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The Character Page Biography Template for the
Wraeththu RPG

(Copy this and paste it in a message to any mod, fill it out, and we will make a page for you)


Wraeththu RPG Info:

Player Name:
AIM screen name:
Yahoo screen name:
Time Zone/World Location:
Previous RPG experience:
Are you a member of the Stormboard?
A member of the LiveJournal Raythoo Group?
Are you interested in being a moderator of the RPG?

Wraeththu Character Profile Specifics:

Harrish Name:
Human Name Before Inception:
Age when incepted:
Inception scars or personal marks:
Tribe mentality, position or rank:
Special Abilities:
  Tribe Mutation:
  Personal Mutation:
Other notes:
Writing Sample:


Wraeththu RPG Character Considerations:(These can be written at the end as answered questions, or be taken into consideration while writing other info on this page)

-When Human-
What was your character's full education history?
-Interests and Opportunities?

Did they have a part-time, full-time job or similar personal tasks?
-What kind of income, resources or networks did they have available to them?
-Was you character a part of any sub-cultures, groups, or networks that held influence?
-Where was that influence?

What was your character's family life like?

Did your character travel much or stay local?
-Enterprising or influential moments?

How did the character learn about Wraeththu?

Why did your character become har?

Were any of your character's friends, relatives or associates incepted?

Which Tribe?
What are they like in your character's opinion:

Did your character know what to expect, or was it all new to them?

Did your character ever dream in real life?
-Did they dream during inception?
-What were those dreams, and how did it affect them?

How did your character feel after awakening as har after althaia, and their body was fully changed?

With whom did your character first take aruna?
-Was it a positive or negative experience?

Does your character bring any human laws, ideals or ethical views with them into harrish life?

-First Days-
After inception, did your character recieve any tuition (caste training/focus) or were they left to roam and wander?

Has your character discovered any of their special abilities or magick?
-How did they discover them?

How did/does your character feel about their new body/biology and changes in consciousness?

Does your character feel they have made any friends or allies?
-How or why they get along?

Does your character feel they have made any enemies or opposition?
-What causes the animosity or challenge?

How does your character now feel about humanity, its people and its survivors and cultures?

-The Future-
What are your character's plans for the future now that they have become har?

Is there any person, har, parage, event or location that your character would like to pursue, meet or see?

Will your character fight for the causes of their tribe, or will they be a loner?
-Will they ever start their own tribe?

What reaction would your character have in the event of meeting an old friend, family member or associate?
-How would they react if they were incepted, or still human?

How does your character feel about family, tribe, reproduction, and the future of Wraeththu?


WFR Character Template for the Wiki Fiction Roleplay:

Character Name: Name har Tribe

User: RPG Board Username / [Elftown Username] / (nickname or real first name)

Race: Har/Human(/parage)

Age: ###

Gender: Male/Female/Har(/Parage)

Rank/Class/Title: Level / Caste

  Height: #'#" or #.#m
  Weight: ###lb. or ###kg
  Build/Stature: lean/average/muscular/burly/overweight
  Eye Color:
  Hair Color:
  Flesh Tone:
   (Nationality or Tribe):
   (Where/When Incepted):
  Outstanding Marks or Features:
(Artworks, imagery or media)

  Feats and Class/Caste Abilities:
  Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies:
   Weapons on hand:
  Talent Use:
   Divine or Arcane Spell Use:
  Tribe and Personal Mutations/Extraordinary Abilities:
  Strengths and Weaknesses:

  Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases:

  Present at Nuclear Fallout: Yes/No
  Where were you?:
  What were you doing?:

Equipment and Belongings:


Developments and Updates:



Username (or number or email):


2006-01-21 [xido]: How is that for a character bio? I think I hit everything you guys covered in other communications....

2006-01-28 [xido]: Lt. Connor D'Andrei is my example character for this template, and utilizes a human char bio.

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