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2004-01-27 01:31:51
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When I was new to Elftown, I wondered what these wikis were for, and eventually got sucked into them. And am now a wiki addict. Here is a tour with some of the most frequented wikis and the most exciting.

ALL ABOARD!!! Make sure you hands and feet are inside the bus at all times, please make sure any young children or pets are either chained or buckled, we would not want a law suit on our hands. No flash photography, we don't want to scare the gremlins and surely we would like to keep all members of the tour in tact. Thank you, and please stay seated till the bus comes to a complete stop.

First on our road to Roleplaying Splendor is the epitome of roleplaying here in Elftown. The Aceribus in Splendor. AiS. These are the first ever text adventures in Elftown, in which you must apply to be included in. There is a rigorous audition (not really) and you must also appeal to the [Magus Ferox]'s tastes, so maybe bribe her ^.-

Next is the GreatRoom!! A Bit of some of my personal plugging! Proudly the most extensive and probably has the most edits in all of the roleplaying wikis in Elftown. Though if you find one with more, then I will humbly back down^^; Come over for some cocoa, beer, fun, laughs and randomosity!! The Bartender is me! [Hhoal]!

Next on the road to our wonderful past time is the Tavern.  Here you may drink to your hearts content and also feel satisfied in drinking in one of the very first wikis ever in Elftown. Not the first mind you, but close. But recently the bartender has left, and it seems to have been taken over by some hooligans.... who have an afinity for human flesh, or did anyways...

Here we come to a stop at the Decadent's Ball. I have only been here once, but it really is quite lovely, dance the night away and then find that secret passage way into a far off land.. enjoy yourself really!!

The Elftown Academy No Town would be complete without an academy where you can learn everything from German to Tap dancing.

The Wreakers of Havoc Academy And every academy must have some competition. Come to this place to be taught by [Tressle] in the art of creating havoc, and just fooling around. Rather a fun wiki, you get your dose of crying kegs and tap dancing here.

(more to be added later,// [Hhoal] )

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2003-08-19 [iippo]: all harry potter-fans! a Hogwarts rpg!!! yes, you got it right: now YOU can study in hogwarts with other harry potter-liking people!! Hogwarts Express READ THE NOTES BEFORE STARTING!

2004-01-26 [YokoTsuta]: For all the fox-loving people try out the Fox and Hound Club or the [Fox-People Army]. Or if you just want to be stupid go to Bakas United

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