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2005-03-23 23:54:50
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ok ppl, this is it! the big one, the one uve all been waiting for! here is the wiki u can express ur views, and opinions about topics (note all topics are acceptable) just try to keep it pg-13 k? that is the only rule oh and dont be hating if someone doznt agree with ur views... oh and this will also serve as a kind of editorial if u will where i will update it with my own views opinions and u get the picture... so yeah here goz nothing!...

dont know what to write...gimme a topic...

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2005-03-16 [~Suffering~]: sup all

2005-03-16 [empty_house]: nuthing...

2005-03-16 [~Suffering~]: boring!! im bored

2005-03-17 [fhas654e]: hello all.

2005-03-17 [empty_house]: hey waz up? well come to my wonderfull wiki...creatd by moi of course...

2005-03-17 [~Suffering~]: yes its just sooooo wonderfull!! i love it!

2005-03-17 [empty_house]: thank u, so how is evry one?

2005-03-17 [Danger1]: hunnie you are crazy but that is y I love you

2005-03-17 [empty_house]: yeah i kno im crazy and im proud to be it!!!!

2005-03-17 [Danger1]: I know you are that is what is funnie

2005-03-17 [empty_house]: hey im not funny! *starts to pout*

2005-03-18 [Danger1]: yes you are but that is y I love you

2005-03-23 [empty_house]: Heather we have to talk...

2005-03-25 [Danger1]: ok

2005-04-25 [Maslab]: No offense, but you could try proper english in the comments everyone...

2005-04-25 [empty_house]: Ok I'm sorry Maslab, I will do my best to keep that up...

2005-07-18 [thehogfather]: slides are fun...

2005-07-18 [empty_house]: slides are ok at least u can lose a phone on them like stupid roller costers

2005-10-04 [darkelf681]: yo whats up

2006-01-11 [lucetgirl]: Dude! Check out this sight! Get paid for surfing the net!

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