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Winter of Wolves

By [Duredhel]

Thereupon came Angra Mainyu, who is all death, and he counter-created by his witchcraft the serpent in the river and winter, a work of the Daêvas.

There are ten winter months there, two summer months; and those are cold for the waters, cold for the earth, cold for the trees. Winter falls there, with the worst of its plagues.
—VENDÎDÂD, Fargard I

This land was once covered by dunes, by forests, by grasslands and rocky mountains. Bathed by the sun, by light drizzles and heavy rains, swept by warm winds and the smell of the sea. Now, after almost two hundred years of long, endless winter, the land is white, cold and merciless, and only glimpses of the sun can be seen in between days of blizzards. Large cave cities are kept warm by the living pulse of machinery, and refugees secret and arcane move deep within their lowest levels. Lone trains zip through the seas of ice and snow and nomads scratch a living out of the frozen wastes.

This is the land of snow, of ice.. a Winter of Wolves.

Main Pages

WoW - History
The World before the World

WoW - Characters
List of Characters.

WoW - The Sea of Snow
Start Roleplaying

Minor Pages

WoW - Rules
Rules of the Roleplay

WoW - Character Creation
How to Create your character

WoW - Skills
To change the world with your body.

WoW - Proficiencies
To change yourself.

WoW - Equipment
Equip yourself.

WoW - Magic
To change the world with your spirit.

WoW - Engineering
To change the world with your mind.

WoW - Schemes
Plan out your journey.



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2013-06-12 [~Valkyrie~]: I definitely want to read this later. :)

2013-06-12 [Duredhel]: Yay :> Hopefully people will want to join, I'll start making art for this tonight.

2013-06-12 [Flisky]: Yes. First RP in a while that I actually WANT to join.

2013-06-12 [Figgy]: *thumbs up*
Example of a character sheet that I'm working on, if anyone needs a visual :>
WoW - Tetra Riddle

2013-06-12 [Duredhel]: Yay :D 3 chars already. I'll work extra hard to have the Rp running asap. I'll format the char page now.

2013-06-12 [Duredhel]: Character page is go :>

2013-06-12 [Ms. Steel]: It's password-protected :*****(

2013-06-13 [Duredhel]: Sorry, fixed now.

2013-06-13 [Ms. Steel]: yippeeee.

2013-06-13 [CuteCommander]: I'll get one made when I'm a little more available!

2013-06-15 [The Blood Angel]: Watching. So interesting

2013-06-15 [Figgy]: Join!

2013-06-18 [Duredhel]: Imma try to finish equipment today :O!

2013-06-18 [CuteCommander]: Looking forward to this far too much

2013-06-18 [Figgy]: It'll be fun :3

2013-07-05 [Figgy]: So anyone who is visiting or watching this page: Dur is still looking for two more players! He'd like to be able to start with 8 characters, meaning we need two more, preferably male (though it doesn't matter too much), and he'd like to be able to start the game next week. So, if you're thinking about joining, come on, or if you aren't sure, join anyways! :3

2013-07-05 [ancienteye]: *reading over everything to consider it*

2013-07-05 [Figgy]: *thumbs up*

2013-07-07 [CuteCommander]: Awww yeah :) 8 characters!


2013-07-07 [ancienteye]: XD

2013-07-11 [ancienteye]: Do we have everyone we need?

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