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Basic vs Advanced

Winter of Wolves is a Rule-based RP, but that doesn't mean we want players to have to crunch numbers and learn the whole system to play. Pretty much all of the game can be played with basic rules, for which you only need to know the information written out here. Sometimes, there will be advanced rules which can be handled back stage by the GM, whenever you see text Written like this, these are advanced rules and you can feel free to ignore them if you don't want to get into the mechanics of the RP.

There are a great variety of weapons, armor and equipment in winter of wolves that characters can obtain. Each piece of equipment you give a character comes with particular weaknesses and advantages, so choose carefully and think about how you want your character to develop. There are several things to take into account when picking equipment for your character;

Power - This represents the penetrating power of a weapon, or how likely it is to bypass someone's defense and wound the person.
Melee weapons will have a power modifier which is added or subtracted from your Strength skill to determine if a weapon gets through armor or not. Ranged weapons have a power score which becomes the target number when trying to get through armor with a shot.

Damage - This points out the amount of damage the weapon will do to a character if it managed to hit AND get through it's armor.
Damage is subtracted from a character's ENDURANCE score. Most weapon damage ranges between 1 and 5 points. Character endurance in Winter of Wolves usually goes only as high as 9 points, so it is entirely possible for a single attack to put a character out of commission or even outright kill her.

Range - Range represents the effective range at which a weapon can be used.
Most melee weapons will have a range of one, meaning they can only be used within 5 feet of the wielder, though some pole arms and other long weapons might be used up to 10 feet away. Ranged weapons can usually fire much further, but they will receive penalties if fired into a melee. Ranged weapons can also be fired over their maximum range, but they will also receive penalties in that case.

Ammunition - Ranged weaponry usually requires ammunition to function, the kind of ammunition and the reload time of the weapon will normally be detailed here.

Armor Value - Armor represents how much protection this item affords. Not all items have an armor value, as it relates mostly to protective items and clothing.
The armor value can range from Easy to Impossible, representing how hard it is to get through that armor (though Impossible is reserved for very special and particular armors).

Penalties - Though clothing will usually give very few penalties, armor might limit a character's range of motion or weight him down when they attempt things like jumping, swimming or climbing. Some very large or unwieldy weapons might also give penalties when attempting to use them.

Special Qualities - Some weapons, armor or other items might have a special rule of quality they confer when using them, for example wearing glasses might increase a character's perception.

Size - How big the item is, when it comes to weapons, the size of it determines how one wields it. For example, you can hold several very small items with one hand and use them as thrown weapons. Small weapons can also be held with one hand and thrown, but one at a time. Regular weapons can be wielded with one hand but not thrown. Large weapons may be wielded with one hand or with two for a bonus. Very Large weapons or items must be wielded with two hands. Finally, some rare items are Massive, this means they must be carted around rather than carried and need to be set up before they can be used.

Weight - Your character cannot carry an entire arsenal on her back. As such, every item has some weight to consider. If you carry too much stuff, your character will be faced with hefty penalties.
To know how much your character can carry, you simply add up their STRENGTH + their ENDURANCE and multiply by 5.


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2013-07-15 [Duredhel]: This section is officially done! I may still add more Miscellaneous items, but for now, I think we have enough stuff.

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