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Basic vs Advanced

Winter of Wolves is a Rule-based RP, but that doesn't mean we want players to have to crunch numbers and learn the whole system to play. Pretty much all of the game can be played with basic rules, for which you only need to know the information written out here. Sometimes, there will be advanced rules which can be handled back stage by the GM, whenever you see text Written like this, these are advanced rules and you can feel free to ignore them if you don't want to get into the mechanics of the RP.

Who is your character?

Whereas a character's background refers to her origins, their traits refers to the path they've taken in life. Traits are gained through years of practice, situation or some inherited ability from their forefathers. A new character might select either two or four traits, however, half of the traits they select must be negative traits. As the roleplay progresses, you might earn new traits for your character, both negative and positive, at the GMs criteria. Whatever traits your character has, you're expected to work them into the character's history and roleplaying.


A graceful character is dexterous and limber, able to run fast, keep their balance and move their hands with blinding speed and accuracy.
+1 to Finesse, Tumble and Sneak

Good With Money
This character has a head for numbers and a nose for a good deal. No matter the situation, they are sure to get the best price for anything they sell, and the lowest for anything they buy.
-1 Difficulty for all Barter tests, to a minimum of Easy.

Problem Sleuth
A character with good common sense is an expert at problem solving and adaptation. They have wisdom more than intellect, able to observe and notice clues others miss and relate them to the current situation in ways most would not imagine.
+1 to Notice, Orientation, Decipher/Identify, Learn and Memory.

Athletic characters are strong and fit. Their bodies are always toned and full of stamina, something noticeable to anyone, and are able to take care of most physical tasks with ease.
+1 to Throw, Jump, Push/Pull, Stamina, Swim and Climb.

These characters are hulking masses of muscle and power. Their lumbering physiques allow them to pull feats of strength others could not. They've grown up stronger and taller than anyone around, but tend to be somewhat slower.
+1 Strength, +1 Fortitude, Can wield melee weapons as if they were 1 smaller than normal. -1 Dexterity.

Gifted with good looks, a character with this trait finds they have an easy time charming people who might be attracted to them. Still, they must take care to maintain their image, as a few misplaced blows in a bar fight could easily mar their beauty.
-1 Difficulty for Charm and Bluff tests against members of the opposite sexual attraction, to a minimum of Easy.

Friend of Animals
Sometimes people are born who have a special connection to animals and are able to speak to them almost as if they were their own kin. This character is one of those people, gifted with the ability to tame the wildest beasts.
+1 Difficulty to using Social skills (Empathy) on animals instead of the normal +2.

A character with this trait has an uncanny knack to convince others to see things from her point of view. Be it through skillful wit or ruthless intimidation.
+1 to Intimidate, Persuade and Willpower.

Well Connected
Growing up in an environment or power and influence this character has, to say the least, friends in high places. Within his particular group, the character knows anyone who is anyone and that opens several doors.
Select one of the following groups; True Majai, Kkala, Amiri, Shah, School of Engineers, Royal Court, School of Medicine, School of Chemistry & Biology. Persuade, Intimidate, Charm attempts against members of that group have -1 to difficulty to a minimum of Easy.

At some point, this character performed a deed that made him recognized throughout the city. Be it produce a beautiful piece of art, be part of a scandalous affair or simply being born into the right family. Even now many years later, he has difficulty being a face in the crowd.
+1 to Persuade, Charm and Barter, -1 to Blend In.

Built like a house of bricks, a robust character is able to take a lot more punishment and keep going than a weaker one. While not particularly strong, this kind of character lasts longer and gets back on his feet faster.
+1 Block, Fortitude, Recovery, Stamina and Resist.

Child of a noble or particularly influential family. An heir might be born into a situation of wealth and power or into a ruined lineage, dreaming of old riches, their name usually carries a weight and history with them.
An heir character can choose to receive 50% extra start-up money or a family heirloom when starting the game.

This character owns a home or some land somewhere in the city, a luxury in a place as crowded as The Royal City, and does not need to stay in inns and common houses.
The character owns starting a home of some sort.

A character with this trait has been blessed by luck since their youth. Whenever something goes wrong for her, conditions seem to align to their benefit, at least for a bit.
Twice per in-game day, the character can choose to re-roll any dice roll.

Touched by the gods, a Pious character lives her life in dedication to one of the six gods; Ighina, Tara, Hydara, Elea, Nox or Lux. This fealty is usually repaid when the character asks one of these elder spirits for air.
A character with this trait gains -1 Difficulty when resisting and casting spells invoked from their chosen god, to a minimum of Easy.

Born with a sharpness of mind rarely seen, this character is nearly a genius when it comes to everything related to intelligence.
+1 Intelligence.

At some point of her life, this character drew the attention of a powerful, influential or experienced individual. In exchange for the assitance of this mentor, the character will sometimes perform tasks for them.
The character begins as the protege or apprentice of some important individual.

The wolf-brethren are strange, taciturn individuals born into the Winter. It is said that the eternal snows beckon and call to them. That they are born as one with the endless winter, feel no cold and dream of endless hunts on dark frozen plains. It is said that they are born of frost and their bodies are reclaimed by it upon their death.
A wolf brother character is immune to the effects of cold and gains -1 difficulty to Stamina, Fortitude, Climb, Sneak and Orientation when out in the Wastes, to a minimum of Easy. However, they gain a -1 modifier to Engineering, Magic, Charm, Bluff, Persuade and Blend In.

You know how to navigate the city in the same way a Ranger or Outlander can navigate the wastes. Every nook and cranny of the city act as a playground for your character, to explore and use at their will.
+1 to Jump, Climb, Sneak, Notice, Orientation and Blend In while in the Royal City.

Martial Prodigy
For some people, killing comes as easily as breathing. From the moment this character held her first blade or hammer, she felt at home.
+1 to Strike and Block. Character starts with an extra weapon proficiency.

Healing Hands
Some say people with this trait are born touched by the gods, others, that they have a natural understanding of how the human body works. All that can be said for sure is that they have some special qualities that let them heal others with unnatural skill.
-1 Difficulty when attempting to heal someone, to a minimum of Easy.

Keen Senses
Awareness of one's surroundings is vital both in the City and out on the Wastes. Characters with keen senses can usually perceive and react to threats much faster than anyone around them.
+1 to Notice, Listen, Orientation and Empathy

Mechanical Mind
Born with a mind of metal, cogs and gears, mechanical minds spend their early years disassembling anything that gets their attention. To many they are strange, eccentric and scatter brained, but there is no denying their genius. They grow up feeling the draw of machinery and a curiosity nothing can sate.
-1 Difficulty to Engineering, to a minimum of Easy.

Spiritual Conduit
The so-called Spiritual Conduits are people born with a seemingly ingrained understanding of the magical currents of the world. To many they seem taciturn and alien, bout to strange and cryptic declarations. However, few can deny their considerable power.
-1 Difficulty to Magic, to a minimum of Easy.

Powerful personalities, stalwart characters are stubborn and brave, able to stare down at the face of death and remain calm. A character with this trait usually becomes a leader who leads by example.
-1 Difficulty to Willpower tests, to a minimum of Easy.

Some people are adept to learning, gathering skills like others gather coin or notches on their weapons. A mimic is able to learn without anyone teaching him, just by observation alone, they might surprise you by replicating your abilities to a tee.
The character may attempt to Learn any Magical Formulae they hear OR Mechanical construct they see with two added difficulty dice, to a maximum of Impossible.

From a young age, some characters show a higher degree of ability with the use of either hand, giving them an edge when fighting with two weapons.
Counts as starting with the two-weapon fighting proficiency.

These strange people are sometimes born into both Majai and Daguerrian families. Considered a boon in the latter and a curse in the formar. Machine-speakers are mute from birth, and as such, unable to cast the invocations that conform spells. They are only mute to other humans, however, for they can somehow communicate with clockwork constructs. What's more, Machine-speakers can not only relay their orders to constructs (a common ability since constructs understand common language) but they can actually 'hear' them 'speak' back, which is far more surprising, considering no construct with true speech has ever been created.
Machine-speakers are mute to other characters but can carry out conversations with Clockwork Constructs.

Through some serendipitous chain of events, this character was born with an uncanny resistance to a particular element. Be it through a rough skin that can withstand fire, the ability to ignore thunder or even resist poisons.
Character must pick one of the following resistances; Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid, Poison. The character will only ever receive 50% damage from that source.

Sometimes, the best way to survive is to avoid standing out at all, a character with this trait is average, looks average and lives average to all around him, allowing him to hide whatever it is that makes him extraordinary.
+1 to Blend-in, Sneak, Empathy, Listen and Notice.

The spirits have great plans for this character, and though they mostly stay out of the unpredictable flow of the world, every now and then, maybe... just maybe, they will nudge the balance ever so slightly in his favor.
Once in the entire game, an attack, blow or circumstance that would have killed the character will automatically miss or fail to do so.


Be it the result of an overingulgent appetite or childhood opulence, this character is hardly in any shape for physical activity.
+1 Fortitude, -1 Stamina, Swim, Finesse, Tumble, Climb and Sneak

This character is thin to the point of unhealthiness. Be it because of malnutrition or some other malady, their condition has led to a distinct lack of strength and resilience.
+ 1 Sneak, -1 Strike, Throw, Push/Pull, Block, Fortitude and Stamina.

A character with this trait can certainly be described as "All thumbs". They are unable to handle tasks that require deft hands or delicate balance, considering their knack for breaking things.
+1 to Break, -1 to Dexterity.

Bad With Money
This character might have a an unhealthy attachment to the good life, or might simply be too gullible to perform an advantageous trade. One thing is certain, wealth and riches seem to be out of reach for her.
+1 Difficulty for all Barter tests, to a maximum of Very Hard.

A character with this trait might be either lacking in common sense or simply dropped on her head as a child. what cannot be denied is that intellectual pursuits seem to evade this character at every turn.
-1 Engineering, Decipher/Identify, Memory, Search and Learn.

Though some might choose to refer to this character's looks as special, particular or uncommon, the fact of the matter is that they have not been graced with the kind of looks that make them attractive to the opposite sex.
+1 Difficulty for Charm and Bluff tests against members of the opposite sexual attraction, to a maximum of Very Hard.

This character may have been fathered by some unknown passerby, a man in an affair, a sexual deviant or the client of a prostitute. In any case, the stigma of being a bastard means that she will never inherit wealth or power and is generally considered a pariah.
-1 to Persuade, Barter and Intimidate. Also start with 25% less money.

This character has an addiction to opium or alcohol. They are well known in bars and smoke rooms and much of their money goes towards sating their addiction.
If the character does not consume the substance they are addicted to for 12 hours, they get +1 to the difficulty of all tests, to a maximum of Very Hard.

This character is, for lack of a better word, a coward. They are unable to keep their composure when faced with imminent danger or difficult situations.
+1 Difficulty to Willpower tests, to a maximum of Very Hard.

At some point of their life, this character was involved in some disastrous accident that resulted in one of their limbs being unuseable in one way or another. They've had to live used to this limitation.
Choose wether your character has lost a foot/leg (-2 Movement Speed, +1 Difficulty to Swim, Climb, Jump, Tumble and Sneak) or a hand/arm (May not wield two handed weapons or two weapons, +1 difficulty to swim, climb, aim and craft).

For some reason, this character either earned or inherited a massive debt and now works as an indentured servant for the debt holder. Little more than a slave, they are at the mercy of their master until the debt is paid.
The character starts with 50% less money and subordinated to a debt-holder NPC.

There is some deep seated fear of phobia this character has. Gained through some traumatic experience or sometimes without reason at all, if the character is faced by it, he will have a hard time not turning and running away.
The GM will coose a phobia which the player will keep secret. If the character runs into the object of their fear, they must roll a Difficult willpower test against their fear every other post or round of combat.

Hot blooded, hot headed, loose tempered. Emotions on this character run skin deep, particularly anger. In combat, they are likely to go berserk and forget themselves in their rage.
Whenever they take damage in combat, the character must roll a difficult willpower test or go berserk.

A character with this trait has a penchant for being absent minded and forgetful. Important facts and dates seem to escape them easily.
+1 Difficulty to Memory Tests, to a maximum of Very Hard.

Haunted by a hyperactive libido, this character's sexual needs and desires will often get in the way of their own well being. Particularly in social situations, they will become putty in the hands of anyone they deem attractive.
+1 Difficulty when attempting to resist Persuade, Charm, Bluff and Barter attempts done by characters they may be attracted to, to a maximum of Very Hard.

At some point, this character did or is believed to have done something terrible to betray their own kin. Be it actual treason, some abhorrent behaviour or simply falling in disgrace, they are now reviled by those who would be their brothers.
Select one of the following groups; True Majai, Kkala, Amiri, Shah, School of Engineers, Royal Court, School of Medicine, School of Chemistry & Biology. Persuade, Intimidate, Charm attempts against members of that group have +1 to difficulty to a maximum of Very Hard.

A raper, a thief, a coward, a traitor, a convict, a eunuch, even an escaped indentured servant. This character attempted to escape the law or their past and was marked for doing so, now their shame is displayed on their face for all to see.
+1 to Intimidate, -1 to Bluff, Charm and Persuade. +1 Difficulty to Blend in, to a maximum of Very Hard.

Afflicted by what is called the Ghost Voice, a character with this trait was either born unable to speak or rendered so by some traumatic event. To this day, they have to resort to alternate means of communication.
Character cannot speak and cannot use magic.

Short Sighted
Though glasses exist in the Imperial City, they are not cheap, abundant nor easily prescribed. For the less fortunate whose eyes begin to fail, constant alertness seems like the only solution.
-1 to Aim, +1 Difficulty to Notice tests, to a maximum of Very Hard.

A character with this trait is convinced of their own superiority and, in many a case, they will make sure everyone around them knows it. The fact they are unable to accept fault within themselves in any situation makes them unappealing in social situations.
-1 to Persuade, Charm, Learn and Bluff

Closed and centered in her beliefs, a character with this trait has a hard time adapting to any new situation or knowledge. In more extreme cases, this disposition will even lead to bouts of fanatism.
+1 to Memory, +1 Difficulty to Learn tests, to a maximum of Very Hard.

Overly shy or overly exciteable, odd or prone to strange declarations and outburst, awkward characters are usually well meaning but socially inept. When engaged in conversation they might have a hard time keeping their cool.
-1 Charisma.

While trust is a good characteristic to have among friends, trust too easily given can lead to dangerous situations. More often than not, the trusting person might be taken for a fool.
+1 to Charm, -1 when resisiting attempts to Charm, Persuade, Barter or Bluff.

A character with this trait will many times fail to notice what is right before them. Though not necesarily clumsy, their lack of attention will make them accident prone.
-1 to Notice, Listen and Orientation.

A character with this trait has been cursed by the gods since birth or is at least victim of some undeniably bad luck.
Twice a day, must re-roll a successful test.

A character with this trait is rash and makes decisions with little to no consideration. This often leads to dangerous or less than advantageous situations which could have easily been avoided.
+1 to Break and Willpower, -1 to Jump, Climb, Notice, Listen, Blend in and Sneak.

This character has always been fuzzy about his or her requirements, usually attempting or desiring to live a life beyond their means. Happy to be the center of attention, they tend to be less than liked by people around.
+1 to Bluff, -1 to Charm, Blend-in, Sneak and Willpower.

Anything this character can do to avoid an honest day's work is completely within their scope. They are sluggish and slow to action, preferring to let events simply pass them by.
+1 to Recovery, -1 to Stamina, Willpower and Learn.

A character with this trait has never been really been in a fight, has no interest in being in one, and is fairly certain that he could not handle himself very well in them.
-1 to Strike, Block, Finesse and Aim. When wounded, must make a Normal willpower test or attempt to run away.

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2013-06-14 [Duredhel]: Added some new traits cuz we had so many traumatized people XD. While we haven't started, players can change their traits if they wish :3

2013-06-15 [Ms. Steel]: ha, yes. I am wondering about a mute character... who hasn't been traumatized.

2013-06-15 [Figgy]: Yay differentiation!

2013-06-19 [Ms. Steel]: Is Machine-speech a plausible trait for an Engineer? Or is that somehow... magicky?

2013-06-19 [Duredhel]: Definetely engineery :3

2013-06-19 [Ms. Steel]: Awesome sauce.

2014-04-25 [The Black Goat]: You should have schizo on here lol

Talks to self, may be perceived as insane, is deeply paranoid

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