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Witchcraft and Wiccanism

Teachers: [rachelah]

Welcome to the Witchcraft and Wiccanism classroom! To add yourself as a student, send a message to me at [rachelah], and I will add you as soon as I can! Feel free to read the Lessons and the Assignments, by clicking on one of the wiki links below. The wiki link for the lesson is just below what the lesson is about. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


[Gryffan Wilds]
[Nekko's Revenge]


Brief Outline:

1.What is magic?
Witchcraft and Wiccanism Lesson 1
2.Brief History of Witchcraft
Witchcraft and Wiccanism Lesson 2
Witchcraft and Wiccanism Lesson 3
4.Tools of Learning


Assignment page
Witchcraft and Wiccanism Assignments

The completed assignments are to be posted by the student who wrote it on this wiki:
W and W Completed Assignments

Extra Credit
Write a short essay on why some people spell 'magic' with a 'k' at the end ('magick'). At least two paragraphs (with at least 3 sentences in each), one of which is about who spells 'magic' the aforementioned way, and who spells it 'magick'. Post in W and W Completed Assignments with 'Extra Credit' in place of an assignment number. This is optional.


IMPORTANT: Posted on the 18th of November 2007
Life is something important, something not to be wasted or squandered. It is also something which takes a lot of time.

I know you are curious, and you want to learn of Witchcraft and Wiccanism. I wish I could take your hand and lead you into this world of the unknown, and teach you what I know.
Instead, I will give you some advice.
People will not always be there for you. I live in such a place where there is no mentor to look to for guidance, there is barely internet connection.
I rely on books to obtain my knowledge. Hidden in those pages is all the wisdom of the world. In books you can find all the information you could ever want. I've discovered things as simple as herbs in a tea to cure a cough, and things as obscure and inadvisable as summoning a demon to exact revenge. On that note, demons are not to be messed with. Leave them be. My point here is, since I cannot teach you all you want to know, look in books. Stores as commonplace as Borders carry innumerable New Age books, and you can browse through them before buying to make sure they are what you are interested in. Books on Wiccanism and White Magic should be perfect. Best of luck to you all, in all your endeavors.

Whenever you may need me, here is my home email address; . Please, feel free to email me any questions you may have, whenever you may have them. Guides are a very important part of learning and venturing, so I want to be there for you all as much as possible. I look forward to hearing from you all.



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Past teachers: [duckofdoom]

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2005-11-27 [duckofdoom]: hey rachelah, I'm already a practicing wiccan, can I join, I'd like to gain a more broader perspective of the craft. If you like I could help out with classes in any way..

2005-11-29 [rachelah]: Thank you, I sent you a message in response.

2005-12-06 [rachelah]: I am having many issues as of late, including a broken computer. So sorry it has been so long since I have done anything, thank you for your patience, I am sorry.

2005-12-06 [Delladreing]: Hun...stop worrying :p its not life or death lol

2005-12-13 [rachelah]: Thank you, but I feel guilty. I do not know....

2005-12-13 [Delladreing]: *shrugs* you will get over that soon ;)

2006-09-30 [Danboo]: ...could i be a student...

2007-02-13 [rachelah]: Yes, just reply to the message I sent you and I shall add you, happily.

2007-02-15 [*~Sora~*]: hello Danboo

2007-02-17 [Danboo]: hey sora

2007-02-27 [*~Sora~*]: how are you?

2007-10-15 [Cruptedangel]: hey i wanna join

2007-12-20 [Imperator]: Just add your name to the student list. :-)

2007-12-22 [Imperator]: BTW, your name link messed up.

2007-12-23 [Hisakue]: what is the deal. Only about 5 people here have been on elftown in the last 2 weeks. The professors havent been her in a month and over a year for the other one. 

2007-12-23 [Delladreing]: The "other one"?

2007-12-23 [Imperator]: The Academy is having major issues with absence... However, I assure you that the Board of Governors is working hard to revitalize it.

2007-12-25 [Apollo of Crowingblade]: I can assure you I have been here, and you could make a difference [Hisakue] and apply to take over a class that a teacher has been absent from :).

2007-12-25 [Imperator]: Absolutely.

2008-04-07 [AuroraLumos]: ^_^ I know a little about witchcraft and wiccanism, but I'd like to learn more.

2010-12-20 [Satiana]: I'd really like to become a student.

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