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The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Portal Page



This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

      This page is a portal page for two representations of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay. This page and some others are currently under construction, but both portions of the Guild remain open while undergoing thorough revisions and renovations to Guild Pages. All official pages are still being maintained by constant Guild Member moderation, and some pages can even use member and Elftowner input. Comment on the pages you have ideas for, and we will consider your concerns, or see WFR Renovations and Updates. Thanks everyone!



Creative Writing and Role-Players' Guild of Elftown


<img0*90:stuff/WFRbanner.jpg> <img0*90:>

The Wiki Fantasy Roleplay!

And the Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay!

The WFR Guild Members!
And the List of WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs

The WFR Guild is now accepting non-Elftown members who exhibit dedicated talents in RPGs and Creative Writing! If you are not a member of Elftown, but would still like to join the WFR, please leave a comment and description of why you deserve to be a member on the WFR Application Page
NOTE: RPGA Members will be considered before all others, and those who create an Elftown username account will be considered at the same level of expertise. All other non-Elftown members will have to display a dedicated and professional level of writing ability and gaming ideas and concepts.

To join the WFR, please see the WFR Application Page

The Guild and its pages use Elftown Graphics and WFR Artwork and Images. Thanks artists!

The WFR also understands and upholds the ideas of Copyright and Intellectual Property.
For all of our fan-fiction lovers out there, you should remain informed that you are not the original authors of that fiction. For everyone else, write and play legitimately, and stay legal.

The WFR endorses full APA Formatting for all referenced works, and continues to renovate all wikis and info to support this Guild ideal.


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2007-02-24 [xido]: The Applications asks for a character biography submission, with the typical elements of a template provided on that page. ;)

2007-02-24 [Nite_Owl]: Ah, thankies kindly mate :)

2007-02-25 [xido]: No problem at all. ;)

The WFR now sponsors the-roleplay-initiative <<< Click on it. It's a link!

2007-02-26 [Kim_Lundin]: Oooh... a link... last time I saw one of those it was to a page about lasical surgery...

2007-03-01 [xido]: XP XP XP

2007-12-17 [xido]: The WFR is now mentioned on a non-ET, non-Facebook page as an organization, and can be used as a reference for our continuing article submission for Wikipedia:

2007-12-17 [xido]: Btw, interesting things come up these days when you Google search for 'xidoraven'... I would never had known that page existed without doing that. ;)

2007-12-17 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... I'm a bit unsure about that entry. I don't know if the Wikipedia admins will accept that as a good source as it in itself claims to have used the old, deleted WFR-article as a source... What the admins at Wikipedia appear to want from us (at least from what I understand) is some non-partial third party of some credibility that sais that we in some way are doing a good job with what we do... Sorry if I'm giving you bad news, but I think we'd better make sure to have something more than that before we start to wrestle with the Wikipedia admins again.

2007-12-18 [SilverFire]: No offence guys, but I don't think as is you'll ever get awikipedia article. They don't even leave the wikipage for Elftown up.

2007-12-18 [Kim_Lundin]: I personaly think that SOME DAY we might get an article on Wikipedia, but with what we have right now I think it may be difficult to convince the admins to let us keep one up. Xido's the one who's been talking with the admins though, so I can only say what I can think and guess from what I've read about their discussions.

2007-12-20 [xido]: It's been very frustrating, but I am trying to go cutting edge here. I just got in touch with the heads of the RPGA to sanction or work with us to continue evolving. More will come with time.

Please see WFR and the related links that I have posted in the comments. WFR Library was added to that page as well.

2007-12-20 [Kim_Lundin]: Yay, the Library's getting more screentime :D

2007-12-22 [SilverFire]: THen get bigger, and then try wikipedia again. Don't waste your time on it now. it's not the be all and end all.

2007-12-28 [xido]: This is true. I am just worried that they will delete my content again when I am not paying attention. They have not been the nicest of people to deal with (at least here, if they don't like you're content, they leave you a blunt and sometimes rude message saying that you're out of line - instead of simply deleting it and giving you a link so that they don't have to explain it at all).

That, and having an official Guild page will help, I think.

2007-12-28 [xido]: WFR Library will need to be posted here until the main WFR is completed.

I am leaving a comment there about the final groups of pages.

2008-01-14 [xido]: All moderators need to be aware of the comments made by me on xidoraven studios. Please reply to me by email. If you don't know my email, please ask me for it by message.


2008-03-05 [xido]: I would like to know if there are any willing and involved people who would liked to be considered to be a Guild Guard or sworn in as a Guild Knight (Moderator/Organizer)...?

2010-05-04 [diamondring]: <img:44166_1164903284.gif>

2010-05-04 [diamondring]: how do you do this<img:44166_1164903284.gif>

2010-05-04 [Eyden13]: Need any help let me know.

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