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Welcome to where all of the past and present workshops will be found.Please fallow the rules and feel free to take part.

1: Must leave two paragraphs containing one paragraph about what you liked on the work.
The other on what you believe needs more work. 150 words per paragraph.
This is the Reply

2: Be honest, but not cruel.

3: Take the critics of others into consideration.

4: No suggestion has to be taken,
but a revision with change that were done is suggested.

5: Meet the deadlines posted

NOTE: the more you participate the more likely your submission will become the next workshop.

Workshops in Progress

1. TFK Plotting by Veltzeh- Workshop 1-
  Starts: Open
  Replies due by: 
   Discussion begins:

Workshops Finished

Elftown Writing Workshops / Workshops

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2014-09-15 [pegasus1000]: I can't connect to the first workshop.

2014-09-24 [Eyden13]: I haven't put it up yet. We'll probably start some time next week.

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