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Character Creation

Basic vs Advanced

Winter of Wolves is a Rule-based RP, but that doesn't mean we want players to have to crunch numbers and learn the whole system to play. Pretty much all of the game can be played with basic rules, for which you only need to know the information written out here. Sometimes, there will be advanced rules which can be handled back stage by the GM, whenever you see text Written like this, these are advanced rules and you can feel free to ignore them if you don't want to get into the mechanics of the RP.

How to create your character?

Use WoW - Character Sheet Template to create your character page.

1. Name - Your Character's name, it's ideal to pick one thinking about your character's background and ethnicity (Daguerre, Majai, Shah, Amiri or Kkala)

2. Gender - Male or female.

3. Age - How old your character is.

4. Background - The first step is to pick a background from WoW - Backgrounds. These represent the conditions in which your character was born and grew up and will shape much about your character from her appearance to her abilities. The background is where your character came from.

5. Characteristics - Characteristics represent your character's physical and mental capabilities. They are what makes your character him or herself and are used in the dice tests described in WoW - Rules. In total, you will have 36 points to distribute, the lowest a characteristic will go for a is 3 and the highest will be 9 for a first level character. Other than those limitations, you can distribute your points as you see fit. Characteristics are;

   Strength - Your character's physical strength.
   Endurance - Your character's physical resistance and stamina.
   Dexterity - Your character's speed, balance and finesse.
   Intelligence - Your character's smarts and capacity apply logic to situations.
   Perception - Your character's ability to sense their surroundings and apply intuition to situations.
   Charisma - Your character's looks or ability to read and interpret others.

6. Traits - WoW - Traits are bonuses and drawbacks characters either have from birth or gain through the years. Each Trait can be Positive or Negative. Though most traits are added when making a character, the GM may award positive or negative traits through the events in the roleplay. Traits represent where your character has been.

7. Appearance - A physical description of your character, remember to follow the guidelines set by your characteristics, a character with a 3 or a 4 in charisma might be ugly or clumsy. A character with a 9 on strength will probably be muscular and large.

8. Personality - A mental description of your character, remember to follow the guidelines set by your characteristics, a character with a 3 or a 4 in intelligence might be slow and dim-witted, a character a 9 in perception will probably be intuitive and wise.

9. History - Your character's life until now, try to write at least two paragraphs and keep in mind the background you selected.

10. Proficiencies - Unlike traits, WoW - Proficiencies are gained through years of experience and training, your character will start with up to three of these proficiencies. Proficiencies represent where your character is now.

11. Magic or Engineering - The world of WoW works with diametrically opposed forces, depending on your background and traits, a character might start out knowing some WoW - Magic or having some knowledge of WoW - Engineering. Remember though, if you learn one, you can never learn the other.

12. Equipment - WoW - Equipment is the stuff your character can carry, everything from their clothes to weapons to money. Characters will be given starting equipment by the GM based on their background and traits. You can get more items and equipment throughout the game.

13. Skills - WoW - Skills will be generated by the GM based on the Background, Characteristics and Traits of the character. As characters become more experienced, they might become better at certain skills.

Then send the information to the GM and you're almost ready to play!

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