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What is Writersco?
Writersco is a community built around the love of writing. Whether your discipline is plays or poetry, novels or essays: Writersco has a little something for everyone. There are regular contests on all kinds of themes to test your skills and wit. Writersco is also fitted with a simple and effective system to showcase your works.

Why should I join as a writer/reader/roleplayer/agent?
As a writer you can have other writers go through your work, helping you grow, learn and find an agent. As a reader you can scout your new favourite authors and become personal friends with them. Roleplayers have complete control over their own adventures and can find some idea here that normally wouldn't be thought of. Agents can find prospective new blood in the writing world.

What else does Writersco offer?
Writersco has a lot of features, many of them the same as Elftown. As well as those you're familiar with, Writersco has a new system for uploading writings.
Writersco is set up so members can upload work to the Writings Area, a place specifically for original writings to be displayed. Each member gets a Writing Area and complete control over it: there they can put up poems, short stories or even novels.
The wiki pages are still there so you can create contests or information pages. Fan-Fiction is only allowed on wiki pages with proper copyright notices.

Writersco also allows users the option to Rate the writings so members (and non-members if the author allows it) can give their opinions

I have unanswered questions!
Please comment below or message one of the contacts, we'll be more than happy to help.

How do I join?
Go to and fill out the application or message a contact below with your email address for an invite.


[font] - Site Boss
[Kiddalee] - Writing Boss
[Valient Tragedies] - Member Boss
[ArchangelGabriel] - Member Moderator

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2005-04-07 [Ittai]: You may call this page the "Writersco Ambessy" :)

2005-04-07 [Paul Doyle]: Are there any specific requirements? (such as having work on a gallery, or having commercially published work?) I am registering the copyright of my first novel, (unpublished, so far) and I have a Wyvern's Library page which will lose some data once Elfwood is running again.

2005-04-07 [font]: If you write, like writing, and want to further your writing skills or experiences, then it may be a place for you.

2005-04-07 [Paul Doyle]: Really? Sounds intriguing :)

2005-04-09 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Oooh. O.O this looks very interesting! I shall return later.

2005-04-09 [Phoxx]: timing couldn't have been better. I finally started writing my first book this week, and now I find this wiki :D I'm very interested indeed

2005-04-09 [chelekat]: I've been looking for something like this for ages. :D

2005-04-10 [Mia the mermaid22]: I want to jion the concest for my stories.

2005-04-10 [Kaimee]: the contest is for making an image sorry, not for stories. But if you join, theres plenty of opportunities to show your stories, and even improve on them! :)

2005-04-12 [Mia the mermaid22]: Kaimee: I would like an invite and how do I improve my stories.

2005-04-12 [~AzureSkyy.-]: ^_^ You improve your writing by writing more and getting suggestions from others. =b

2005-04-13 [Kaimee]: Mermaid: you have to message your email address to me so that I can send you an invite :)

2005-04-13 [Mia the mermaid22]: A life of a mermaid

2005-04-13 [Phoxx]: No send you email-adress to [Kaimee] or [font] Mermaid!

2005-04-13 [~AzureSkyy.-]: *chuckles*

2005-04-13 [Phoxx]: Ok sorry, that sounded a bit harsh, but this is not the community. You can let others read your writings when you get there. (though its's sadly offline now... :'(

2005-04-13 [~AzureSkyy.-]: =T Yeah, I noticed. I tried like, 8 times to get on it during Civics class today ... xD ... Elfpack's down, too, I noticed.

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