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Wiki Science Fiction Roleplay

Wiki Fiction Roleplay
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The Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay:
Wiki Science Fiction, Future Fantasy, Modern Fic, Post-Apocalyptic and More!

"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to PLAY it."


     Not a competitor to the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay, but instead a page that picks up where it left off, this guild caters to those avid roleplayers who have an interest in involving technology with well-played, interesting, in-depth role-playing games. The name Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay (WSFR) is clipped for convenience and not quite accurate...modern fantasy, science-fiction, future fantasy, and ungodly mixes of those are all welcome here.

     Like the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay (WFR), the WSFR is a single, continuous universe, situated in the Jeriah Galaxy. Multiple games can and will run here at once, but each RPG-world exists right next to others, on barriers that can be crossed. They're subject to interact with one another at any time, so stay on your toes. To see who's next to whom--and to put your own position on the map, if you'd like to add a game or open RP location--see the Jeriah Galaxy.


     Wait a can there be modern fantasy and sci-fi games right next to each other? This can't be a continuous game!

     Ah, but it is. For convenience's sake, The Planet Earth is now located in the Jeriah Galaxy, as it's rather difficult to get a bird's eye photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy. It's an isolated little planet...what can you expect from a bunch of idiots who can't get farther than their own moon? Modern fantasy games will take place on The Planet Earth, while the affairs of the Jeriah Galaxy are conducted around that poor pathetic little world.

     Further, the WFR world of Jashnia isn't wholly isolated from the WSFR. It's just one member of the Selenar System, which sits toward the end of the B-tail of the Jeriah Galaxy. However, the stellar system has remained somewhat isolated from the rest of the galaxy, as certain political hotbeds choke travel.

     If you do intend to somehow connect a WSFR game to a WFR one, please contact both [Nightshadow] and [xido] with your idea.


     To begin playing here as an individual, visit the

WFR Application Page and check out other WFR Guild Members

     Even a well-written game, after all, is worthless without good characters and skilled players. Not everyone who applies will be accepted, but don't let that discourage any new or veteran player from trying. This selection system should keep play at a high level. Criteria for acceptance are outlined more clearly at the WSFR Application Page.


     Games are listed at

The Jeriah Galaxy


     So now that you're finished reading this for what's probably the first and only time in your life, welcome, play well, have fun, and see the Jeriah Galaxy for what games are available!


     WSFR News:

     2006.11.26: [Nightshadow] is very busy with life. [xido] has no life besides schoolwork, and loves this place. He will now see to it that this and all related pages and Guild Members are dealt with accordingly. Everyone that has been accepted to this portion of the Guild is featured on WFR Guild Members. Thanks for your support!


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2004-05-15 [Nightshadow]: AUXILLIARY PAGES UNDER CONSTRUCTION...pardon the dust!

2004-05-15 [the crazed artist]: *grins* I love the...*thinks of word*...sign thing...looks great...

2004-05-15 [Nightshadow]: Banner thing. lol. Thanks. ^_^

2004-05-17 [Nightshadow]: Excepting individual games...THE WSFR IS OFFICIALLY IN BUSINESS! *looks stunned at the lack of uproarious applause and confetti and wanders away*

2004-05-17 [Nightshadow]: You may now apply at the WSFR Application Page.

2004-05-17 [xido]: *uproarious applause and confetti abounding* :P :)

2004-05-17 [Nightshadow]: lol. Thanks xido. :P

2004-05-18 [the crazed artist]: oh...*applaudes and throws confetti everywhere*...even the slowest pony crosses the finish line...

2004-05-18 [Nightshadow]: I pony fell asleep back there somewhere. *glares down the empty racetrack*

2004-05-18 [the crazed artist]: well...eventually it has to wake up doesn't it...but don't worry...I think my fell beast ate my pony *glares at the beast*...

2004-05-18 [Nightshadow]: Hm...yes sleeping is better. *nods* That'll teach it for being slow.

2004-05-18 [the crazed artist]: ...think the snail passed it...that's humiliating...I claim the snail!

2004-05-19 [Dread Pirate]: Howdy. o0;

2004-05-19 [Nightshadow]: Howdy

2004-05-22 [Blood Raven]: uhm... you know what? whatever! *aplaudes and cheers even though he's a few days to late*

2004-05-23 [the crazed artist]: don't worry...I think we were all late...

2004-05-23 [Nightshadow]: Tardiness is a state of life. *nods*

2004-05-23 [the crazed artist]: very much so...

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