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World Warehouse

[Veltzeh]: Since I'm good at thinking up worlds, I thought it would be a good idea to make descriptions of those worlds, collect them on one page and allow others to make the same!

These worlds are primarily meant to be RPG worlds, but who says they have to be? They can just as well serve as a world for a story.

On creating a world:
Though it's good to keep in mind all the things associated with world creation, the description of the game setting may be quite brief, especially if most of it is based on the real world. Considering game settings, however, it would be good to think about these things:
1) What kind of RPG characters does the world support? Adventurers, D&D style? Teenage mutant girl singers? Penguins?
2) What kind of RPG rules should work in the world? Total freeform? Freeform with a few rules? The Shadow of Yesterday ( Modified version of D&D 3.5?

So, if you've created a world you wish to share, put a description here! The categories below are a guideline to sort the worlds. Some might fit more than one category (especially when mixing sci-fi and fantasy). Put the world in the category it fits best in, or if it truly is a futuristic Earth with elves and other fantasy races (Shadowrun), put it in [#Alternate Earths] under both sci-fi and fantasy.

Please use alphabetic order (according to world name) within the categories and separate the descriptions with an empty line. The description format is:
Creator: [World name@wiki]
Short (a few sentences) description about the world.

World categories:
[#Modern and historical]
[#Alternate Earths]
[#Fan worlds]


Modern and historical

Modern worlds are just like our world and include the immediate past and immediate future. Historical worlds are like something out of our past; the second World War, Ancient Egypt, neanderthals, etc. May contain a tiny supernatural element.


Alternate Earths

Alternate Earths are like modern or historical worlds, but their history has been changed – for example, Amerindians drove European invaders from America or Germany won the second World War. May contain a tiny supernatural element.

Alternate sci-fi Earths are like modern or historical worlds, but they have some sci-fi element(s) in it, for example mutants, telepathy, futuristic technology etc., or are set in the future. May also have alternate history. Examples: steampunk, Heroes, 4400, the movie Minority Report.

Alternate fantasy Earths are like modern or historical worlds, but they have some fantasy element(s) in it, for example vampires, magicians etc. May also have alternate history. Examples: classic vampire stories, Harry Potter, Merlin, Xena.



Any sci-fi worlds that aren't set on Earth. Usually include many aliens and other worlds, but may be about just one alien species and planet. Examples: The Left Hand of Darkness, Babylon 5, Star Trek.



Generic fantasy somewhere that clearly isn't Earth, even if humans and our cultures were presented. Examples: Lord of the Rings, D&D settings.

[Veltzeh]: Kyerrion setting
Kyerrion is a large planet inhabited by humanoids (but not humans) and other weird creatures. There is no magic and the natural laws (should) obey the ones we know. This is in fantasy because its "feel" is like generic medieval fantasy. I was thinking of mainly D&D-like adventuring when I was thinking of this one. There are also good materials for any kind of drama.

[Veltzeh]: Sky-Chaser setting
The world of Sky-Chaser is a layered one, where worlds exist on top of each other. The creatures, save for humans, are all original. Magic exists, but actual spellcasting is the privilege of very few. D&D-like adventurers should work well here.


Fan worlds

All the examples I used. At their simplest, these worlds are the existing worlds from their original sources. Usually, for RPG purposes, they're changed slightly. For example, the initial setting could be like that of the beginning of New Mutants (the Marvel comics), but there are more students that are the original characters of the players.


On copyright: You should ask permission to use a world for your RPG campaign or story if you plan to publish that campaign or story (and especially if you make a profit out it). This might not apply to all worlds, but it's always better to just ask the world creator.


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2009-07-10 [pixish]: Very nice ^_^

2009-07-10 [NOOOPE]: What about a... world based on history in that it references cultural aspects of certain places at certain times... but isn't factually historical at all and has zero fantasy? Where would that fit?

2009-07-10 [Veltzeh]: That sounds like a fairly straightforward alternate Earth.

2009-07-10 [Veltzeh]: Oh, and I can certainly add new categories if it looks like there are settings that could use their own. The categories I put here are just a simplification of my ideal model of world categorization.

2009-07-10 [Sir. Robert]: ooh :) The dividers were a nice touch!

2009-09-16 [Veltzeh]: So, I finally added something, short though it may be... Anyone else? :)

2009-09-16 [NOOOPE]: I will. Damn, you and I bust our asses to make rping oh so easy and no one takes advantage of our efforts. People suck.

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