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Your Book Review

Books, like music, draw together people from all walks of life. People from two different backrounds may read the same book and find in it a common thread that draws them together. Perhaps the book was about a tragedy. One person can identify with its subject matter, the other will sympathise. Though on opposite ends of the spectrum, the experience and the empathy, there is a line connecting these two aspects: the line drawn into letters by the hand of the author. 

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. These words are true. The printed word impacts the human race in ways that actions cannot. The result of reading the printed page have caused wars, have ended wars, have brought awareness to certain issues, have taught the uneducated, have brought happiness and joy to those that can read.

Your Book Review was created so that you can tell others your thoughts on a book that you've read, whether you like it or not, what is was about the book you liked or disliked, and how it made you feel overall. All you have to do is create a wiki with your review written on it. Anyone with interest in the book can discuss it in the comment area below the review. To keep the list of reviews looking neat and orderly, I ask that you please follow this format for the wiki name:

[Name Of Book by Such and Such@wiki]

Please follow this format when creating your review wiki. If you are unsure how to create a wiki, just copy and paste the following into a new page. For more information on wiki construction, go to Crash Course Wiki Construction.

<h2>Title of book and author name</h2>
Review by [your user name]
Body of text
Go to [Your Book Review@wiki]
Go to [Book Reviews by Title@wiki]
Go to [Book Review by Author@wiki]

If someone writes a review on a particular book that you've read and you want to write a review on it also, feel free to add your own review below it, seperating the two with the <hr> tag. Be sure to make the pages fully editable.

Please place the wiki under the appropriate letter of the alphabet by title and by author. For example:

Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

In Book Reviews by Title this review would be placed under the letter "S" since it is the first letter of the title. In Book Reviews by Author this review would be placed under the letter "D", since it is the last name of the author.

Please enjoy this wiki and be kind to each other. Deliberate destruction of this wiki and its sub-wikis will result in the destroyer being reported to the guards. 

Book Reviews by Title
Book Reviews by Author

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