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X-Men: First Class review

Everyone has their issues with comic book films, but that's never going to change. Films are a completely different storytelling medium. As opposed to countless 30+ page issues to tell a story, you get two to three hours. So it's understandable why the film makers have to massage the details a bit in order to make a film everyone is going to want to watch. They can't just aim for the comic reading demographic, they aim for everyone.

My complaints pale in comparison to how awesome the film was overall. They're small things like Moyra McTaggert being a CIA agent, her and Sean Cassidy not being Irish and the difference in their ages, knowing that they get married later. Twister Man (Possibly Tempest?) never had any lines or a real name to speak of, but that seems to be a regular occurrence for the X-Films. Look at "Diamond Girl" as they called her in Wolverine, the supposed sister of Silver Fox. Yeah, uh huh, as if that wasn't supposed to be Emma or one can really believe a Native American chick has a blond haired blue eyed sister. Maybe step/adopted. Also that Xavier looses the use of his legs in a fight with the Shadow King, not a deflected bullet. Mystique is nearly as old as Wolverine, but in the film she's roughly the same age as Xavier. Alex Summers is Scott's younger brother, not nearly an adult by 1962 when the film takes place. These aren't issues to rant about though. They're just part of those little things that get moved around a bit to make a good movie.

And I really did like Wolverine too, despite it's few inaccuracies.

Scarcely ten minuets passed without something to smile or laugh at. It really falls in place with the other films almost seamlessly. If you decided to take a day and watch all of the x-films, you won't find many continuity issues with this one at all. There is the bit with Xavier walking at the end of Wolverine, but that can be winked off as Xavier pulling a mental illusion on the kids who escaped Three Mile Island.

The acting and writing I believe was very well done. You care about the characters and their development. Instead of say... The Last Airbender where you don't give a crap about anyone by the end of the film. It was beautifuly paced. There weren't really any slow moments where you could take a change and refill your popcorn and soda. It's such a good movie that any X-Man fan should instantly fall in love with it. It does have it's moments that might annoy a hard core fan, but if your looking for a really awesome movie to watch, I'd spend the $8 and go see it. My only warning is that you go to the bathroom before you sit down lol. You aren't going to want to miss a moment of it.

Favorite Line: "Go fuck yourself."

On that note, a lot of people seemed to have been up in arms about Hugh Jackman making a cameo in the film. Some people said that Wolveriene, being basicaly the star of all the other X-Films, that it might be a bit over done. It was good though. It was a short and sweet "fuck off" and right back into the film.

Rebecca Romain made a small cameo too and it was very well done. Something I didn't expect at all and she was still Mystique.

The filmmakers really seemed to understand the kind of film that the fans wanted. I loved it.

X-Men: First Class for discussing with other X-fans.

/ [Ravenclaw]

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