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The Lonetrain Station

The Quarters


The Lonetrain quarters started as little more than quarters for the workers that built the station, as well as the soldiers that guard it. Once the station was completed, only the soldiers occupied it. Not long after, however, the Royal School realized a place would be necessary for those who arrived too late at night into the city or whose business meant they wouldn't want to take the great elevator down during their stay. The quarters became a cheap hotel and mess hall and more floors were added. The Quarters are built in typical daguerrian style, with plaster and wallpapered walls and warm lighting throughout. On the first floor one can find the the counter itself next to an ancient Daguerrian armor, from the time of the long voyage in which the Daguerrians arrived on the continent. Next to the counter is a bar when one can get some fresh water or a fortifying drink, and a mess hall where most of the workers of the station, as well as any overnight guests, have supper every day. On the left there is a wooden staircase which leads up to the second and third floors of the quarters. These floor contain nothing but rooms akin to the entire left side of the first floor. Each room is equipped with little more than a bed, a desk, a small chest for personal items, a mirror and a dresser. Each floor also possesses a common bathroom which all the guests on that floor use.

Brant was beaming. Already in the Royal City he'd been pleased with the number of Majai here. And now, in the quarters, there was a veritable rainbow of people. He made his way to the bar and smiled at the attendee. "An ale, good barkeep," he requested cheerfully.

The barkeep was an older, fat and jolly Daguerrian man known as Mikel, he had a smallish button nose and reddened cheeks complete with a thick black mustache. The man wore a high collared shirt with long sleeves and a bowtie, a red vest and an white apron across his waist. "Afternoon'" he said simply as he looked up at Brant. "We've got Ordon Stout, only true ale left in the winterlands, but it ain't cheap. Also have Holywell Mead, bit cheaper, local made." he added as he slid a large glass in front of Brant.

"Ah, the mead will do nicely," Brant exclaimed, fingering his coins in his pocket with one hand. The other produced his prayer beads, and he flicked them round the string they were threaded on, his staff rested in the crook of his elbow. "Tell me, good sir," he said to the barkeeper. "How does one reach the famed Magic Market?"

"It'll be one guerrmark sir." he replied as he pulled up a clear tall bottle with a light golden color to it. He poured some of the mead into the glass until it was a bit over three quarters full and then put the bottle away. "The Mage Market, sir? That's no place for respectable folk, full of thieves, crooks and soothsayers, they'll do some magic hokum at you and then take yer purse..." said the old bartended. "It's down in the lower city, past the slums, through what they call the Red Ribbon Road. That's another place decent folk don't pass through. If you HAVE to go, just find a good guide, sir."

"What fantastic advice, I shall reward you for such," Brant said, taking two Guerrmarks out and sliding them across the bar. He then took a sip from his glass, indulging in the honey sweetness of the mead. He took a further drink before addressing the barman again. "If I should find myself needing accommodation, how much do you charge per night here?"

"Three Guerrmarks a night." replied simply Mikel, "Five with meals." he added with a small nod as he took the two Guerrmarks Brant had slid his way.

"Then pray for my return," Brant said before draining his glass. "I go forth to the Mage Market!" He knocked his staff on the floor stones before turning and heading out to WoW - Lonetrain Grand Hall.

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