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The Sea of Snow

Area & Quest Pages

Roleplaying pages in Winter of Wolves will be listed in this page and are divided in two different categories. Area pages are connected to each other and character can freely move from one to the other. In order to move from one area page to the other, the characters need to pass through all pages in between. When a character leaves an area, however, the player must post his character leaving the area and then arriving on the next one. DO NOT LEAVE characters in between areas. Though the GM controls Area pages, players have much more freedom to move around.

Quest pages do not represent places but events instead and they are much more tightly controlled by the GM. Whenever characters go on a special mission, decide to brave the storms outside of the Royal city, explore a ruined town claimed by the winter or the dark tunnels deep underground, they will do so in a Quest Page.

Area Pages

The Royal City

It is now 7:00 pm on February 3rd, 1632

WoW - Lonetrain Station

WoW - Upper City North

WoW - Upper City South

WoW - Lower City Slums

WoW - Majai Hath

WoW - Shah Hath

WoW - The Mage Market

Quest & Side Pages

Cleaning Duty

WoW - Lift 110 (Dakai Steelheart)

The Lone Howl

WoW - The Queen Kateryn (Concluded)

WoW - Interrogation: Ferah and Paki (Concluded)

WoW - Interrogation: Dakai and Rill (Concluded)

WoW - Interrogation: Daiyu and Zahrah (Concluded)

Side Pages

WoW - The Return (Concluded)

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2014-04-28 [Duredhel]: All side pages are up :D. You may post in the corresponding ones. It'll be a bit until you can post in the city proper, as some of the city proper must still be built XD.

2014-05-02 [Flisky]: Thad isn't getting questioned? Although that would be hilarious to read.

2014-05-02 [Ms. Steel]: I do believe he's still getting questioned, I just didn't feel like playing it. :-b

2014-05-02 [Flisky]: *coughs* Lazy. :P But seriously...that would have been hilarious.

2014-05-02 [Ms. Steel]: Nah, I totally admit to copping out! hehe.

2014-05-03 [Ms. Steel]: At some point I guess I would need an idea as to how Thad was treated in his interrogation, too...

2014-05-10 [Duredhel]: Ok guys, we're gonna do this;

I wanted to finish up all the areas before I let your chars go into the city but that would take too long. Instead I'll let you go now and write up descriptions as your chars get into the areas :>.

I just beg you to please bear with me when your char gets into a new area, since i'll have to write the description before I can GM post or anything. I'll also put up Nox's char tonight. In the meantime everyone can assume their char is in the WoW - Lonetrain Grand Hall after being released from questioning :>.

Nox, you can start posting if you'd like, same area. I'll put up your char right away.

2014-05-10 [Ms. Steel]: Was Thad interrogated with Tetra (or did he maybe just gave a statement, or something)? Just a general tone of how it would have gone. Sorry I'm needy. It will be my last question for at least five minutes.

2014-05-10 [Duredhel]: No worries XD.
I imagine Thad was asked to give a statement, mostly. He was the only one in the train that had 'permission' to be in the locomotive. He's also seen as harmless (same as Tetra, big mistake there) and the Royal School takes care of its own.

2014-05-10 [Ms. Steel]: Thaaaanks!

2014-05-10 [Flisky]: Can I post tomorrow? Flying out today.

2014-05-10 [Duredhel]: No prob Flisk. Have a safe trip :D

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