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2011-12-30 21:24:17
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World of Warcraft(All of them) review

Absolutely wonderful game! Love it. You can be different things, choose different races, and they're always coming out with new things. There is almost always a way to better your character! True, there are plenty of rude people on this game but that's when you duel them and kick there asses! Guesting can get kind of boring but once your past a certain level you can jump into dungeons and level that way. They've come out with several expansions for this game and every one of them has brought something new to table. In the next one...There's a Panda!(Not really a spoiler since its all over Blizzard!)

I would recommend this game to anyone, even the females!
/ [Celtore]

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2011-12-30 [Celtore]: When Im not sick, Ill add to this but I cant breath right now so it'll have to wait

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