn mags cut into stars.. the centerfold's penis as the star on top!!!
After a month in our 3rd floor apt when most of the needles were falling off... we pitch it thru the broken kitchen window so the pigeons could eat the popcorn! Oh yes... our apt faced main street and there was our branch hanging out the window... with stars floating down now and than to the shoppers below!
Now go to sleep or Ullr wont bring all you good children any porn! I mean prezzies...

4. Do you think the world will ever be ruled by any of the following?
Mutants - with all the crap we are putting in our air food and water!

5. If you could choose to see anyone naked who would it be?

6. What are the best and worst things about when it snows?
BESTEST: dreamin its Ullr cummin all over me! hehehehe

7. Have you ever been naked in the snow?
YUP! after/during saunas/hottubs/sweatlodges and polar bear swims

8. What is your weapon of choice?
longbow and arrows! 'give that long distance feeling!'
sword and knifes for close and personal

9. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
every year!

10. And finally, tell me something fun/outrageous you’ve always wanted to do
snoooggle with some of my fav fantasy men... Aodh Ullr Elric Nuada!

do it if you want...


PS go to you will laugh till you pee!!!
this is not an idle threat! Im warning you wear an adult diaper!
read the older posts of this comic aswell


Aodh Get A Faery For Himself!



I think SnowTink likes it here at her new home!

to me

FROM [dayah]

Made you a Prezzie... Hope you like it.
Could be a bit better, for example figuring out where his fifth finger went on his one hand. laughs.
But hope you like it never the less. :)

From [Mrs Vicious.]
Secret Santa 2010


Clouds by *OrangeSplat on DA
i think i turned him into a hippie, but man i love those clouds!!!
my kris kringle for *hawthorne-cat and her character aodh
SecretSanta organized by =NadezhdaVasile -

from me to others

Invite Me Aodh Yule 2010

Aodh being my naugthy faery
has dressed up as a very Naughty Santa!
he invites you to join him inside his fuzzy warm cloak
dont worry that your butt will be cold on the snow
he will heat stuff up!!!
and since he has his mistletoe
you know he wants kisses...
NOW choose where!

outfit all sewn by me!
except I didnt make the reindeer plushie...
and Boots from Doll Mansin -
Aodh is a Long - Resinsoul 70cm from Featherfall!
Aodh & photo © moira hawthorne 2010
Congratulations! You have won the Christmas Photography Competition 2010 with your entry "Invite Me Aodh Yule 2010"! Great job! ^_^

card for [wicked fae mage]! for Holiday Greetings
Merry Yule!


art for [Druid Fables]! for Secret Santa 2010
Merry Yule!

image elements reference
painting of [Druid Fables] inspiration = a photo she has on her ET home page
painting of dress and pose inspiration = 'Victorian Skirt' by liam-stock (DA)
photomanip of doorway = 'Doorway to Summer' by Cranberries500 (DA)
photomanip of stairs = 'luminated door 3' by Amliel (DA)
painting of woods inspiration = a photo
art © moira hawthorne 2010

art for nati-chan2! for DeviantART nadezhdavasile's Secret Santa 2010
Merry Yule!

Dante Claus
Dante from "Devil May Cry"
this is my very first fanart of Dante, who is very yummy
but Im not terrible familiar with Dante's character
(Ive never played the game) I only know him from fan art and googling images of game art
inspiration reference
dantenevercry: for a wonderful cosplay photo which was my main inspiration
Dante Devil May Cry 3 by ~DanteNeverCry
©2008-2010 ~DanteNeverCry
note: this is NOT a photomanip - its a digital painting
I made all the textures in photoshop - I didnt use stock images or textures made by other artists
I did reference alot of things: a brick wall some snowflakes some spirals the moon some houses some christmas cards...
but believe me if I was gonna use stock images I should of at least found a stock image of a house... as I cant draw a house to save my life...
and thats why I careful disguised my failure with a ton of snow and fanciful textures...
so Ill credit all of nature and all of mankind constructs as there is nothing here I havent seen in my daily life
but I did not use any stock images/brushes/textures some other artist made
I made these myself... layer by painful time consuming layer upon layer
Dante © Capcom
art © moira hawthorne 2010

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