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Winter of Wolves Rules

What is this game about?

Winter of Wolves is a dark, low fantasy steampunk roleplay based on a sort of post apocalyptic steampunk setting. The game is set in a world where a technologically advanced but small elite lords over a much larger number of magical peoples. Both these groups are represented as opposite in belief, culture, technology and even ethnicity, leading to a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. Winter of Wolves is a free form Roleplay with SOME rule based elements. However these are very small and you'll rarely have to deal with them past character creation. Keep in mind that this is a mature RP aimed for adults, this is not an excuse for your characters to walk around humping everything they run into, but means that in the RP you WILL run into adult language and situations, violence, sex and several other darker themes.

How do I make a character?

Follow the instructions on WoW - Character Creation.

How do I actually play?

There are actually two ways to play Winter of Wolves, when you create a character you can instruct the GM on wether you want to play with basic or Advanced rules. Since Winter of Wolves is a rule based RP, there is a core mechanic behind most things that happen in the game and dice are rolled to decide the outcome of events. However, you don't HAVE to know or even be aware of these rules, and the GM can manage them behind the scenes.

If you do with to know the inner mechanics of the game, you can read up on:

WoW - Advanced Rules

You may find more information in the:


1. No power playing.
You have the right to dictate the actions of one character only – your own. DO NOT attempt to control any other character's actions or you will be dealt with harshly and possibly booted. You also do not control the results of your characters actions, you simply state what they attempt to do and the results will be posted as a GM post.

2. Any clarification or OOC comment you make in regards to a post must be made in the comments.

3. Separate your post from another player's post with newlines (enters) so that there is one empty line between the posts.
Do not use <hr>.

4. Write your posts in past tense.
Not present tense.

5. Please bear in mind that not all players are online at the same time.
It's not okay to leave someone else's character totally behind just because you and your mates are all online at the same time and the one person isn't. I'm sure you all know how annoying it is to be left behind, so have a little consideration please, it costs you nothing.

6. Is something unclear? Ask.
This goes especially when playing, but also when you're making a bio. If you have any doubts, any whatsoever, just ask the GM.

7. In order to keep the RP from getting stalled, any lack of posting and communication for three weeks or more with any given character may result in that character being dropped from the RP.
If you will be unable to post for three weeks or more, let the GM know.
If you're waiting on someone to post before you can, poke that person and let the GM know you're waiting on them. Also, this RP uses something known as a 48 hour rule when in a combat situation, this means that if you have one or more characters waiting on you to post in combat and you don't do so in 48 hours, the GM may commandeer your character for the length of one post.

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