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Wiki Science Fiction Roleplay

Wiki Fiction Roleplay
Guild Genre Chapter



The Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay:
Wiki Science Fiction, Future Fantasy, Modern Fic, Post-Apocalyptic and More!

"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to PLAY it."


     Not a competitor to the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay, but instead a page that picks up where it left off, this guild caters to those avid roleplayers who have an interest in involving technology with well-played, interesting, in-depth role-playing games. The name Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay (WSFR) is clipped for convenience and not quite accurate...modern fantasy, science-fiction, future fantasy, and ungodly mixes of those are all welcome here.

     Like the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay (WFR), the WSFR is a single, continuous universe, situated in the Jeriah Galaxy. Multiple games can and will run here at once, but each RPG-world exists right next to others, on barriers that can be crossed. They're subject to interact with one another at any time, so stay on your toes. To see who's next to whom--and to put your own position on the map, if you'd like to add a game or open RP location--see the Jeriah Galaxy.


     Wait a can there be modern fantasy and sci-fi games right next to each other? This can't be a continuous game!

     Ah, but it is. For convenience's sake, The Planet Earth is now located in the Jeriah Galaxy, as it's rather difficult to get a bird's eye photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy. It's an isolated little planet...what can you expect from a bunch of idiots who can't get farther than their own moon? Modern fantasy games will take place on The Planet Earth, while the affairs of the Jeriah Galaxy are conducted around that poor pathetic little world.

     Further, the WFR world of Jashnia isn't wholly isolated from the WSFR. It's just one member of the Selenar System, which sits toward the end of the B-tail of the Jeriah Galaxy. However, the stellar system has remained somewhat isolated from the rest of the galaxy, as certain political hotbeds choke travel.

     If you do intend to somehow connect a WSFR game to a WFR one, please contact both [Nightshadow] and [xido] with your idea.


     To begin playing here as an individual, visit the

WFR Application Page and check out other WFR Guild Members

     Even a well-written game, after all, is worthless without good characters and skilled players. Not everyone who applies will be accepted, but don't let that discourage any new or veteran player from trying. This selection system should keep play at a high level. Criteria for acceptance are outlined more clearly at the WSFR Application Page.


     Games are listed at

The Jeriah Galaxy


     So now that you're finished reading this for what's probably the first and only time in your life, welcome, play well, have fun, and see the Jeriah Galaxy for what games are available!


     WSFR News:

     2006.11.26: [Nightshadow] is very busy with life. [xido] has no life besides schoolwork, and loves this place. He will now see to it that this and all related pages and Guild Members are dealt with accordingly. Everyone that has been accepted to this portion of the Guild is featured on WFR Guild Members. Thanks for your support!


Username (or number or email):


2006-11-15 [xido]: If you would like to make a new character, that is fine.
Normally we ask first-time applicants to apply by posting their character bio as text on the WFR Application Page, so that all members can make open comments while it is being reviewed, then our mods give the char a wiki page and a player page for multiple characters.
The bio is just part of the process though, and since the contestants have already proven their writing skill, I have forgone this step for these people.
Yes, please feel free to make your own playable race, but please also make an info wiki for them, so that other players may also use them. If you have any stipulations on this point, make sure that that is also written, so that no one uses your ideas without permissions.
We mainly use the auditions for psionic characters because there was originally a fear that telepathic/telekinetic/etc character would powerplay in wiki RPs. This has occured, so I still enforce it.... But I trust your abilities because of our discussions together about RP info. Also, [Nightshadow] was the one who conducted the auditions, and I do not have much time to do so... So I will bypass this rule for now. ;)

2006-11-16 [Veltzeh]: Do you really mean WFR Application Page, or did you mean WSFR Application Page?
Hah, I can't powerplay even with a telepath unless totally given permission. And even then I feel uncomfortable doing it. >_>
Oh, and since this is a concern of mine... can I totally ignore magic here? One of the reasons I'm looking so much toward sci-fi is because I hate magic and I'd just like to play without it.

2006-11-17 [xido]: All applicants will soon be asked to apply to the WFR Application Page, which will be active for all members of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay. You just so happen to be the first member to apply since that change went into place. Your username and character application will be posted to the WFR Guild Members page because of your Contestants Finalist status. For all SF concerns, please simply post your normally Scifi-oriented information, and it will be carried over when I have full permissions for this and all WSFR pages.

Magic does occur in future fantasy games, which we do allow, but so far no interest has been placed in this genre of wikis, so no, you will not have to deal with any magic. However, if technology is your thing, this may be better for you... I have had previous issues with making technological advancements in Scifi wikis sound credible and realistic as opposed to magic, but that is me.

2006-11-27 @Not logged in user@: And this means we are exported, and able to take comments from around the globe. ;)

2006-11-27 [Veltzeh]: That date format is so screwed and illogical. Can't we just use ET's format? X)

2006-11-27 [xido]: Why do you say that? I also know others from your country who feel this way about certain formatting traits, so I wonder if it is a cultural phenomena?

I personlly think that Emily posted it in that fashion, because the periods make it look more SciFi, but if it is the arrangement to year-month-day format, that can be fixed easily. Honestly, some 'updates' are old phenom now, and can be dismissed too, but that will have to happen as I find more time for this page, or a Moderator begins to work with it on a regular basis again. I am now getting a feel for how to best lay out the Wiki Fiction Roleplay text and titles (See my last night's re-working of Wiki Fantasy Roleplay for an idea of this), and how I will format all main WFR pages to be more alike and representative of the current state of the Guild, which has come pretty far from where we were only a couple years ago.

2006-11-27 [Veltzeh]: Yeah, it's mostly cultural, but in all respected sci-fi shows (as far as I know) as well as most of the logical world, the date format is logical ( year -> month -> day or maybe day -> month -> year). It just makes more sense to go from biggest to smallest or vice versa.
And a period more sci-fi? Sounds like a personal preference to me... All Finnish dates are by default like 28.11.2006 so periods are very boring to me, heh.

2006-11-27 [xido]: And amazingly enough, as an American, we see it daily as Month ##, Year, and then abbreviated as MM/DD/YYYY... So for us, it is common to see it that way. I would not even know there was an international issue with it aside from small ones on the Wiki... *shrugs*
In contrast, periods look techy to me, and dashes and slashes very mundane (M-D-Y & M/D/Y). We could make it crazy, and say ^YYYY'MM"DD... :?

2006-11-27 [Veltzeh]: I'm a fan of just putting it in a string 8 numbers long. 20061128! Just as good! ;D That's about as techy as it gets. Well, unless you use number of seconds from the year 1970 onwards.

2006-12-05 [xido]: Exactly! :P

I have a favor to ask: Are you into making graphics at all?

I need two dividers made for this and all SciFi official pages, that would correspond to the ones I am using for the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay-specific and Guild official pages... I want the SF portion to have its own, so it is more obvious that it is different from the fantasy portion.

I am using these two for the WFR pages:



I want to have two dividers that will look more SF than these though... I was thinking of the first one (with the black outline) being a yellow&black striped divider to look like caution tape, and the second one (the stone with no border one) being a similar starry-skied clipping, like the background on the WSFR tag:


I was hoping that they could be the same size as these Elftown Graphics dividers, so that they line up the same way... ;)

Any help with this would be appreciated, because I have so much on my plate right now to begin with... ;)

2006-12-05 [Veltzeh]: Well, personally I hate graphics with a passion, but I could make some, I suppose...

2006-12-10 [xido]: <img:44166_1164145147.gif>
Artistry is my life, so I must faint! *faints*

Understandable. It is not necessary, just something I would like to give all the WFR pages a semi-uniform appearance....

I personally feel that [Nightshadow] did wonderfully with that image above when we were first up and running here... <img:44166_1164903263.gif>

2006-12-19 [xido]: What are your thoughts on that format, Veltzeh? (I must learn your first name soon. I have a terrible habit of only remembering usernames or faces. Mine is Will.)

I am thinking night sky and yellow caution tape. I am not sure about the other divider piece, because I just realized that it is the same as the fantasy portions, and gives me the wrong impression.

2006-12-19 [Veltzeh]: What format?
You should call me Vel or Veltzeh... (heck, as far as you know, that COULD be my first name!)

2006-12-20 [xido]: Alright, Veltzeh... :P

I am talking about the new format and layout of this very page... I have changed it now again... I need a second opinion on the banners up top. There are three of them in a row. I only want one. Which one fits the part the best: 1, 2, or 3?

2006-12-20 [Veltzeh]: Well, first of all, having both indentation and a vertical space between the paragraphs is very very wrong. I still don't like graphics and I don't know how they "fit", but I think I like the old picture of a galaxy the best. I could of course make a new one, but I'd need instructions (and free time). X)

2007-02-04 [Marksman]: Eeeeeeeee....

Life is very cluttered for me at the moment, so though I hope to help ya'll in the near future, it's not as likely as I'd hope :(

Good to see the WSFR still exists, though! ^^;

2007-03-26 [xido]: Absolutely. ;)
Sci-Fi Factions is now the SF Clan of the Elftown Clans

2008-09-01 Rick: Really good site!

2008-09-11 [xido]: Thanks! Glad you like. Now you should join and help make some more wonderful RPGs so people will return from the wintery depths of Limbo.

2010-06-08 Harry Johnson: Chuck Norris can swim through land

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