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The Lonetrain Station

The Victoria

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The Victoria is meant to be the peak of opulence in the Royal city. a Reminder to any visitor or traveler of why the Daguerrians stand at the peak of society in the wold of winter. Besides the Royal Palace itself, no place can claim the luxury of the Victoria Hotel. The Very entrance to the lobby of the Victoria is a door almost as tall as the colossi that guard the platforms. The entrance is flanked by a pair of great black marble fountains, as polished as black mirrors with small artificial waterfalls fed by fresh melted snow from the mountain side. When one enters the victoria, one is greeted by a massive hall from which hand a line of crystal chandeliers, each one reflecting the galvanic lights along the sides of the hall as if they were a constellation of stars. Rows of marble columns help hold up the carved and polished rock ceiling. On the left is a small cafe in which only the best products are served, fish and seafood from the Graal Platform, vegetables fresh from Ordon and even red meat from the rare game the Rangers might catch, if one's pocket is deep enough. Opposite the entrance is a massive counter made of the finest ebony and framed with brass with gold accents. Small groups of servants and attendants swarm all over the place, ready to attend to the guests' every need.

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