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Witchcraft behind the scenes

Welcome to Witchcraft behind the scenes!

Everything written in the following pages will be my personal vision, Witchcraft is not a religion but a way of life, in dutch witch means "heks", referred to "heggerijder", hedgerider, it backs up my personal view, the hedgerider is a person who rides the hedge between the world of facts and the world of emotion, on one side you have science and on the other emotion/intuition, witchcraft brings that together in a balance so you can evolve in the best possible way.

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Brief Outline:

1. Basic Meditation
2. Magic Tools
3. Plain Magic
4. The Wicca Religion
5. Links to Occult Books


Basic Meditation

Unlike some people make believe meditation is purely a way of putting yourself to rest, it does make you more capable of searching for answers in yourself and it does make it easier to get lucid dreams or perform magic and it’s also very good for your personal healthcare but it is not godly and it doesn’t make you float, it doesn’t free you from demons, only from bad thoughts, nor do you need to sit in an awkward position.

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Magic Tools

It is kind of a collectors name for tools that are mainly used in side paths like the religion wicca, items that are supposed to have a magic use, the athame is a dual bladed dagger designed for ritual use but "you can NOT bloodshed with it or it loses it's magic" that is what's said in literature, now my opinion.

I think, based on every book I read, every discussion I had, every real life experience I've gone through, that those tools are completely powerless, you do not make a magic circle of protection with an athame or a sword, you can do it but it is not the item with the power, it is a tool, it is a key to keeping peoples believe up, if an athame is a magic item then people will believe in that magic and be more secure, but nowadays it confuses too many people to keep that charade up.

You have to understand that it really can add a lot to a persons imagination and believe and there for also to his or her willpower which is connected to rituals, some people still use the items even though they know it is not the items doing anything, it's just nice to have some special items just like it's nice to have official dvd's of your favorite movie instead of downloaded it.

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Plain Magic

Magic is the alternation of our world, spiritual wise or physical wise, the scientific definition of magic is the following; everything excists out of tiny vibrations, smaller then atoms and molecules, everything the physical world knows, including radiowaves or a planet all the way on the other side of this universe, the tiny little vibrations define shapes and colors and taste and sounds by the way they shape in groups, our very own mind sends out vibrations that affect ourselves and the world we live in, you can even see the effect our thinking has on our own body, someone with low self esteem will end up looking bad even if that person keeps doing the same things a very handsome person does, same counts for happy people, they will radiate and look good for some reason, it's partially defined by our activities but it also adjusts to our thinking.

Same counts for outside our body, but it is not noticable, how would you know that it is magic if you meet an old friend and have a great time right after you used "magic" to try to make yourself happy, you don't see pretty colors, you don't make a bunny appear out of the air, so it is not truly noticable.

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The Wicca Religion

Wicca is the religion based on witchcraft, it's not a very old religion and yet it made a huge impact on modern day society, you can find interested people by the dozen on internet sites,

Wicca itself has a core with the believe of the goddess, the moon, and in most paths also the god, the sun, celebrating or conducting rituals at full moon, following the paganistic yearly celebrations and ritual magic.

I think that pretty much displays the general explanation of what makes Wicca what it is, there is much more focussing on the admiration of the goddess and rituals, if you follow a certain path you can also choose to try to become a member of a coven, a tight group of fellow believers that might let you in if they get a good vibe of you,

Continue to read in: The_Wicca_religion


Links to Occult Books

More links, to books related to occult matters for everyone interested in rituals, spirits or history

Gardnerian Book Of Shadows

A book about modern ceremonial magic

A book about several topics, magic, alchemy, magnetism, the cabala

A book covering several written texts about the occult based on other books

The great key of solomon, yes that's right the same solomon who was a king in the bible

The lesser key of solomon

Texts about chaos magic, a bundle of resources about it

The riders waite tarot explanation book

I think that is plenty for now, for more text you can always browse through , one of the best resources if it comes to serious books.


If you have any questions regarding the subject please message me about it ~ Please bear in mind I do work outside of elftown and can't always be there, there might be a week or weekend I just am not on elftown, I hope you understand this, I will answer all reasonable questions though.


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