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2004-06-03 18:43:20
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Winning poets!
This banner is just an example, if you win a poll you have to put your own personal banner up. This one is for [SilverBlue82]

April 2004 - [SilverBlue82]
May 2004 - [Kelaria]

Winners Poems

Fall from Grace


In the darken light of gloom the hammer fell and the horns blew true;
as a crushing spirit from the flames above imposing a will on those he loves;
freedom to choose and freedom of flight as free will is embodied by those of light;
but those with choice choose to curse wishing to be blind and not to fight;
the good fight of justice the good fight of love as lust and fire fill their self;
for evil would reign if it had not its flaw happiness is only granted to those that make the law;
and pain fills those succumbed to the dark and the void of good burns in their heart,
and cursing again the light and making strife, they grow wings of hate and live the demon life

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