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(Rough Floorplan)
Wyvern Tavern Floorplan

Wyvern Tavern Members


As you come upon the building the Wyvern Tavern ones eyes first catch upon the steam rising from a hotspring keeping the snow at bay from that small pool of water. Letting gaze move to look over the building to the front you could see the sign slightly sway above the door, hear whinnies of a horse tied to a post infront of the small built on stable. The building was two floors from what one could tell on the outside.

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Kendra slowly gazed about from her spot on the bar, legs swinging slightly. There were few about lately, no real regulars, just passerby's, and no one renting any rooms. Pushing herself off the bartop she moved to grab her glass, letting the amber liquid slip down her throat and leave a burning sensation as she sipped. Kendra didn't drink much due to not being able to hold her alcohol so well.

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