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2007-04-25 19:57:04
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A Misjudged cure.
A Crazy Scientist
A clueless generation
An Underworld ruled by fear
Mad Mutants on the rampage
Where not even the Golden Hearted make a difference
No Mercy.
No Fear
No Love
 Just Hate
No cure.

 Or is there?


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2007-04-25 [taylorrr]: Lets get the ball rolling, baby.

2007-04-25 [Aki Neko]: this is an rp right? may i join?

2007-04-26 [POG]: Yes, of course you may join but you need to message me first, kay?

2007-05-03 [Lordterrex]: soo.. this is an rp?

2007-05-04 [POG]: hah! Looks lke it!

2007-05-04 [Aki Neko]: yay!im official!

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