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2009-10-27 18:29:22
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Hello, chicks and chaps. Welcome to Write me a Story. Do you like writing? Do you like a challenge? Well, this may be the contest for you. The aim of this contest is for you to write a story, which meets the current theme. It can be long, it can be short, it can be anything you like as long as it's a story and meets the theme set. There will be two winners, a public choice and my personal choice. Each will receive a badge. As you can tell, I suck at writing these things so I'm going to stop now.



1. One story per entrant.
2. The story must be new.
3. If any stock is used in your graphics (if you have them) it must be credited.
4. Entries must fit the theme. (see below)
5. Entries should be grammatically correct and spell-checked.
6. Plagiarism will get you reported, disqualified and banned from my contests.
7. Have fun!






Being changed...


How to enter:

Entries should be on a separate wiki and listed on this page as follows
0.[Story title@wiki] by [username]

1.The Chronicle of Two Hearts [in progress]by [Bipolar Nonsense]
2. Her Robin's Egg Blue Sweater by [Akayume]
3. A lady at a spring by [Elmiira]
4. Wrinkles, Prunes and Stories Told by [Triola]
5. Prudent Planning (In progress) by [Coin Operated Boy]

Username (or number or email):


2009-10-28 [dancingsheep]: Ugh. I am currently at a community college. I am still deciding on a university. I will have basically full ride scholarship no matter where I go. The problem is picking a school that suits me and that suits my fiance's plan. I am also a triple major. :0

2009-10-28 [Coin Operated Boy]: Try to steer clear of California! The cost of living down here just isn't worth it!

2009-10-28 [Skydancer]: If you are interested in a school with a strong ecological curriculum, try Warren Wilson College in NC. :)

2009-10-28 [Aeolynn]: I'm lucky, because I live with my mother and she is cool, lets me live with her and pays for my college >.o so if that's the case, living here in CA isn't so bad!

2009-10-28 [dancingsheep]: That is what I have heard; I was accepted to Berkley. I looked at apartments in LA. $1000 for a CHEAP one. Here in Texas, $550.

XD Thanks, Sky! I am not sure of what to do. I am considering med school.

Aeo, that is awesome! I am still living at home. :/

2009-10-28 [Coin Operated Boy]: If you have any kind of job experience you can usually find a job that will pay enough to live on. The cost of living is higher here, but so is the pay :).

2009-10-29 [dancingsheep]: Yeah...jerks! :P

2009-11-01 [Duke Devlin]: Triola, I only mentioned it... Yeesh. :P I happen to find my degree study more important than entering contests. XD
But anyway... :P

2009-11-01 [Triola]: And again, you seem to be implying that the rest of us don't :P Stop while you're ahead ;)

2009-11-02 [Kaimee]: I'm scared to comment in case it turns out I'm implying something also ;)

2009-11-02 [Duke Devlin]: I'm not implying anything of the sort: it's simply what you are reading into it! :P
Thank you for seeing that also, Kaimee XD

2009-11-02 [Triola]: Joking, people :P

2009-11-03 [Kaimee]: Of course :)

2009-11-04 [Duke Devlin]: :)

2009-12-03 [Mediocracy At It's Best]: Ooh, this could be fun...I'll see what I can pull together. is this going to keep reoccuring? Like, new story contests after this?

2009-12-03 [Chimes]: There will be more than one round. I just don't know when I'll be able to start a new one. :) It'll probably be a while yet. University and all.

2009-12-03 [Mediocracy At It's Best]: totally understand, just wanted to keep a watch on this if it were to keep going! :D

2009-12-04 [Chimes]: :)

2010-02-02 [Sagacious Turkey]: bump

2010-02-02 [Chimes]: Must you bump through comments? Could you not bump by entering? :P

2010-02-11 [Sagacious Turkey]: Absolutely not.

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