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2009-12-13 22:34:54
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2005-11-16 [Jitter]: Haven't ever read but surely will check it out! I would enter the contest but I have so many unfinished works at the moment :( Have fun!

2005-11-16 [Elisha Kelly]: that is ok... i aways have more work than i can handle :P

2005-12-25 [NamelessMerc]: I read those books... I wanted to mke a competition to draw the characters, but I'm not a good enough artist to draw a badge. I got her newest book this morning today, actually. XD

2005-12-26 [Elisha Kelly]: you don't have to drawgood to enter :D Photo maips are allowed :P

2006-01-03 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm i'll check it out those books *puts it under her other: should read' books* a wight... hmz

2006-01-03 [Elisha Kelly]: :P a wight!

2006-01-03 [Linn Scarlett]: a boogyman?

2006-01-03 [Elisha Kelly]: kinda... :P they are immortal beings, kins to the faerun. but they are tricksy... and involve the types like Siofra who have the little fairy markets... and duergers who are evil dwarves... drowners.. silkies mermaids... swanmaidens... water horses... I could go on for days :P

2006-01-03 [Linn Scarlett]: hmmm drow? *chuckles*

2006-01-03 [Elisha Kelly]: no I don't think there are :P but there are trows... small creatures with extra large heads... who like to pinch silver...

2006-01-03 [Elisha Kelly]: I might go through my books and list all the types of wights that I can find and post it :) sop that people know what they are :P

2006-01-03 [Linn Scarlett]: no i ment using a drow as a boogyman *lol* "don't you go take candy from the jar! The drow might come and get you..." 

2006-01-03 [Elisha Kelly]: oh... yeah :D that could work...

2006-01-03 [Linn Scarlett]: sorry iam in a weird mood :p

2006-01-14 [Blak Cat]: wats a seelie

2006-01-17 [Elisha Kelly]: a seelie wight means a good wight... an unseelie wight is a bad wight...

2006-01-17 [Linn Scarlett]: oki ^_^

2006-01-24 [stuffAEAmade]: Fixied. :D

2006-01-25 [Elisha Kelly]: ??

2006-01-25 [stuffAEAmade]: Ya got hit by a wiki destroyer. See previous version. >>

2006-01-25 [Elisha Kelly]: oh... I didn't even realise... silly me :P

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