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The Lower City Mage Market


The Mage Market is one of the most renowned, mysterious, dangerous and amazing places left in the world. It is the beating heart of the Lower City, where all the Majai meld together and trade in powerful secrets, healing salves and anything else one could buy or sell. It is the favored place to visit by Daguerrians interested in the mystic or the arcane, and also where most Majai practitioners or magic can find secret places to acquire whatever they need for their heathen rituals. The Market itself is composed of several areas, Malak's hand, where most of the 'tourist' shops are located. Here one can buy the most common magical items and it is the safest place for Daguerrian visitors to be unaccompanied. To the north, is the Gannlao, the territory of the Shadowswords, which guards the entrance to the Shah Hath and where one can buy all kinds of weapons and armor. To the south is the Galire Rahal, the Singer's street, which is controlled by the rivals of the Shadowswords, the secretive Amrit. The Galire Rahal is a place of secrets, where information is worth both blood and gold. To the East are The Waterway, and the Alchemist's Row. The Waterway is a rather new avenue, so named because it is the source of the underground spring which feeds the Lower City. The Alchemist's row, on the other hand, is the most dangerous and arcane place in the Lower City, where only experienced mages and priests dare go unabashed.

WoW - Alchemist's RowWoW - The WaterwayWoW - GannlaoWoW - Galire Rahal
WoW - Malak's Hand

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