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Your Next Assignment

A history page of Lt. Connor D'Andrei and the Wraeththu RPG

See also, the Info page: Wraeththu RPG and
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Your next Assignment:

Objective: Infiltrate and prepare the city of Tacoma, Washington, for a nuclear attack that is the first phase of wiping out the sub-culture terrorist threat known as Wraeththu ('Ray-thoo'), and establishing a level of law and order in subjugated cities and suburbs currently under threat by the rising mutated sub-species.
Opponents are known to be fearless, often crazed and maniacal, and to be considered armed and dangerous, even if unarmed...

YNA01 - Assignment
To the Warehouse


"Drop Time," Roary says, and parks the car in a filled lot of still-whole automobiles, abandoned when the last oil pipeline was blown up some months ago and no fuel was available to drive them.

Opening the door, he is steps out and surveys the lot and the surrounding city blocks. In the center of once-metropolitan Tacoma, it was a sad story of what it had once been. Empty streets but for a few handfuls of homeless people, standing out in the open to avoid getting stranded alone with no defense. It was almost like the beasts would avoid the daylight, and to lie in the sun was your only defense.

A few children in rags sit up, the ones already standing looking over at the men as they emerge from the vehicle in the lot, mostly hidden by other automobiles.

Pressing a button, Roary sets the vehicle's auto-defense systems, and waits for the car doors to close before it will lock down.

"Hostages? Oh, right. Shoot the terrorists in the head, don't hit the hostages. No problem." Cliff answered. He took all his stuff, and jumped out of the vehicle. He looked around, and spotted the kids. "There's some kids over there. Go scare them away, Mickey."

"I was just thinking about doing that." Mikael answers and walks up to the kids, feigning a drunk walk "Hey, kiddos..." he sais with a slight slur "You wouldn't happen to know where a guy can get some fun?".

Gazing at the stumbling man, reluctant but assured that this man looked more well to do than them, they stepped back only slightly, then hollared, "Who are you? You have gas!?"

The rest of the people in the courtyard were now well aware of the arrival. Only a single vehicle could be heard screeching away on the asphalt in the distance, perhaps manned by humans or hara.

The children looked around scared and tired, obviously having been without sleep for a few days. Things had obviously gotten pretty bad pretty fast in this part of town.

"Can you take us to Seattle? Please, our moms and dads are gone, and we know it's not safe in the streets! Can you take us with you?" the tallest boy in the crowd stood with a girl only a year or two younger clutching at his side. Several girls and one boy younger than them sat teary-eyed on the ground, unaware of the dangers of the drunken stumbling.

Of the humans which were watching, many appeared homeless or dirty, and many began to turn away from the activity, knowing that it might draw attention sooner or later. It was also somewhat apparent that they could not tell if they could judge these men, unsure of if their enemies were truly male or just masculine. These waters were unsettled, it was sure, but from where it was less precise. What had caused these people to be so unsure of their surroundings? The city looked like any other, just less populated. The streets were alive with ghosts unseen. Surely, these people had seen them at some point.

"You should all get out of town as fast as possible." Cliff said to the kids. "Is there anybody left, in the buildings or downtown, or are these people everybody who're still alive?"

"We're scared to walk the freeways because they could catch us and kill us!" the girl cries loudly.

"There's more!" the boy continues, hollaring over the girl's sobs. "There's a warehouse three blocks down that a lot of people went to, and they have snipers on the roof! They told us we couldn't get in because there wasn't anymore room! Us, kids even!" The boy was clearly angry, and frustrated with being told no. Some of the people within hearing distance agree with a hearty yell, claiming that they were told the same thing.

"Just drive out of here, and we can hang on to the truck!" the girl was approaching delerium, and the other children now began to sob, confused and alone in the streets. One of the other homeless women began to walk over to them, appearing to calm them with soothing words, though it is only midly effective at the moment.

Cliff walked over to Connors. He whispered, so the kids couldn't overhear them. "That warehouse, with snipers. You think the MCO's set up base there? I'll go there with Roary while you take care of the kids. Get 'em informed and all, and evacuated, of course." He quickly added.

Mikael drops the 'drunken creep' charade and joins Cliff and Connors "Which group am I in?" he asks.

Roary gives the situation one single moment of thought, then urges Mikael and Cliff to check out the snipers at the warehouse, and find out if it was friendly shelter for these kids, though it likely wasn't..
"Just take your time. This looks a lot worse than I we could have expected. I figured we would have seen something by now. They could have hiding places and shelters. Micky, you go with Cliff and check out that warehouse for friends or foes. I'll go with you. Connor, you check the perimeter of this plaza, and find a way to cut it down to only two entrances, so we've got a holding pen to work with."

"Yes, sir," Connor answered briefly, tightening his shoulder strap once more habitually.

"And get those damn kids out of here," Roary finished. "C'mon, guys, let's head out."

"Roger." Mikael answered. He turned to Cliff "I suppose you want to take the lead." he said as an offer.

Cliff was already on his way. "C'mon you slowpokes, time's ticking away. Go go go!" he yelled from the corner of a builing, looking around the corner to see if there was anything suspicious down the road they'd have to go.

Mikael picked up his gear and hurried after Cliff.

Cliff looked down the street once more as Mikael came running, and when he arrived, Cliff said: "Street seems clear to me... I'll go first. 'Kay?"

Mikael looked down the streets and shrugged "Go ahead, but be careful." he said.

Cliff grinned. "When am I ever not?"
He went round the corner, his long jacket flapping behind him. He didn't care if they looked suspicious or not, so he took out his gun, in case something happened. Running down the street, Cliff went to the Warehouse.

Mikael mumbled something inaudible beore following Cliff. He kept his eyes open just in case.


Lt. Connor D'Andrei becomes Trapped inside the City! in the Wraeththu RPG

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2006-07-09 [Kim_Lundin]: I love those maps ^_^ We have something like it in school, I look up national monuments when I have nothing else to do.

2006-07-22 [Kim_Lundin]: ... Damn, I'm lost >_< I have absolutely no idea what to say to the civilians...

2006-08-09 [xido]: lol... really? Alright, well give me a couple days (this week's class is almost over and I get a week off), and I will make some cool posts to get us going further...  ;)
I am also rounding off some updates for WFR pages soon enough too... AND, I have some cool new maps for places in the works, too.  Soon enough, I will also be doing some good work for my Dragons class, I hope. ;)

2006-08-14 [Kim_Lundin]: I've been on a cruise ^_^ been eating lots of candy and played lots of arcade games... and I didn't get seasick (have never been, but is happy to avoid it anyways).
... I see there's been changes to how you write comments, have to read the news about that.
A Dragon class? Is it like the Dragon Disciple class? Can I see? Please?

2006-11-17 [xido]: Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic, based on Wizards' Draconomicon and web resources.

Sorry for being out so long on commenting guys, I know I am a jerk, but I have been so into online college courses that I have had little to no time to post in roleplays anymore. I am so sorry.

I am still working on little projects here and there, but not like I was before. I will never fully leave the site, though.

Wish I could have done more to the WFR guild Knights too, but that is the way I have had to leave it for now. We will do more later if you guys are able to return to it with me again. We'll talk more when we all have free time again. I see it being holiday season if you guys aren't too busy. ;)
And yes, the updates to the comment field is wonderful, Kim. You can write full posts and never even edit the page. ;)

2006-11-26 [Kim_Lundin]: Oh, THAT kind of class, *laughs* I was thinking class = profession. I've had so little time on ET... last year in upper secondary, brain deciding to shut down on me... I miss the good old days in primary school when I didn't have to bother with trigonometry... curse... you... trigonometry.

2006-11-27 [Kim_Lundin]: Ergh, I just managed to freak the kids out... which was my plan at first... don't know why I thought that was a good plan.

2006-12-05 [xido]: Ah, I see... Well, I do have a bunch of cool classes FOR dragons, as well as some classes based AROUND dragons, like Dragon-Riders... All from the D&D book, Draconomicon. It will be uploaded sometime or another. ;) I will have to go see Eragon and make sure I have all the facts. XP

Well, stick it out, and things will get better. All good things come in time. And, of course, I am going nowhere. In fact, I think I may have given myself even MORE time to be online since I moved.... :P

As for freaking out the kids, it's okay. They were freaked out to begin with... ;)

2006-12-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Freaking out freaked out kids... I'm rapidly approaching a new low.
I'm trying to give myself some kicks in the butt from time to time, I'm so darn lazy.

2007-01-30 [Blood Raven]: Eragon really really sucks :P

2007-01-31 [Kim_Lundin]: Really? I haven't seen it yet, a disgrace, I know.

2007-02-05 [xido]: O.o I have not seen it either, and was given similar input from others who have seen it too.... But where did that come from, Mich?  XP

I am sorry I am a slacker. I will get back to this. ;)

2007-02-05 [Blood Raven]: The story is cheesy, it's the most simple fantasy story in the book - young boy gets hands on magical artefact (of, in this case, a dragon) and just entirely coincedentally at a time when a dark lord is ruling over the land. Then, he finds out he's really really talented in the magical arts (God knows why he was a farmer if he's so talented). He rescues a princess and slays the bad warlock, all the while defending the rebel good-guys.

It would have been okay, I guess, if the movie wasn't so goddamned running off the edges. The story - which wasn't that deep to begin with - doesn't even get a chance to come out properly. So there's absolutly no connection to the main characters (and the main char, by the gods, doesn't even have long hair). And the bad guy sucks. The warlock was cool, by far the best character in the movie, but Evil Dragonlord galbatorix sounds as if he's having trouble handling the english language, let alone a kingdom...

2007-02-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Sounds like you managed to cover every negative thing possible there :D "Evil Dragonlord galbatorix", imagine being named that...

2007-02-10 [Blood Raven]: I do try my best :)

2007-02-10 [Kim_Lundin]: My dad has two of the books, he told me the author was fifteen years old when he wrote them... that's pretty young, eh?

2007-02-10 [Kim_Lundin]: ACK! Wrote the wrong name in my last post, sorry.

2007-02-21 [Blood Raven]: Meh, I didn't see it, so I forgive you ;-) Not that I wouldn't have anyway, but hey :P
15 is young indeed. That would explain the cliche story. But, if you're 15 years old, manage to write a whole series of books, and have it made into a movie, than I have to admit, you're doing pretty well :P

2007-02-26 [Kim_Lundin]: If you don't know about it it doesn't hurt you? ;)
At least I think it was fiteen, it was younger than twenty, I gotta double-check that...

2007-02-26 [Kim_Lundin]: Oh, he began WORKING on the book when he was fifteen, he was nineteen when it was first published.

2007-04-02 [xido]: Good thing I didn't waste my money, then. See you guys on the next page. Thanks for the easy split and setup. Nice work, players-who-know-how-to-segway. XP

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